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Greta Leigh
HELP! Metal shard in eye!?
My friend has a piece of metal (very tiny, like the size of a eyelash but shorter) lodged into his eyeball right where the cornnia meets the iris.

I told him he has to go to the ER of course. He's one of those people though so he's trying to figure it out.

It is possible to use a magnet to get it out? And is it also possible it will dislodge itself while he sleeps?

Are there ANY chances of a home remedy?

If you don't know, please don't answer. 10 points to the first "best". and THANK YOU!!

my goodness! why do u even bother to post this question?!

threaten him that he's gonna go blind. force him up that ambulance, and kick him right into the ER.

You have to absolutely go to the ER or else he could have some serious side effects or even face potential blindness. If the shard is not removed and is sharp enough it could cut through the tissue of the eye and aggravate or slice the nerves within and around the eye. Which would cause other problems.

Sorry to say but he has to go to the ER and asap. The same thing happened to my dad while he was grinding a piece of metal at work, it was a tiny piece of metal. Well, he was like your friend and didnt want to go to the dr, the next day he saw a spot in his eye which moved. Well, to make a long story short, he finally went to the dr to find that his retina was detatched, went through 2 surgeries, and is now blind in that eye. Your vision is not something to mess with, and a piece of metal (no matter how small) can do a lot of damage. Tell him to go to the ER

Penny W
He definitely needs to see an ophthamologist or an ER Dr. You cannor remove a piece of metal in the eye at home. My son works at a steel tubing plant, so we have been through this more times than I can count. Sometimes it has to have a emdicated patch on it due to the scratching of the cornea. Neverthless, he needs to see a Dr of some type that can put it under a lamp and look at it, and get the metal out, then take care of the place where the metal was. It can be very dangerous, so tell him as bad as I know it hurts, DO NOT rub or scratch it. It can very easily become infected. Hope it;s better soon.

Diane A
NO. Metal in the eye is one of those things that MUST go to the ER (or an eye doc) BECAUSE it will (believe it or not) cause a rust ring that will impair vision. Metal has to be fully removed or scraped off under a special eye magnifying machine with dye. There is also the real possibility that the metal splinter will penetrate the eye and get into the inner part of the eye.

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