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 Do your eyes start hurting and going blurred when?
staring at your computer screen, or is it just mine?
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LOL... Domestic troubles for Frank and his gf, as well as bad eye sight. : ))...

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Today when i tried an old pair of glasses (weaker prescription), i noticed that I see better with my old pair than with my ...

 Are contacts better than glasses?
I am short-sided and I wear glasses.

I was wondering if contacts are better than glasses, like in your opinion. Also, are contacts easy to put in and are they safe for your eyes?...

 What is the color of ya eye ?
Do u think red eyes is cool ? what is ur fav eye color ?...

 How can I get some more contacts without paying $100++ for another eye exam?
I'm sure this is just procedure, but my eyesight is fine, my eye health is fine. It should be up to me whether or not I actually get the exam, but my optician won't "allow" me to ...

 MY eyes have been twitching like crazy??? Help!!?
Hello anyone out there...My eyelids have been twitching like crazy for the last few days now. I thought it was tiredness, but i've been getting 7-9 hrs sleep since its summer. What is it then???...

 How long a day do I need to cover up my good eye for to make my lazy eye stronger?
I have a lazy eye but don't want to wear glasses or contacts. I just cover up my good eye and let my lazy eye strethen, I do this everyday but how long a day should I do it for?...

I want contacts, mum wont pay, help! II WONT wear my glasses ither|!!!
Additional Details
and also im too young to get a job.

im going blind...:'( i feel so depressed....

 Pink eye?!?!? will choose best answer?
well ive had pink eye for like 3 weeks now ive tries like 6 diff. medications but nothing works any ideas plz n ...

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 Sleeping with contacts on?
What happens if u accidentally go to sleep (overnight.. meaning sleep for like 8 hrs+) with ur contact lenses still in?

I've never done this.. but im just curious :O

(i ...

 I have been working for a company approxiamtely 5 months, im having eye surgery, monday, i getrting fired fri

 Can u get non-prescription colored contacts?
i really want colored contacts, is it possible to get ones that arent prescription and about how much are they and where ...

 I'm 15. Lasik??
i have a 500+ degree and wear specs.
Additional Details
but my degree has not changed for the last 2 years already....

 I woke up blind in my left eye?
this morrning i woke up and my eyes were bothh blurry as usual my left eye felt really sore but i rubbed them any way my right eye was fine but the pain and my vision in my left eye was worse i lay ...

 What colour are my eyes?
theres a light green circle around my iris and then theres amber(very bright -light brown)and theres gold fleckes and then theres some middium brown....in the sun my eyes look yellow-gold and when i ...

 Will conjunctivitus go away on its own?

Additional Details
oh thanks for answering but now my dad said it probably isn't because it looks bit ...

 Contact Lenses-when eyes are dry?
My doctor gave me an eye drop thing to put when my eyes are dry...

I haven't used it before but nowadays, my eyes are dry so Im trying some..

but I do not know if I put the ...

HELP ME...how can i tell if im short or long sighted?
what is the difference? also i heard when u take ure glasses off, ure eyes appear much smaller, why? i dont want that to happen to mine as really small eyes arent nice

Serenity R
near sighted is when you can't see far away...far sighted, up close...appearance on the eye size depends on the prescription.....or glasses style....contacts prevent that issue....

short sited is when you cant see from a far distance (example: you cant see very well when you sit right at the back of the cinema and trying to see the screen)

Long sighted is when you cant see from close up (reading a newspaper)

see your optician if your concerned about it

u should see an optometrist

Short means you can't see things clearly at a distance. Long means you can't see things up close clearly, such as when you are reading. Most glass lenses don't change the appearance of your eye, your eyes appear the same size with or without glasses.

Short sighted is you cant focus on distance object,the word at far u see blur, and long sighted is you cant focus on near object, some people will confuse it with presbyope.But actually for presbyope is cause by lose the accommodate ability which brought by aging changes with the crystalline lens.If for normally long sighted people is more difficult to focus on near object than on far object.

For the eye appear much smaller normally just will happen to those which is very high power.If your power just about -1.00 or -2.00, don't need to worry, it sure won happen to you.And actually when you use to see some people wear a glasses and suddenly din wear glasses, so their eye just let you feel so only.

If you are short sighted (myopic) then you can see things close up but not far away. If you are long sighted (hyperopic), you can see things far away but can sometimes usually still things up close until you lose the ability to overcome your prescription with accommodation (this all depends on the size of your prescription and your age). If you glasses make your eyes appear smaller when you are wearing them, then you are short sighted, if your eyes look bigger with glasses then you are more likely to be longsighted.

1) take your glasses off.
2)try reading a book-of course it's not clear- try bringing it near your eyes slowly. see if it becomes clear then, you're shortsighted.
3) look at anything near you. try moving far away from that thing slowly. if it becomes clear then, you're farsighted.

hope it helps...

Misty Blue
I'm short sighted,I can't see things at a distance clearly.Up close is fine.Long sighted is the opposite.

Ruthie Baby
i am sure an optometrist could answer this for you

mona m
u ahve to go to optomertist..to check u..
it depends on the autoref..and charts test..
it is the most accurate way if u want to know ur vision well

You are talking about being near or far sighted. Near sighted is when you ware eye glasess to see at all times. Far sighted is to read and make it closer to you (happens only when people reach the age of 35) As far as your eyes getting smaller yes! Because your eyes is trying to see what you can't see when your not wearing your glasess. TRY CONTCT LENS

An optician will tell you if your long or short sighted!!

go to an optomertrist

aotea s
Long sighted is long distant. Short sighted is when you need to be closer to the book or paper to read.

nick e
How to tell if you are short sighted or long sighted... go get your eyes tested?

Short sighted (myopia) will mean that without your glasses you can see stuff close up. If you have glasses you will find that they make everything look smaller.

Far sighted (hyperopia) isn't the opposite of being short sighted... ie. it doesn't mean that stuff in the distance is clear and things up close are blurry, its a difficult concept to describe but in people who have large amounts of hyperopia nothing is clear at any distance. If you have glasses you will find that they make everything look bigger.

Taking off your glasses may make your eyes APPEAR smaller to someone else. They won't actually make your eyes smaller. People just get used to your eyes being magnified by a certain amount by the glasses.

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