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Matthew D
HELP!!!!! Itchy eyes?
I have itchy eyes but no allergies the just itch and get a little sore. please please please help me and it isnt hayfever or flue

2020 A
You could be allergic to something other than the causes of hayfever. Dust, mold, cats, dogs, perfume, aftershave, chemicals, smoke, and tons of other stuff. Or you could have an infection. Go see an Eye Doctor to make sure.

right now, just try not to rub or touch it.. it'll get worse..

use natural or artifical tears NOT eye drops. in fact the much coveted Visine is awful for your eyes. it provides temporary relief by shrinking your blood vessels, and thus does not tackle the underlying problem. if you wear contacts, try wearing glasses at home. also make sure to take contacts out every night, not sleep or nap in them at all. placing slices of cucumber on your eyes feels really good.

"itchy eyes" in a non-contact lens wearer is the CLASSIC sign of ocular allergy, whether you think you have "hay fever" or not.

try topical eyedrop antihistamines. there are 2 god ones over the counter: alaway by bausch & lomb and zaditor by novartis (they are the same formula as each other).

DO NOT use other OTC "anti-allergy" eyedrops like opcon-A, naphcon-a, etc for more than 10 consecutive days! zaditor and alaway work waaaaaay better and can be used indefinitely)

Just wash with water and if that doesn't help, see a doctor for eye drops.

take a warm water in a bowl that fit your face it, juz put your face inside the water, open and close your eyes for few times... ( dun breathe k, might drink the water in then ) then wipe with clean towel. dun use your finger to rub it.

if still no ok, go and see a Doctor.

Take Care.

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