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Getting Contacts For the First Time?
I recently just got contacts (have a trial pair for the moment until my follow-up appointment). It is hard for me to insert and remove them because I keep blinking and I get nervous. I was just wanting any tips or advice for me about contacts (easy insertion and removal tips, advice on if should sleep in them, etc). Should I get a back-up pair of glasses just in case? Any advice would be helpful. Thanks!!!

Hold your eyelids open, but eventually you won't have to. You are not supposed to sleep with them in, but I do.

Well I put mine in kinda funky...One of my eyes I have to look straight while putting it in and the other I have to look sideways....I don't know why but it took me forever to figure it out... Basically you will just have to keep practicing.. It took me a while too... Beleive me... You will get used to it... And you shouldn't sleep with them in... Good luck!!

Lauri S
you want to hold your lids open. And, you should always, always, always have a pair of glasses in your current RX, no matter if you primarily wear your contacts.

Well, I got contacts a year or two ago. They are uncomfortable for a little while. I was so worried I'd hurt my eye for the longest time.
The white of your eye, you can't really feel when you touch it so try looking up a bit when you put your contact in and aim for a non colored part. Also, I find it easier to use my left middle finger to pull up my top eyelid (try to pull up your eyelid near the eyelashes and on the skin) and then balance my contact on my right finger, while pulling down right below my eye with my right middle finger. It opens the eye really wide and I have a bigger target to aim for.
As for removing: I open my eye the same way and with the tip of my finger (NOT the nail.) I'll grab it gently. Sometimes, it'll fold over and that's ok too.
DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR CONTACTS unless they are the breathable kind. Talk to your eye doctor about that, If you sleep in them, your eyes can't get enough oxygen and when you wake up you'll have a scratchy eye that hurts really bad. Trust me, it's not fun. Especially with a color contact. :(
Make sure you wash your hands before touching your contacts and eyes, DON'T put your contacts in after you do your make up (mascara and eye liner hurt soooo bad when you get it in your eye, I speak from personal experience).
It's ok if you're nervous, with every time you remove and insert you contact you'll get more used to it.
Having a pair of glasses is nice in case your eyes dry out a bit (if you're staring at a computer screen or something for a while) and it's a relief to know that you can take them out and let your eyes breathe a bit without being blind. :)

darnae l
the first time i got them it was hard to put them in and out but i kind of got use to doin it. so just when you first put them in try to take them out then just put them back in.

I can't afford them anymore- but oh are they great! I slept in mine and boiled them clean in the container- that's how much of a dinosaur I am! My first week I lost one in my eye! Had to call my brother and have him instruct me in baby steps how to retrieve it from what I imagined was my brain- but was just up in my lid. Keep your hands clean before and after- in fact the only time you should touch your face is when putting the lenses in. Have fun. Oh and always back-up glasses- and now you can get really cool sunglasses cheap!

Rachel M
Practice, practice, practice. Eventually, your eye will get used to a finger in there. Make sure your contacts are clean, or it will hurt like hell. DO NOT sleep in your contacts! You can get heinous infections! ALWAYS have a back-up pair of glasses, and as long as you are still practicing, keep them with you at all times, and also some solution and a case.

Mike D
Contacts are great and easy to wear. If you look up when putting them in you dont see your finger about to poke your eye so you dont have the temptaion to blink. Always rinse the contacts thoughly make theres some dust thats causing you to blink. I use both middle fingers to open the eye. One one on the top one on the bottom lid. and i use my pointer finger to put the lens in. You get use to pokeing you eye. Always keep a pair of glasses to use when your now wearing the contacts or when you just feel lazy and dont want to put your contacts on.

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