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Eyes hurt when trying to open them in light?
my eyes hurt when i try to open them in light, it feels like i'm straining to keep them open with sunlight or lights on but in the dark i can open them fine and they don't hurt at all

i usually only have them open enough to see

My vision is fine there are no problems with it i have 20/20 vision

I have not been looking directly at the sun, or looking at a tv or computer close up

its like the reaction people have to light when they first wake up but all the time.

Mark K
dear Andreu, I'm not sure what you have but my wife has similar symptoms for 5 years now. In her case it's so bad she had to quit her job. She cannot drive a car more than 2 Km.
symptoms: light bothers all the time, even at low light levels in living rooms. Indirect soft light is best. Small pin-point light sources (like halogen spots) are worst. My wife also has dry eyes. She feel pain like needles in her eyes. Strangely the symptoms go away temporarily when chewing food or when she sits at a table looking down and doing something like working with clay close to the chest/abdomen.
Try these tricks, do they work for you too?

We have seen over 11 eye-doctors in the NL, Spain and Romania in the past 5 yrs. Also, we visited many other doctors like internists, neurologists, allergy doctors. We also did many blood tests, MRI-scans, you name it...all was done. Still, nobody can do a good diagnosis.
Yet, there seem to be more patients out there like my wife suffering from very similar symptoms! Please let me know.

And yes: she also uses eye gel and eye drops to moisten the eyes. This sooths and cools the eyes but it does not solve the pain and light sensitivity issues.

You have an eye infection buddy. I have had this before too. You can get ointments from your local drug store to put into your eyes, but try to rest them. Stay in a dark room and try not to subject them to any light.

Good luck!

Spectre O
pain usually means something is not right. it's happen to me before. I was very photosensitive. went to an eye doctor and my eye's blood vessels had small hemorrhages. Go see an eye doctor.

You've probably been living in darker area and when you finally shows up around lighter area, the lights are too strong for your eyes...it happens to me all the time so I have to wear sunglasses and it also protect my eyes too.

lee S
could you have an eye infection that is my best guess and i did study to be a nurse so i do know some of this but to double chgeck have someone take you to the eye doctor to check or your regular doctor to make sure your eyes are fine and not damage at all. good luck

Use eye drops. There are all types of eye drops, just look for the ones that best fit your eye status lol. I think there are some to "calm eyes" which is sooth.

you might have meningitis,check asap with doctor to take your suspicion off.

Aoife C
try and spend as much time as possible in light and ur eyes will eventually adjust to it

Little Miss Me
If you have blue eyes (like myself) this could be whats wrong--
I have been sensitive to light as long as i can remember.
When i go in the light i have to squint until my eyes adjust.
Yes, i do have terrible eye sight, but with my contacts, it still happens. Its just the color of the eye. its very light, and sensitive to light.. Also it causes sneezing.

You might also have allergies..
Go to a doctor to make sure!
GOOD LUCK! have a great day!

everyones eyes hurt when you try to open them in the light

you might have meningitis or a broken brain blood vessel sensitivity to light is a symptom

SternFan ♥
First off you really should go see an eye doctor to determine what is causing this, below is what I found on search:
It sounds like Photophobia which for many people , is not due to any underlying disease. Severe photophobia may be associated with eye problems and cause severe eye pain even in relatively low light.
Excessive wearing of contact lenses, or wearing badly fitted contact lenses
Eye disease, injury, or infection (such as chalazion, episcleritis, glaucoma )
Burns to the eye
Common migraine headache
Acute iritis or uveitis (inflammation inside eye)
Corneal abrasion
Corneal ulcer
Drugs such as amphetamines, atropine, cocaine, cyclopentolate, idoxuridine, phenylephrine, scopolamine, trifluridine, tropicamide, and vidarabine

Home Care
The discomfort of light sensitivity can be reduced by avoiding sunlight, closing the eyes, wearing dark glasses, or darkening the room. However, the cause for the light sensitivity should be determined, since proper treatment may cure the problem. Seek urgent medical attention if pain is moderate to severe in low-light conditions.

When to Contact a Medical Professional
Call your doctor if light sensitivity is severe. For example, if you need to wear sunglasses indoors.
Also call if the sensitivity occurs with headaches, red eye or blurred vision or does not go away in a day or two.

your eyes don't react quick and when they see the light they aren't use to them, maybe you are in the dark too much. Remember eyes are sensitive

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