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 Contacts + swimming?
It's almost been a year since i've started wearing contacts. im 15 (freshman in high school) anyway when i got them last year my eye doctor told me to never swim with them.


Eyes extrmely sensitive to air movement?
What could be causing extremely sensitive eyes? My boyfriend will wakep in the morning fine but throughtout the day it gets worse and worse. His eyes aren't dry, they water but they are so sensitive to any air movement especially in air conditioned places. Is there something to help this or anyone know what could be causing it, it only started recently. Visine doesn't help and he's never had allergies. Thanks

Contact an eye doctor.

Does he wear contact lenses ? Recently some contact lense solutions were recalled because they were contaminated. Check out that info as well.

Eyes are very important organs and consult a doctor for this. Only normal people will get tears when exposed to forced wind like the one while we are traveling in speedy bike.

it may be allergies my eyes dry out sum time and sumtimes are watery..so it depends on how bad the weather is..but i would still consult a dr.

He should wear sunglasses if working outside. It could be weathering of the eyes by sun and wind or environment. Try ones like the desert guys wore that fit over the eyes like goggles. Hope it helps if not, see an eye doctor!

go to eye doctor.

You can develop and lose allergies at any stage in your life. It could also be a minor eye infection. Have him go to an eye doctor. Try an antihistamine to rule out allergies- if that doesn't work right away, it's probably an infection.

Your boyfriend should see his eye doctor regarding this. The fact that his eyes are watering, but feel dry, indicates some type of problem. It may be that he has recently developed allergies, or he may have a mild eye infection. Please encourage him to seek professional assistance with this - you only get one set of eyes.

My eye doctor diagnosed me with dry eye syndrome. My eyes would water constantly and I couldn't stand the air conditioning in the car to blow on them. He needs to see the eye doctor. It sounds like he might have dry eye syndrome.

You eyes produce 2 different types of tears. A lubricating tear and a cleansing tear. The cleansing tear is what happens when your eyes water. The lubricating tear is produced in smaller amounts and keeps your eyes from drying out. If your eyes aren't producing enough of the lubricating tears they try and compensate by flooding your eyes with the cleansing tears. It doesn't work. See the eye doctor. If he has health insurance it should pay for it because dry eye is a medical condition.

For those picky people: To simplify matters here I have referred to the "eye" producing tears when actually glands inside the eyelid produce tears.

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