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 Just like to know?
judging by my prescripton do you think I shoul have my glasses on all the time or not?

Left eye: -3.50, Right eye: -3.25

Thanks, I'm asking this cos I want different ...

 Can LASIK surgery change your DNA?
If the parents of a child both had laser eye surgery before the child was born, would the child have perfect vision as well?

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 Hey i have a vision question.....?
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i have loads but cant aford new glasses,can the scratches be removed?
no stupid ...

 Will lack of sleep effect your eyes, and tv and computer?
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 Which is the most common eye color? ?
Give me ur sources if you have any. Can you tell me which is the most common eye color/hair color?


 Blue colored contacts for brown eyes?
i really want blue colored contacts that look NATURAL.
what is the most natural brand, and the most natural shade of blue?
where can i get them? do i neeed a perscription? how much will all ...

Eye drops?? Too much??
I wear contacts, the accuvue oaysis w/hydroclear. Lately my eyes have been really dry. I just changed my pair of contacts last night, hoping I just got a defective pair. But they are still dry today. I'm putting in drops 9-10 times a day! Just to stay remotely comfy. I do stare at a computer screen all day, and they definately get better when I am at home and not looking at the computer. But the main question is Can I put too much eye drops in my eyes throughout the day?? Can it be harmful??

brian w
no i dont think so, but you may try leaving your contacts out for a day or 2

go back / to eye Dr /and talk to him / YES / you / are using /to many times / a day /EYES/ are nothing to fool with / GO NOW

Victoria O
i was told that it can be harmful. i beleive thats over dosing on eye drops.just an idea. i was always told not to put alot of drops in and dont use them constantly

If it's something like natural tears, you can't have too much, but don't use medicated drops more then indicated.
The most likely reason for the dryness is the recent climb in temberature. Drink more water to keep your eyes, and the rest of your body well hydrated. Take breaks on the computer so your eyes can relax.

Yes, I think you might be using too much eye drops..I would suggest 4 times a day max. Also, take a break from your contacts sometimes, and wear your glasses more often, like when you're just around home or something! The more you leave your contacts in the dryer your eyes will get.

Yes you can put to much eye drops in. You need to look away more often when at the computer and make an effort to blink more to keep your eyes moister. You may also want so see if you eye doc thinks a pair of computer glasses would help you.

Yes. I would definitely suggest getting non-preservative eye-drops. Most eye drops contain preservatives which aren't good for your eyes. I actually had really dry eyes not too long ago and I was putting so much drops in them and it turned out I was harming them more than making them better. I went to see an ophthamologist and he told me I had a mild toxic reaction to the preservatives. It is going to take a few months now for it to go away. TheraTears are preservative-free!

no. if you are using "contact lens rewetting drops", you cannot harm your eyes by doing it "too much". you could dump the entire bottle in there and not cause any damage.

the real question is...why are you do "dry"? you need to inform your optometrist fo this and possibly have another examination.

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