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 What are the sticky things on your eyes when you wake up in the morning?
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After using visine and taking a good nap also creates a big crust under ...

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 One of my contacts broke....?
And its christmas day. These were my last pair, and im practically blind without them.

What can i do?
Additional Details
i dont know why, last night, when i put the contact ...

 Is it true that the eye color, depending on the mood and the person, changes from tone to tone?
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 Colored contacts?
I don't need glasses but i want to get blue colored contacts i heard that they are bad for you eyes, are they?

and how much would they be?...

 I'm ONLY 13....and my eyes..?
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 What does the sign in front of your prescription mean?
When the sign is positive what does it mean?
When the sign is negative what does it mean?...

 Contacts instead of glasses?
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 My eyes kind of hurt after putting contacts on?
I just put my contacts on and my eyes kind of hurt. WHats wrong? Theyre in the right side up position and theres nothing on them, no lint....

 How can you put soft contacts in easier?
whenever i try to put in mine, they turn flat, or go half way in.
and when i do get them in, it takes a real long time..like 30 minutes
ha everyone with soft contacts says they get them in ...

 My eye doctor told me that acuvue2 are no good for extended wear becuase they don't allow enough oxygen?
he reccomened acuvue advance (something about the dk value). Is this true or is he just trying to sell a product being that acuvue advance cost more?...

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It does not hurt when I look straight ahead. When I look at something to my left ...

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 What are these things I see on my eyes?
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 Weird question :| Please answer?
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 AS a person who is extremely nearsighted, how it is possible that my vision has improved over the past 12 mon?
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 Is there anyone who has really bad eyesight and has to wear contact lenses of power -12 00 or more and?
still passed the sight test for driving is it really far away as i am ...

 What is the best brand of soft contact lenses?
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 How much do contact lenses cost?
I know it depends on your eyes but about how much are they and for how long. Do you buy a box for both eyes or what. I want ones that will last for about 2 weeks per ...

Summer Oh eight bby! (:
Dry eyes? dont like contacts? details inide.?
I wear contacts but Ive only had them for a few months but never have tried glasses and dont want to. My question is
I dont wear my contacts regularly ( I use acuve oasys) and
they make my eyes uncomfortable because they get to dry
is it my solution or my eyedrops maybe because I use the cheap stuff. Please help! (:

poojaa :)
i think you should put some eyedrops in.
or atleast take your contacts out and put them in solution.

and maybe try getting a small bottle of the better stuff [i've heard opti-free is good] and see if that helpss.

if all else fails, ask your optometrist. s/he can probably give you better eye drops and such;;

bay be you have dry eye
go for a rewetting drop over the lens

it's probably not a problem using the cheap stuff. but i used to have problems with contacts making my eyes dry and i use what you use and they are much better... maybe you should ask your eye doctor. it could be the way the contacts fit your eyes that make them do that (that was my problem). good luck! i know it's awful... but by the way, glasses aren't such a bad thing to have. if you have bad eyesight you should wear something that helps or it will only get worse!

Nah Z
First: warm compresses, warm compresses, warm compresses. Take OUT your contacts every night, and if needed, do this before you put them in in the morning.. take a clean tee shirt that hasn't been worn (you can buy the baggied undershirts, they work well for this) and put it into a never-used-to-cook-anything pot of warm/hot but not boiling water, ring it, and put it on your eyelids. Keep doing so until you get a good ten minutes of wear time. Then, use a finger to pull your upper eyelid on one side AWAY from your nose towards your shoulder, ie, form 'almond shaped' eyes, and use the other finger to rub RIGHT against where your eyelashes grow in. Do so on the bottom lid, and then do the other eye. This is a 10 minute step that can genuinely make a huge difference in how good your eyes feel- but give it a few weeks!

Other options, which require a return to your doctors, include switching to a prescription drop that's contact-friendly (freshkote), and/or using punctal plugs, which help preserve tears. If warm compresses and the use of quality eye drops (I suggest refresh in single-use preservative free vials) isn't enough, I seriously suggest the above methods. It's worth a visit to the dr to get more wear time from your contacts.

Many of the solutions on the market are not compatible with the silicon hydrogel lenses such as the Oasys. None of the generics should be used. You should make sure the solution says it's for use with silicon hydrogel lenses, i.e., Optifree. If the problem still occurs, you need to talk to your doctor.....

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