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 For those of you who have / had TRANSITIONS LENSES?
in your presciption glasses - do you like them? Are they irritating? Does it take a long time for them to darken/lighten when walking in/out of buildings? Would you recommend them to someone who was ...

 Contact lenses?
My daughter has astigmatism in her vision and we are trying to switch to contacts instead of glasses. The eye doctor told us that gas permiable lenses would work best for her and I am wondering if ...

 Tips on Contact Lenses? - Just got them! :)?
I just got contacts lenses, and I don't think my eye doctor was very imformative on a lot of information, so I have a few questions:

1. Are you allowed to put contact solution in ...

 Why do I keep getting styes?
For the past few months I've probably had more than six styes. They go back and forth between eyes, and I'm pretty sure they're styes because there's always a red mark on my eye ...

 Wrong contact prescription?
i recently ordered my contacts from a local optometrist from whom i've ordered the same prescription before. this time, i went to wear them and things were foggy. i wear the same script in ...

 When i took my contacts off...?
when i took my contacts off, there was a red ring aroung my eyes, (around the brown part) the area that was covered by the contact. it didnt hurt, but it was weird. I did wear my contacts since 6am ...

 Eye Surgery Possibilities?
So my friend asked me this wierd question the other day that I had no answer for.

Can you get eye surgery to gets eyes that look like asian eyes?

I am guessing he didn't ...

 NHS optical voucher?
I'm wanting to get my friend a gift certificate for a pair of designer frames for his birthday. I went into the optician today and was told that, being a full-time college student, he would ...

 Help with contacts?
I can't seem to put my contacts in and when I do it really hurts and they're really sticky

mine are monthly and they've been open for more than a month, but I've only ...

 Laser Eye Surgery? Worth it?
uhh. i have like 5/20 vision. I sit in the front row in class and can't see anything! How much money is it and how old do you have to be? if you've expiereinced it are you awake? was it ...

 Will wearing my glasses too much affect the way my nose looks?
My glasses have a kinda thick, heavy bridge. I didn't think it was too heavy, but then about two months ago I was putting moisturizer on my face and felt the top of my nose between my eyes, and ...

 I'm having eye problems I been seen flashes?

 What's wrong with my eye!???!!?
Ok, I used to wear contacts, I wore the same pair for over 2months. I know that wasn't smart. I took them out 3 weeks ago because my eye was turning red. But I then noticed a red ring around (I ...

 Contact lens wearers - no rub solutions?
I recently switched from daily wear contacts to monthly disposables. Even though I used no rub solution before, I had to rub (20 seconds on each side) because those solutions are typically meant for ...

 My son has developed chalazion in his eye ?
the doc said its not too bad and i can manage w/o surgery. if there is any thing i should keep in mind please tell me!!!! thank you!...

 How many hours a day and for how many days should I wear a Patch?
Currently, my left eye is lazy and tested around 20/40. Obviously, I would like to change that and have decided on putting a patch on my right eye so my left can, as you say, regulate. But I was ...

 I get alot of headaches deos it mean i need glasses?

 Where is the best place to get contacts that are good and not expensive?
i want contatcs but my parents refuse to pay for it if its too expensive and i want good contatcs, problem is that i dont know where to go to

plz help
thnx, i really appreciate ...

 My son has excessively weepy eyes?
I don't know if this is relevant, but he recovered from the flu yesterday, which he had for three days and stayed home from school.
He came to me tonight and said "white stuff" ...

 Green blue eyes?
i was borm with blue eyes, and now (im 13), they are green, why? (i dont wear contacts)

also, i was borned totally blonde, now im brunette (and i've NEVER dyed my hair)

is ...

Does reading a book which has small words hurt your eyesight?
I just got the Lord Of The Rings complete collection recently. However all the three books are joined together to form one single book so the words are kinda small. I really want to start reading it but I'm afraid the small words will hurt my eyesight.

it does. use a magnafiying glass or those things that hook aorudn your neck and maginfys what your doing

I was told that it really hurts your eyesight.

It shouldnt damage your eyesight.... It will strain your eyes because it will put more effort on reading the small prints so they might hurt or might get tired quickly. You should rest ones in a while to rest your eyes coz they must be tired of putting effort on reading small prints...

Judy B
Size of print will not affect eyesight. Very small print is more difficult to see and is less comfortable to read but has no effect on the eyes.

It could cause eyestrain, but no permanent damage to your eyesight.

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