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bRoWn eYeD BuTTeRfLy®210~TX
Does it hurt your eyes when you wear sunglasses?
it seems that whenever i wear sunglasses, a few minutes later my eyes start to hurt

i have several different pairs and my eyes start to hurt.....

i have really dark ones .........to............ not so dark ones, to tinted colored ones and they all seem to hurt my eyes....they hurt when im inside the house AND OUTSIDE THE house.....

this has just recently started....i used to wear sunglasses on the regular........ and i cannot so much anymore

any advice or suggestions?


they dont hurt your eyes

Sorry But I Dont Like Wearing Sunglasses Unless I Wanna Be Cool

no I have blue eyes have to wear them or my eyes hurt

If it hurts avoid using one and better u see a Dr.

I would agree that it is possibly the optics -- yours eyes are trying to adjust. Another possiblity is the frames themselved. Depending on pressure distribution the frames might be causing part of the discomfort. See an optometrist, if there are no answers and this persists, you might want to see your primary care doc and an opthalmologist.

lisa l
They should not hurt.
Try buying some Polarized sunglasses (either brown or Grey) and see how these feel before giving up on sunglasses

I suggest you may need prescriptive sunglasses then, your eyes probably start hurting because they are straining to see.

David K
I get that problem sometimes but i would advise you to see your optician if you wear the sunglasses regularly.

Unless they have UV protection, sunglasses can open you pupils more, which can casue your eyes to hurt. So make sure they have UV protection.

Sunglasses should actually help your eyes not hurt them. You need to protect your eyes from UVA and UVB sun rays (same thing sunblock does for the skin).

larry d
different sunglasses have different optics. 2 dollar glasses are inferior and don't help much

Barkley Hound
Good quality sunglasses will protect your eyes. If you buy a cheap pair for a couple of dollars then it may do more harm than good.

Hmmm...wish I could be some help...but I think I'll leave this one to the professionals

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