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 My eyesight is -6 for both of them.does this mean my eyes are too weak.?
will my power keep increasing or there is a limit.ie what is the maximum weakness
Additional Details
ok im 19 yrs.that means i should go for laser
then how much my powerwill reduce ...

 Will i pass a drug test on monday if i take a adderral?
I took a adderral on thursday and i have to take a drug test on monday. Will i pass it?
Additional Details
its just a u.a......dont pills only stay in you for so long?? cant i flush my ...

 Can you go blind?
Can you go blind if you have floaters?
I've heard people say that floaters are nothing to worry about, you just have to ignore them, but can you go blind if you have them? I would hate to ...

 While I was sitting outside in my garden, I looked up at the clouds, and I could see little spinning circles.?
They looked like germs magnified under a microscope.
Could someone tell me what they are and why I'm seeing them?
Thanks in advance....

 Do i need to go to the eye doctor?
When i cover up my left eye, everything far away (liek the board at school) is blurry, but when i open both eyes, i feel like i can see fine, i never squint or anything. i went last year for the same ...

 Does the colour of your eyes change what you see?
You know how sometimes, people describe a colour as blue, but another thinks it is more green than blue? Why do people see different shades of colour? Is it some part of your eye that determine this? ...

 How dangerous is pepper spray?
What is the worst that can happen to you if it gets into your eyes?...

 I want some special effects eye contacts. Just some ones to make my eyes blue. Not to improve vision.?
I'm ordering some of a website. I havent got my eyes fitted for contacts but on the website the BC and DIAMETER is only one size (BC=8.6 DIAMETER=14.5). Will that be ok for me to just order ...

 I have colored contacts but i dont have any soultion to put them in, what should i put them in water? HELP!!!?

 Is it safe or harmful to put lemon drops in eyes????????
one of my friend usually do this because her eyes are pale........
does lemon drops really help it out...............

 Just got contacts?
My eyes feel really dry and using solution in them only works for about five minutes before they feel dry again. My contacts are acuvue 2, two week disposables. Is this normal for someone who has ...

 Contact lense problem...?
Ok Ive been having to wear glasses for years now but Im pretty darn ugly so would like to ditch them for contacts. Ive tried loads of different contact lenses for sports use from all the leading ...

 Freshlook or Acuvue 2?
Which brand of contacts is better?...

 Has anyone had laser eye surgery? Any bad side effects?

 Is it true that if you wear glasses too often, your eyes become smaller?
Is this true?...

 Bifocal contact lenses: Do they put a lense for near in one eye and for far in the other?

 LASIK okay for astigmatism?
I had a LASIK evaluation done and the optometrist said it is recommended over corrective lenses for astigamistic eyes like mine.

But recently, a friend of mine said that his For Eyes ...

 What's the melting point of eye contacts?
People always mention how contact are able to melt in your eyes because of very high temperatures. Does anyone know if this is true or not? OR, does anyone know what temperature or oven temperature ...

 I have a low prescription like 50L 75R but i want to be a pilot. do i need glases to correct my vision?
do i need to be 20/20 vision.. i want to make sure before i go for a pilot training..
Additional Details
i want to correct my vision to 20/20 since i am young i am avoiding to wear ...

 Has anyone got natural cure for bloodshot eyes? Don't trust eye whitening drops.?

Does crying too much cause your eye damage?
dont ask, ive recently gone through some problems in life. Last month i cryed maybe about 2 times a week (but alot each time) Last night i cryed alot throught the whole night, end up crying while sleeping, i couldnt stop the tears, just keeps falling and coming out like i couldnt shut it down.

Now for some odd reason other than my eye is badly swollen, itchy and red but i kinda see blurr, i immediately put some Visine on, it calms it down. I was just wondering if crying too much cause any damage to the eye in the future?
Additional Details
Just wanna mention that my eye hurts right now, my head too, its not any serious damage is it?

Oh yeah surely your eyes would pop out in the same way as if you keep your eyes open while sneezing ...

No of course not, its a natural reaction. Nothing thats natural will hurt you.

... And besides - the mythbusters proved that keeping your eye open while sneezing will not make them pop out....

When you cry too much, your eyes become dehydrated so they become dry and red. Don't cry so much, cheer up. :)

Yes..you can cry your eyes out..they will shrink. I am just kidding. Cheer up..you make me feel so sad. If things are that bad it can only get better. Try to have some fun and smile.

I think crying is a natural way of the body to physically react to some saddening event, and proportionate to the despair of it.

I'm not faring so well myself lately... In fact, I haven't been in this bad a state for a couple years.

Kevin Y
No, but it does use water. It also can give you a red eye if you cry right before you sleep.

You may feel a little thirsty after all that crying, just dont rub your eyes too hard as u may scratch ur cornea and definitely have permanent eye damage.

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