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 When does your eye Rx stop changing?
im 14 and i have a not so good vision....

 Eye drops for dry eyes?
There are so many eye drops to choose from when it comes to dry eyes. Can anyone recomend a good one. Also has anyone tried viva drops before?...

 Contacts question?
Ok iv been wearing glasses for a while and i want to wear contacts...im currently 15 i asked my optition when he said later on does anyone know at what age?
PS:Im short ...

 Has anyone else had a problem with Acuvue Oasys contact lenses?
I have had several of these contacts crinkle up/burn my eye so bad I couldn't wear them. I've had two different boxes of them....

 What is the "ear wax" called for nose and eyes?
What is the correct term for the stuff that comes out of eyes (yellowish liquid) and the stuff that comes out of the nose. There isn't such a word such as eye wax or nose wax after all....

 What's wrong with my eyes?????
There are so many things wrong with my eyes and it's starting to get me real nervous? First of all, since the last year, I noticed my vision was a little blurry, (I am 16). I thought it was ...

 DO glasses help Improve your version over time? And if they do do contacts to the same?
oh ...

 Can leaving my contacts in and only taking them out to put new ones in make my eye sight worse?
i dont want random people going yes that means nothing i want to no why....

 My eyes produce unwanted tears. What could be the cause and how to solve the problem?

 Help! What's wrong with my daughter's eye?
It's really bloodshot and watery. And it hurts when she blinks. And sometimes puss comes out. It wasn't like this last night, she just woke up with it like that. And a few weeks ago, both ...

 Legally Blind?
What does it mean if someone says they are legally blind?...

 Eyes are burning, im wearing contacts?
I just changed my contacts yesterday morning but
like today i woke up at 5am cause my eye was really sore and it hurt like hell so i took the contact out but it was still hurting like crazy and ...

 Are cheap sun glasses more dangerous for your eyes than wearing no sun glasses at all???
OR should we invest in a good pair of UV glasses ??...

 How much does lasic eye surgery cost? To correct nearsightedness?
Is lasic eye surgery painful? does anyone have any info on it?...

 I think Im getting pink eye!!?Help?
My best friend has it and I used the same computer has her.I am afraid I do, because the corner of one eye is red and veieney.Please, what can Ido to stio the itchiness?And/or prevent from getting it?...

 I wear glasses, but is it ok to ask my eye doctor ,can I sample contacts?
I am going to the eye doctor friday, I wear glasses, but also would like to try contacts ,but on the phone the nurse ask me did I wear contacts I said no,How do I try them just to see if I like them?...

 How do I improve my contact lens comfort?
My contact lens do pretty good for about 4-5 hours, then they become uncomfortable. My eyes feel real tired & heavy with slightly blurred vision. Sometimes I also get a severe headache & ...

 Help!! i want to know if it hurts?
wearing contacts hurt to put in? and what do they feel like in your eye....I dont want to wear glasses so I am getting contacts......

 Does this do permanent damage to your eyes?
Does this do permanent damage to your eyes if you watch it for too long?

Say for 30 or so minutes?...

 Colored contacts for people with 20/20 vision?
I have perfect vision but i would love to get contacts to make my eyes really green for special occasions. I have hazel eyes that are like brownish green. How would I go about getting some?...

Does being on the computer too long significantly decrease your vision?
In addition, how long is too long?

Bailout Protest
As best i can tell it has not decreased my fusion.

umm hopefully not =]

yes. just like if you sit too close to the t.v.

Computer screens can cause eyestrain, fatigue, and headaches, but they don't affect your visual acuity.

The Hum
I wouldn't say significantly but yes it would decrease your vision because of the muscles in your eyes no longer have to move around soo much because you are looking at one location which would be your screen.

But there are other reasons for loss of sight, and you can easily recover your sight from looking at a computer screen by doing "eye excercises", which is simply eye movements looking from 1 side to the other

Yes this post does seem crazy lol :P

Jay R
Rely on your default setting for boredom. Surely there are things you want or need to do other than THIS.

Yes. It is called Computer Vision Syndrome. It is real.
This is a good thing to read by the American Optometric Assiciation at their web site:


Computers and TV do not cause blurry vision. Worrying about blurry vision because others say these things are harmful can lead to stress and strain and blurry vision.

Our eyesight becomes blurry from using our eyes incorrectly while doing challenging activities.

Eye exercises do not change the way we use our eyes and have nothing to do with natural perfect eyesight.

How long depends upon how long we can do an activity before we feel tight, tense, strained. People with perfect vision habits can go all day on the computer or tv or reading fine print in dim light without any negative affects on their body or vision.

As Jay R. was trying to hint at we need to be aware of our body. If our eyes feel tense and tight or our bodies are stiff and distorted we need to change how we are doing things. Changing what we are doing can also break us from staring, straining, and diffusing.

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