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Does any one get tears every time you laugh or am i the only one? Is there a solution to this problem?
When I laugh, tears roll down my cheeks. It is very embaressing because people are not sure if I am crying. And I have to be ready with a tissue all the time as I don't know when I am going to laugh and get tears. It is very frustrating. I talked to my opthomologist and he said there is nothing you can do. He said he could do "Irrigation & Dilation" procedure which helps better drainage of tears in to the puncta so that they may not come out as much. Any one has same experience as mine? Any suggestions?

Smartly Retarded
no its normal

RED (green's sister)
O don't try and change it. i think its so nice and funny when that happens. it happens to me on occasions but only if something so funny that i think i might die happened. surely people would know u r laughing since they would be with u and would be sharing the joke. if its other people u don't know and are worried what they might think then just forget about them. as long as u r having a good time who cares. : )

You are not the only one!
I don't get tears EVERY time I laugh, but when I laugh hard and loud my eyes tear up and it looks like I'm crying.

My eyes also water when I lay down on my side.

I don't think that there is any cure to having watery eyes - I'd just keep a pack of tissues with me!


don't worry, its perfectly normal, it happens to me when i sneeze too hard too!!

i love my garden
you must be a very happy person. if it's really really funny and I laugh I cry too. Accept yourself and just have tissues handy. Your real friends will understand, the others... who cares anyway...

That's great! I experienced that last night as my 3 year old nephew and I were acting so silly that we were in tears and laughing so hard. It's a very healing thing to laugh so just get into it. And don't worry if people think you were crying, we need to cry, it's good for you.

that happens to me when i laugh really hard. Just be glad of the fact that you can laugh and be happy and enjoy yourself. it's a wonderful feeling.

lots of people are like you, didn't you hear about happiness tears?

Be happy that you can laugh.

Cinthia R
It happens to me when I laugh very hard! Enjoy the fact that you are happy!

cool beans
i would not worry about it too much if i were you. just wipe your eyees and as long as you aren't actually crying people should not be too concerned.

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