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 How to remove a contact lense?
I can put it on I just cant take it off help please Im not allowed to wear it anymore cuz of this and I need it I dont wanna go back to glasses :(.....

 I have a vision -0.75 right eye and -1 left eye. is that bad?
and how can i improve my eyesight naturally because i don't liKe wearing glasses. also i don't have glasses right now but i have a headache. what should i do?
should i wear glasses all ...

 Bump on my eye?
So, my eye started out being irritated by me wearing my contacts everyday because my eye doctor told me I naturally have a dry eye. So my eye was red and I stopped wearing my contacts. It's ...

 Is there color contacts that you dont need a prescription for?
I dont need contacts but I was wondering if you can buy over the counter type color contacts. I remember a few years ago seeing something about Acuvue (sp??) color contacts but cannot find them ...

 How do I keep my contacts from drying out?
I heard that taking a shower and working out with your contacts in can dry them out. Really?? Working out can dry them? Why?...

 My eylashes always fall into my eyes?
This happens everyday, do you know whats causing this?
Additional Details
I dont wear mascara!!...

 I lost my contacts in my eyes?
I have lost two contacts in my eyes. I felt them hurt once but bc i was taking a test at school i didn't want to make a big deal so i just blinked my eyes until it stopped hurting. i then ...

 Does anyone else get strange purple spots in their vision for no apparent reason?
I frequently (at least once a day) get spots in my vision, almost exactly like the purple spots left behind after looking at something bright....except it's not after I look at something bright. ...

 Can I wear contact lenses if I have sensitive eyes?
I have really sensitive eyes, to the point where even if I get a bit of water in them they really hurt. Is it possible for me to where contact lenses?...

 What to do about pink eye!?
I have Pink eye in both of my eyes... I Have no insurance so i can't go to the dr. .. if i just use eye drops to kinda help clear the redness and wash my hands alot, will it just go away on its ...

 What do I do when I am taking out my contacts and they get stuck to my eye?
This has happened before, and it is very unconfortable. It feels weird, and then I start to panic. What are some ways to avoid this?...

 Left eye is full of mucus, bloodshot, and very sensitive. Visine stings.?
I've had strep for about five days now, if that is relevant. Woke up yesteday with mucus in my left eye, figured it wasn't that out of the ordinary. Washed it out best I could. Later I came ...

 What does being 'legally blind' mean?
My eyesight is quite terrible. I am -9.5 for both eyes and I'm only 18! I remember my eye doctors telling me that I'm legally blind, what exactly does being legally blind mean?...

 I have bright blue eyes, and my husband has bright green eyes..our 2 yr. old son has dark brown????
i thought the child usually has the same eye color of one of the parents? and i know some people are thinking it so i will say it- yes my husband is the father!...

I've had i stuffy nose for about a week what shoud i do to get rid of it quickly with no medicine?...

 What is astigmatism?
i don't know if I spelled it right, but today I was diagnosed with it. What exactly is it. i have to wear glasses all of the time now. i didn't really understand the doctor, or my mom. C...

 I poked myself in the eye....?
and when it happened, there was a small concentrated red welt. I went to the ER and he said I was fine and the red spot should disappear in about a week. But now, it's kinda grown bigger and ...

 How can i get rid of spectacles?
my left eye no.is 1.5 and rigght eye is .5 if i take laser treatment is there any side efffect.and from where i can get this ...

 I am 17 should i get a laser operation done?

 Which is the most irritating to you?
A. Putting in contacts
B. Taking out contacts
C. You can't sleep with contacts
D. Wearing Glasses
E. Keep loosing ...

Do your eyes get bigger or smaller as you get older?

I'm 99.9% that they get smaller, since the skin around your eye starts to sink in. So, SMALLER.

I believe your head gets bigger and your eyes seem smaller since the ratio of head:eye size change :-).

Your eyes are the same size as they when you were a baby.

Your eye grows length-wise as you get older.

That's how some people's eyes get worse; if your eyes grow longer, the light reflecting to the back of your eye dimmer, causing your vision to blur.

Karen P
They grow slightly in childhood. Reach their max size at about 14 and then stay the same for the rest of your life.
The skin around them may sag tho and make them seem smaller.

The size of your eyes does NOT change as you age.
The upper lid begins to sag and may make the eye look smaller, but they do not change in size.

I heard that they are the same size all your life

I always heard that your eyes are the one thing that doesn't grow. Why babies look like they have big eyes.

The Secret Goldfish {MCRmy}
Your eyes do not grow or shrink, only everything around them.

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