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 Many questions about (colored)contacts?
1. I heard they hurt putting in and taking out. True?

2. How much do they cost?

3. Can they get lost in your eye if your not careful?

4. Ups/Downs of them?...

 Is it true that after many hours of playing video games and you immediatley take a shower, u will lose vision?
when i mean losing vision like does your eyes lose vision everytime u repeat taking a shower right after you played many hours of video games and your eyes hurts?...

 What makes your eyes tear?
i mean how do your eyes know when to cry? i don't get it......

 Should I wear glasess all day or just when I need them?
I have just started to wear them...
Additional Details
Yes I have Myopia and my glasses are - .75....

 What happens if i wear glasses and i don't need them?

 What will happen if i keep my contacts in my eyes?
I have soft contacts, and i know i am not supposed to wear them to sleep, or all the time... but why? i can't do something good for me, if i don't know why... lol. i know that sounds stupid,...

 Help with Swelling?
Ok, so my birthday is this friday. The big *21* and I have PINKEYE!!!

The opthamologist said that with the eyedrops she gave me, the redness and swelling *should* go away by friday. Is ...

 Bad experience with contact lesnses. Are they safe?
I recently started wearing contacts. A few days ago I had them in and I noticed that my right contact had fallen out or moved because the vision in my right eye suddenly became blurry. But I didnt ...

 CONTACTS OR GLASSES? which are better?
I need to know...are conatcs easy to wear?...

 LASIK advice?
I have been doing some research on LASIK, and I wanted to get some personal perspectives from those who have had the surgery. Anything and everything you can think of to offer would be greatly ...

 What laser eye treatment would you have?

 Too much sleep?
i sleep way too much, um...if i go to sleep at 8:00pm and wake up at 6:20 am, i'm still very very tired and sleepy. no matter how much sleep i get, i'm still tired and dazed...


 Can you prevent a lazy eye?
If you have a habit of squinting your eyes all the time does that make it possible for you to get lazy eye? And if you can fix it or prevent it, how do you do that?
Additional Details
if ...

 I have a 'lazy eye.' Can I get it sorted privately? (I'm in my 40's)?
If I were to have it sorted out privately, how much would it cost?...

 Am I imagining things or do avatars w/spectacles give more thoughtful answers than emmetropic avatars?

Additional Details
Phil, you need not get all technical on me. I had to fit the question. I believe the spectacle wearers understood my question....

 Can you get tired looking eyes from not wearing glasses when prescribed them?
If so would laser eye treatment help me from not having tired looking ...

 Lasik or Eyeglasses ?
I am thinking of doing Lasik to my eyes but I notice that all the Doctores who is doing this operation wearing eyeglasses.

So if it's good why the doctores still wearing there glasses ...

 Trouple reading eye prescription, incomplete?
I am looking to buy glasses online and my prescription does not have anything listed under the left CYL. and the left Axis. It just shows:

Eye SPH CYL Axis
R -250...

 Could i become blind?
i've been wearing glasses since i was in 2nd grade and my vision has gotten weaker everytime i get new glasses. But i heard that glasses make your eyes more dependent on them. Is there a ...

 Can someone describe their vision the first few days after LASIK surgery?
I'm having LASIK this Thursday to correct a high astigmatism. The surgeon is highly recommended, educated, and I trust him completely. I know most people see dramatic results right away, but ...

Do you have to take out your contacts when you cry?
Okay, I know it's a really strange question, but I tend to cry a lot ( I just DO.) and I don't really want to ask my eye doctor. I'm getting fitted for contacts this tuesday, and I'm sooort of nervous. Also, do you have any helpful tips for someone wearing contacts for the first time?

yeah.... don't be nervous, i got so worked up, when the optician put them in i passed out, to awaken to him saying 'you still have to pay for those you know'

what a cheek!!!

and no u dnt have to take them out when you cry...

Might not be a bad idea to prevent loss if your a very sensitive person that cannot control these emotions. I am not saying that "Hold one, while I remove my lenses to be emotional". If you feel they are bothering you, then remove them, but ask your Optometrist about it.
Normally, it will not have any affect on your crying, its the rubbing the eyes and etc. That could cause them to come out and lost.

Wondering Mind
nope but have eye drops near to re hydrate your eyes

I cry a lot, too. And no, I don't have to take my contacts out, so when I cry I can still see. It's kind of cool.

No you don't have to take your contacts out if you cry. I wear contacts and find it easier if I leave my contacts out when my eyes are tired, or when I haven't gotten enough sleep. Also, if you have allergies, keep drops on hand, because if you rub your eyes alot (due to itchiness or out of habit) your contact could fold and fall out. Its not fun trying to put them back in.

Ashley. <3
No, you dont.

you should not cry , don't please , no one deserve it unless those who appreciate it and those will never make you cry .
so why do you cry ?

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