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I believe the negative number has to do with the strength of the prescription (although I wouldn't know what a high/low number would be) but the others?
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 Eye floaters: How old were you when you first noticed them?

Additional Details
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 Help !this is wierd about my eyes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
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 Does crying make smaller eyes?
just curious......

 What is the differance in being legally blind and blind?

 Is 15 to early to have lasic eye surgery?

 Eye problems...?
my eye has been acting up for like a month and a half now
at first when i saw the eye doctor he gave me dry-eye like treatment
i went back and then he figured i mite be allergic to my ...

Yes We Can
Do they sell distance glasses at the drugstore?
I know they sell reading glasses at the drugstore, but I was wondering if they sell any for distance. I don't have the money to go to the eye doctor and a prescription filled, but I have so much trouble driving, especially at night.

No they do not. All the ones you see at the drug store, walmart, or wherever have a "+" in front of a number. This pretty much means that they are for reading, or, someone that can already see distances (farsighted). They can do that because it isnt required by law to have a RX for readers. The ones that let you see at a distance have a "--" in front of the number. If you can get your eyes checked somewhere, you can get glasses pretty cheap online. Heres a good one : http://www.39dollarglasses.com/
Anyway, hope I helped and answered what you was looking for....

Sorry, no glasses for the near-sighted at the drug store. There are too many variables involved to make it worthwhile.
Do some detective work, and you can probably find some assistance in getting the eye exam and prescription eye wear.
If you are having as much difficulty with driving as you say, it would be a very good idea to concentrate on a solution before someone gets hurt.

Drug stores do not sell ready made distance glasses. The cheapest way to go is to try a deeply discounted eyeglass shop. Good Luck!

They do sell them off the rack in some far eastern countries. And you can buy swimming goggles with minus prescriptions though not at the drugstore; maybe off the shelf at some very big sporting goods retailers.

It's not a completely crazy idea, actually. Most near-sighted people have low to moderate prescriptions, a small amount of astigmatism, and reasonably similar eye spacing (pupillary distance). 0.25 diopter isn't a big error, so a range of glasses starting at about -1 and going up by 0.5 a diopter to around -4 would work for many people.

If you want appallingly cheap glasses without a prescription, you can order them online starting at 8 or 9 dollars. Quality is surprisingly good, thanks to 3rd world optical labs and low overhead. The frames are no worse than the no-name ones I see in local opticians priced at $20 to $150.

no, if you are near sighted you need to get a prescription. sometimes if you go to the county health clinic they will test your vision for free, or if you go to school or college, ask to get your eyes tested.

Yes --- and ---- No. Drugstore glasses can only have magnification in them. Magnification means that the lenses will have a PLUS power so as to help the individual read. BUT, if you happen to be significantly farsighted then your distance prescription will be a PLUS power. SOOOO, let's say your distance prescription is farsighted with a power of +2.75 in each eye. Then you would indeed be able to wear a +2.75 magnifier from a drugstore which would allow you to see clearly at distance. It would not be possible to do this if you are near sighted though. That is because nearsighted prescriptions are in MINUS power.

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