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 Help itchy red eyes and little blobs coming out?
this has been going on for a while now. some days are better and some are worse and today i have been just going crazy. i keep touching my eyes because i feel these clear/white little blobs in my ...

 Color Contacts ?
Okay, so I really hate the color of my eyes. I want like a deep pacific blue, or a really dark brown. Can I get color contacts if i dont have a perscription?
If so, what brands sell this kind of ...

 My eye looks like it is bleeding but it is not dripping blood?
can it be bloodshot? and may it be because I use make-up to bed?
Additional Details
nO i dont think it is a pink eye. its inside my eyes :]...

 What are the tiny holes on my lower eye rim?
I must have noticed these while applying eye liner or something...
I was just wondering why I have two tiny holes on my lower eye rim; they're right in the corners nearest my nose.
The ...

 What is this eye problem or does everyone have this?
Every once in a while my eyes ust really fast flicker back and forth then they are fine again. I am wondering does this happen to anyone else and I am not controlling this.
Additional Details

 When you press on the corners of your eyes, why do you see little lights off to the sides?
I used to do it a lot and thought it was cool and always wondered why......

 Changing Your Eye Color Temporarily?
I know that there are colored contacts, but is there such thing as a nonprescription way of placing a different color on top of your original eye color? If not, can such a thing be created?...

 Is it okay to wear eyeglasses that arent prescribed?

 Question about eye exams?
I'm just doing a little impromptu survey and I'm wondering if a few people could tell what a routine eye exam costs in the area where they live?
Additional Details
I'm not ...

 I just got contacts and it burns when I put it in my left eye?
This is my second time putting contacts in. It's fine in my right eye, but when I put the contact in my left eye it burnes. After it's in it doesn't really burn anymore, just when it ...

 Where can I bring my eyeglass frames?
I want to purchase coach frames discounted, can I bring them with my prescription to any eyeglass retailer like lens crafters or Sears? Will they just put lenses in for me without a frame purchase?...

 Is laser eye surgery a good idea?
i have been interested in getting laser or lasik eye surgery, i dont currently wear glasses but i cant see far away. but i heard that the eye surgery only lasts a few years. just wondering if anyone ...

 Can you get surgery to get dimples implanted in your cheeks ?

 How bad is my vision?
My vision's -3.00 and -3.50
I don't get how people know if its 20/200 20/20 etc. I know this is a pretty dumb question but.. help me.
Additional Details
Is there any way ...

 Do glasses make your eyes weaker?

 Is there something wrong with me if I have trouble with the eye air-puff test/tonometer?
I've never really liked this machine because the air puff bothers me. I don't have any unusual pressure on my eyes, so glaucoma isn't a big problem for me. Is it just a psychological ...

 Okay i made the mistake of leavin my contacts oin 2 1/2 weeks cus im lazy[lol] and now my eye has "goo" in it
do i have an eye infection or whats wrong or could it be allergys?...

 COlored Contacts?
I got dark brown eyes.. and long brown hair... what contacts do u guys recomend?...

 30 day contact lenses?
I know that you can get contact lenses that you can wear non-stop for 30 days (so basically overnight), but are they any good? Are they bad for your eye? I've been wearing monthly lenses for ...

 LASIK? Should I go for it?
I'm a 25 years old guy. I'm short-sighted about -8 each eye and that means I can't do see or anything without my glasses. I don't like contacts so I'm considering LASIK.

Do i have to change my contacts every 2 weeks?
I have soft lenses and i NEVER sleep with them. I take pretty good care of them. And when i throw them out every 2 weeks, it seems like a waste because they are still in good condition. So do i have to change them every 2 weeks? Can I keep them in longer? It just seems like a waste of money?

chris f
your doctor would say yes, but i think you are safe for about a month at a time, since you take them out at night :)

eye glasses in a case
no worries for ewe face

keep them nice and scratchless
eyes are sort of priceless

keep clear ones and sunglasses

Advice to change it as according. Don't save the money on contacts that might affect ur eyesight in long term time.

Andrew C
you know, they have lenses that you can wear for a month, and ones you can sleep with overnight (i think they last a month too), right? i saw them at lenscrafters when i was getting my eyes checked.

Don't change them until they get old, you will know trust me! It is a waste of money other wise! I keep mine in for a month at a time!

I never throw them out after two weeks. I never sleep in them and always keep them clean at night and in a case. I don't throw them out till they get uncomfortable or blurry. As long as your cleaning them, there shouldn't be a problem. If you were them so frequently that you are only soaking them for like 8 hours a night, then i'm not sure I would recommend it.

It depends on what kind your contact lense is. Mine is the monthly disposal so I throw them out at about a month after I use it, if yours is the same you should throw it out at a month. Don't keep it untill it gets blurry because there are lots of viruses and bacteria that we can't see and its bad for your eyes. Many people get eye diseases because they use their contacts for to long. I'm guessing yours are monthly disposals bacause most are.Two weeks is a bit too short and waste of money so I would throw them out at about a month.

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