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 Is it possible for me to use contacts and glasses at the same time to improve my vision?
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I was actually thinking of getting a couple of these, though they're expensive.


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 Ladies & Gentelmen did you meet person with 2 different eyes color before?
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 What eye prescription would be classified as "legally blind"?
I don't understand what 20/70 or 20/200 even means. All I know is that my prescription for my left eye is 6.50 and my right eye is 7.00 and someone told me that means that I'm legally blind....

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 Do i need glasses based on this prescription?
Right : SPH = -0.25; CYL = -0.50; AX = 15
Left : SPH = -0.25; CYL = -0.50; AX = 162
i never had trouble with my eyes. suddenly i feel my eyelids quite heavy. throught the day i feel slight ...

 Eyelid surgery?
I am having upper eyelid surgery and wanted to know how long will I be bruised. I hope to be presentable enough to go outside within a week, of course I will wear sunglasses. Am I being realistic. ...

i went to get my eyes checked the other day and they told me i need glasses. I really dont want glasses, so am i allowed to go straight to contacts without ever getting glasses. I know that wouldnt ...

josey p
Do glasses make your eyes weaker?

Kirsten S
no, not wearing them makes your eyes weaker. although heredity sometimes deteriorates the strength of your eyes no matter what you do.....

no they help....

No they help you see better. Your eyes are already weak! Have you been reading The Secret?

absolutely not...... rather, the purpose of wearing glasses is that you can see clearer without any strain or fatigue on your eyes. however, it is not nessessary that you always wear your glassae all the time, since it depends on your age & the type of glasses that you wear.
If your age is more than 40 years, it means you are probably presbyopic & you need to wear galssas for reading or near work only. But if you are myopic then you might need to wear glasses for distance only, while you can read woth or without glasses depending on your prescription & your preference.
If you are not happy with your glasses, then there other options available like wearing contact lenses to various eye surgeries including LASIK which is very safe.

Absolutely not! glasses do not make your eyes weaker but here's the reason some people think that they do:

when someone who needs glasses but doesnt wear them, their eyes are constantly straining to make the image as sharp as possible. it's like your fist being balled up all the time. this is not good for your eyes at all, your eye muscles, just like any other muscles need rest- if you kept your fists balled together constantly, they'd be rigid and weak after a few days.

when someone puts glasses on for the first time, the lenses are made to adjust light in a way that allows them to see more sharply. because of this, their eye muscles relax. and it's even possible for them to strengthen over time (depends on heredity though).

the reason most people think glasses make your eyes worse is because after wearing glasses for a long time (a year or so) your eyes are not used to being strained, so when you take the glasses off, your eyes dont strain, and the image is not sharp. this is not a bad thing!! now when people notice this, they think their eyes got "worse" because they can no longer see clearly w/o glasses.

NOT wearing glasses CAN cause your eyes to worsen though. depending on how much your eye muscles can tolerate, and how bad their sight is a person can strain their muscles so much that they just weaken little by little over time, making your eye muscles weaker * think clenching your fist constantly for 2 weeks. over time the muscles will become weaker and weaker and not hold onto anything.

hope this helpS ** lol sorry so much.

no. wearing them does not make your vision weaker or stronger and most of the time *NOT* wearing them also does not make your vision stronger or weaker

(one of the exceptions would be children at risk for amblyopia)

Despite popular belief wearing glasses does not make your eyes stronger or weaker. The same goes for not wearing them. I'm not sure where why there is such a huge misconception over this matter.... I think maybe because eyesight naturally changes on its own and many people may attribute this to wearing or not wearing their glasses.
When you wear glasses it just bends the light so it will fall onto the retina for a person to obtain clear vision. It does not change the anatomy of your eyes.
The only group that vision can actually improve from glasses would be children in the critical period (birth-age6) while their vision is still developing if they have ambylopia.
The reason why people have trouble seeing is due to the anatomy of their eyes.... wearing glasses does not change this :)

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