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 My eye sight getting worse.......whyyyyyyyy?
im a girl of 14 and m myopic and started wearing glasses from 15 april 2007
that time my lense power was 0.75
and 2days back when i rechecked my vision my power increased to 1.25 !!!!

 Effects on eyes from using computer all day?
I use the computer all day at work, and then I take classes online as well. And my eyes, like even now, I don't know how to describe it, but they fell weird and stuff. Maybe somebody knows what I...

 Iv had a twitch in my eye for six days is this common?

 How to persuade parents to let me get contacts?
they think tha they are bad, and that some how they will cause infection, because i'll mess up something. Which i don't think will happen. And how much does fitting cost?...

 Why can't we just buy "Near sighted" glasses at the local drug store?
Why can't we just buy "Near sighted" glasses at the local drug store like we can buy "Far sighted" reading glasses for $10 and that's it? It makes no sence. If I just ...

 For how long will I need to wear glasses?
I'm 18 and I've been wearing glasses since last August. For almost 1.5 months I was without them (lost one and broke another!) & to my surprise the power decreased in both my eyes! It ...

 How bad does your eyesight have to be for glasses?
I got a eye check up yesterday.
I have a bit of nearsightedness. The doctor said glasses are still optional.
I have no problem seeing in class. However, I am going to college next year, so ...

 I just got my eyes examined and they said my vision is 40 50 and i no that is bad and i just got a new pair of
glasses but i want contacts but i have that weird thing called astigmatism and my mom says im too young to get contacts and im 14 she said when im 16 i can but thats so long and i think i look like a ...

 How many of you have amblyphobia(lazy eye)?
means you can hardly see in one of your eyes, and the other eye is very strong. in contacts the right eye is -4.50 and the left eye is -3.50....

 Am I ok to wear contacts?
I am 16 and have been wearing glasses since June last year(my first eyesight test!). In one year my eyesight got worse (-0.25 in one eye and -0.5 in the other) my eyesight is now -1.25 in both eyes . ...

 What's wrong with my eye?
I had a sleepover last night and we got about 6 hours of sleep, the night before I got about 7. I woke up this morning, my left eye looked a little tired, but my right eye is so swollen on the bottom....

 Can a person with astigmatism wear contacts,and would Lazar treatment cure it.?

 Which kind of contact to get?
I am going to be getting contacts within the month and i need some opinons on contacts, prefferably from ppl who wear them.

What brands are the most comfortable?
Some different brands ...

 Can I buy colored contacts although I don't have eye problems?
I just want to have a different eye color, where can i buy these for how much and do I have to go to a doctor for this?...

 I'm having eye problems? They hurt and I'm only 16..?
I've been needing glasses for as long as I can remember and I only started wearing them very often around 2 years ago..now I wear them often. I found myself on the computer a lot this entire ...

 How much does it cost to get the lasik eye surgery, so you don't have to wear glasses anymore?

 One contact lense?
is it okay to wear one contact, i ripped my other one and for the first day of school i don't really want to wear my glasses. is there any side effects like headaches nauesa etc. and will my ...

 My eyes, there wierd, can someone explain?
ok, so in the mornign when i wake sometimes if i close one eye i can see my room in a light blue shade and one i close the eye im using and use my other eye i can see an almost lightish brown colour ...

 Hi, Can some one tell me which water purifier is good for health, RO or UV water purifier systems?

 My asian eyes naturally got the double fold like caucasion eyes?
It's not a bad thing because i attract caucasion ladies now but im just curious how that happened, its not just temporarily stuck but i used have decently asian eyes, but over the last school ...

Nazish J
Do constant head aches mean I need eyeglasses???
Do constant head aches mean I need eyeglasses??? nothing alse is happening, i just have been having head aches everyday since saturday (this question has been posted on a tuesday)

Give&Take 2008
If you are female, its your monthly. Thats the biggest reason for women to get them.
You'd have to check your eyes to know for sure.
Plus, the other reasons listed here are also causes.

Desiree W
maybe or it could just be allergies o the heat

austin c
no.sinus infection or migraines.

u might need to go to an eye doctor.im 15 wearing glasses and when i was 11 i just suddenly started getting headaches.when i went to the eye clinic they said i needed glasses and after getting them my headaches went away.

Most headaches are not vision-related. Those that do tend to come on later in the day or after extended periods of reading/computer use and tend to occur accross the eyebrow area. Of course, it never hurts to have an eye examination to rule out anthing along the ocular pathway in the brain, and if nothing shows up there, a visit to your primary care doctor is in order. Most primary care docs send you to the eye doctor first and then start looking more deeply for a cause (IMHO)

There can be 1784677956 reasons for having headaches. Needing glasses is just one of them.

Titus M
Not unless you have bad vision and strain to read a lot. Another cause of your headaches could be stress, (bubble) gum chewing, a loud environment, or if you grind your teeth a lot.

Maggie May
Headaches can occur if you are in need of glasses, but it probobly wouldnt be that sudden. Do you get a headache after being on the computer for a long time or after reading? This could be a sign that you need glasses to relax your eyes for doing close work.
There are many reasons you could be getting headaches.You may have allergies that would cause them or it could be your sinuses. if they continue, you should see a doctor.

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