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 Should i wear my glasses when going to the hairdresser and optometrist?
i'm nearsighted at -3 and I only wear my glasses to see the board at uni. I sometimes squint and strain to see at other times when i'm out in public places(I wore them only once out in ...

lol ok i have blueish green eyes and i always get complements on them, they actually seem to change colors and sometimes they appear purple! wat i want to know is how i can get my eyes to stay doing ...

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of contact lenses?
I currently wear glasses and i'm thjinking about getting contacts but im not sure?

Are they easy to put in and keep up with?...

 What are the spots flying around in my vision?
If I move my eye to the left quickly, I see lil dots that'll move to the left too, same if I move my eyes to the right, up, and down. I have 20/20 vision but I forgot to ask my eye doctor....

 How do you put in contacts?
i tried once but i did it terribly and i kept on chickeing out if you have any tips on how to put them in and what to do to make your eyes seem less "shy"...

 Is it really bad to fall asleep with contacts for like an hour and a half?!?!?

 Contact lens??
Hi, I'm 15, i wear glasses, and i want to buy a contact lens cause i do basketball. Everytime i rebound the ball, some ppl hit me and my glasses drop off my face. This is a major problem, ...

 What is the strangest?
eye color that you have ever seen??...

 Will contact lenses spoil your eyes?

Additional Details
i use the soft ones that are supposed to be thrown after one month of opening.
and i do wash my hands and use special liquid to wash them.
so, with the ...

 Causes of red eye in a photo?
I've heard somewhere before that if you've got accessive red eye in photographs it could be something related to the health of your retinas? Anybody know anything about this?...

 Do macular holes get bigger/worse if not treated?
I saw an eye doc and was told I may have one. I also do not have health insurance so visiting an eye doc is $$$. Just wondering if not treated what could happen......

 Contact vs glasses....?
Hi, I have just been using contacts (1 month toric) for a week, but i am only using them when i leave home (at home i stick to glasses).. Some days i dont go out...i stick solely with glasses. My ...

 Does not wearing your glasses for a long period of time help your eyesight?

Additional Details
but I'm nearsighted.. straining the eye would probably be a good thing so it would stop ...

 Most people are uncomfortable making eye contact with people with crossed eyes?
I have crossed eyes. The eye I'm not using will always cross inward. Some people say they never know what I'm looking at and eye contact is uncomfortable.

So when I talk to ...

 Foods that promote eye health?
What are some types of foods (e.g. antioxidants) that promote the whiteness of the sclera (the white portion of the eye)?...

 Problem with my eyes....Please Help.....?
there are red pathches developing in my eyes........
and my eyes water regularly.......
i m also having a no. (regarding specks) for my right eye..
and i m advised to wear specks....<...

 Does anyone have macular degeneration?
I'm 29 and have macular degeneration. Any suggestion on what to take to slow the process down or stop it?...

 Are people with crossed eyes able to see round corners?

 Can you please help me with my soft contact lenses?
ok... i just got my contacts from walmart and i had a horrible time putting them in here at home. I got them yesterday.. i look into the mirror put the contact on the white part of my eye like the ...

 My eye waters and burns?
okay my eyes waters and burns. It burnes when i wake up in the middle of the night. i used to think it was my make up cause sometime i forgot to take it off. now i take it off every night and it ...

Do I need reading glasses? Please help...?
Ok, my eyes feel really tired and burn when I read the newspaper or am on the computer for more than 20-30 minutes. Sometimes, I get a headache, too. But, I can see really well. Do I still need reading glasses even if I can read the print?

tianna b
well maybe you need to get eye drops if that doesn`t work than that means you should get reading glasses. If you can`t read the print on the paper still than go get your eyes checked by a dermatologist and get reading glasses.

Jenny W
It's best if you have an eye exam. I didn't know I needed reading glasses, if you can still see things you think everything is fine. What has happened is that your eyes are straining to make you see things clearly, that's what gives you the headaches. If you don't get glasses it will only get worse.

On the computer you are proably sitting to close to the screen and when you read the newspaper the print is WAY to small. So i suggest that you ONLY use the classes for the newspaper. kay? Okay.

XD: Amber

T i a r n a <33
well i can see really well
and i need glasses and i can stay on the computer without getting a headace and i can watch tv too
and i dont reallly read the newspaper

mi mum has the same problem
she has to squint her eyes when she reads
and she gets the same thing as u
and the person sed that she has thin eye lids things so yerr
she couldnt get a operatin because of that

You may have poor light by your computer or when reading the newspaper. I don't think you need reading glasses, like you said you don't have a problem reading the letters. Could be the glare from the screen. I've heard people on the computer talking about a film they put over the screen, slightly tinted. Try working with the lighting around you. Good luck!

nick e
'Burning' is a common symptom of dry eye..so this is a possible cause of your problems. When you read or work on computer your blinking rate drops dramatically which can often lead to dry eye sensations.

Headaches aren't associated with dry eyes so, yes, its possible you may need glasses. Your eyes may be working too hard when reading (so making everything clear for you....but having to do alot of work to achieve this) and as a result they are tiring and giving you headaches.

Simple solution: go to your local optometrist and get an eye exam.

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