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Natural Disaster.
Did my contacts scratch my eye or do I have pink eye?
First off, I was running low on contact solution--so me being a genius decided to leave my contacts in for two whole days and two whole nights. By the third morning both eyes hurt, very badly. So I took my contacts out, its been three days now and my eyes are still very red..and feel very dry and irritable.

I dont have any white puss or anything coming out of them, so that is the only reason I believe it is NOT pink eye.

please help.

Contacts will wear a spot on your eye that will only grow back after wearing glasses. They can scratch your eye and the puss thing is something that never goes away.

That was a very bad decision.

Leave the contacts out until the redness clears up.

You may need to be putting in wetting eye drops (the kind that add moisture).

It's not pink eye if there is no swelling or puss.

jjust get some eye drops and wash your eyes out or mabye youve been hittin the pipe to much

Maybe you wont be so irresponsible again. Unless your contacts are 'continual wear' then you should never sleep in them, you are not getting enough oxygen into the eye for them to breath. By not wearing them correctly and cleaning them properly you will get eye infections, which can result in loss of sight.

Just make sure that you follow the correct proceedure for the type of lens and NEVER sleep in them.

if i were u i would go to the i doctor. but my friend had her contact scratch her eye and it was like a week before it stopped being red and hurting and finally she went to the eye doctor and they gave her stuff to put in her eyes. thats y its a good idea to go.

My friend/co-worker had something similar to this with contacts and the doctor made him wear glasses and not use contacts for about 2-3 weeks. The doctor said it was infected because he kept scratching his eye.

In my opinion I'd go to the eye doctor just to make sure you didn't hurt anything.

If it was pink eye you would wake up in the morn and your eyes would be basically 'glued' shut...so its not that.

Sigh Co
You need to call your eye doctor and not ask unqualified strangers for advice.

Don't wait--you don't want to risk your eyesight.

try using clear eye solution if it clears away there is no problem ive had my contacts in for 1 year...i know bad for your eyes...but ive had no real threats. pink eye wont make your eyes hurt they will just be very irritated and itchy and VERY watery so bad you cant open your eyes in the morning. try the stuff and see. thats your best bet!

Jem L
get eye drops go to the doctor they will prescribe it for u

I had this problem myself a while back: My contact solution wasn't as "fresh" as it ought to be, and my eye turned flaming red and pink; it felt like sand was beneath my eyelid every time I tried to blink.

I went to the doctor, and it turned out that I had a staph infection (from the dirty contact solution) -- it was an infection very much akin to pinkeye -- and this infection had caused inflammation on the surface my eyeball (I had little raised bumps all along my iris).

Your situation might be different -- it may very well be a scratch (although corneal abrasions cause such excruciating pain that you would probably be fleeing to the ER right now). Either way, you MUST get in to see an optometrist right away. If it gets worse, you could get an infection that would do serious damage to your eye. Not an area of the body to mess around with! Don't trust someone on this site to diagnose it, and be safe now instead of sorry later: Go see your eye doctor, no matter the cause, even if you think it's feeling better.

white puss is not a symptom of pink eye.
But it sounds like you do have an eye infection, you should see the doctor before it gets any worse, and if your still putting in contacts while you have the infection, it will only make it worse, stop wearing contacts until your eye has cleared up.

No pus, no pink eye.

Don't second guess your diagnosis, sounds like you are right on target.

After wearing my contacts for prolonged periods I ended up with an eye ulcer. I didn't even know that it could happen! It came quite suddenly, but before the time my eyes were a bit dry, red and irritated. So that's something to think about. I would agree that you should rest your eyes and wear glasses in the meantime (I know, I know.. I hate them too, lol). But that's the best you're gonna be able to do until you see your optometrist. Also use eye drops until then (even just saline solution works).

Hope that helps, I know how irritating irritated eyes can be..

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