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 Eye Doctor?
OKay this might seem like an incredibly stupid question, and I know it is but here it goes:

I have bad vision I doubt I can even see the E on the chart. Will the eye doctor person be ...

 Ripped contact lense in eye - help!?
My contact lense rotated out of place & then got stuck in the corner of my eye. I was having a lot of trouble getting it to move to a position where I could get it out. Rubbing my eye was not ...

 Contact lenses?????
Where can I buy acuvue contact lenses? Is it safe to buy them at a store or do I need them prescribed. Does one size fit all eye shapes?...

I'm scared of going to the eye doc. Because I'm afriad of his/her reaction 'cause I REALLY don't think I can even see the Big E....

 I've been using soft lenses for almost 5 years. Is there will be any bad effect to my eyes?
Some said wearing lenses can cause damage to our eyes. What is the long time effect of wearing lenses?...

 How much do contacs cost?
i want to get contacts but im no sure how muvh they cost.does one eye lens cost a price and then the other one cost a price too or is it all together one price plus to put the vision u need?...

 Is it safe to put eye drops in when I have contacts on?
I just don't know if it will damage my contacts or my eye when I have the contacts in....

 Do you have kids and do they wear glasses?

Additional Details
my 5 yr old had eye test and needs to wear glasses. i was just wondering if he would keep them on at school and would the teachers make sure that he ...

 Help!!!!! CONTACTS again!!!?
i put my contacts in this moring ,.. blah they were getting sore a few mins ago so i was going to take them out . i took out the one in my right eye was going to the left eye nd was sore to touch so ...

 I have white spot on my eyeball, is it a symptom of pink eye?

 Eye surgery buckle?
has any body heard or it?

Its apparently a side effect of lazer eye surgery , does any body have any real experience of eye ...

 Has anyone had LASIK Eye Surgery???
I am going to have Lasik done tomorrow and I have done my research and all but still feel anxiety. My Dr answered my questions. Has anyone had this procedure ( or know someone who did) and if so ...

 Can eye power deacrease?

 What is my eye sight without contacts?
If my contacts are Acuvue Advance with Hydraclear and D -2.50, BC 8.3, DIA 14.0; and gives me a vision of 20/15, what is my eye sight without contacts?...

 Is my eye doctor required to tell me what my contacts are made of?
Is my eye doctor required to tell me what my RGP contact lenses are made of? You can order several different types, each made with a different material- I had a pair that worked for me for 10 years, ...

 Would you be able to feel a contact lense if it slid in back of your head?
i was putting my contacts in one morning and after i put them in i noticed that my vision was half blurry like when you only have one contact in. and then i realized that there was no contact on my ...

 Have u ever felt like theres something in your eye, but there actually isn't?
happens to me all the ...

 Foggy vision and Rings of Light?
My vision has become foggy through both of my eyes (mainly my left but somewhat my right). This has been going on for almost nine hours. I have also just begun to see rings of color around lightbulbs ...

 Why cant i see good even with glasses?
my vision on my right eye is good but my vision on my left eye is horrible.so then i got glasses but they dont really help me so much. they do help a little but not enough to be able to read letters ...

 How much do you think it would cost to have an eye exam done by an ophtalmologist?
Just a ballpark figure? I've been having some weird eye pains and want to get myself checked out....

Cross eye problem?
for awhile now my right eye is ALWAYS turning IN. when I was a kid I had lazy eye or cross eyes or whatever it is.. but when I was younger I had 2 surgeries. and wore a eye patch a little bit.. and my eye was fine for years. but now its back..

is there anything I could do.. because even with glasses or contacts in my right eye is always turning IN. its like the muscle is not in the right postion.. what can I do? by the way im 15.

Yeah, definitely talk to your Doc -- I think your ocular muscles are weaker than in the other eye... In any case, if you need another surgery to correct this it's better to have it done sooner than later. GL

Jazmin M
I've had that exact same problem my whole life... same eye too. I believe surgery is the only option.

I have an issue where I cannot have another surgery and I've gone to several doctors to find out about alternative treatments for my eye turn. They all tell me surgery is the only way. So because I can't do that, I'm stuck with crossed eyes for life and I'm 24. It took a while for me to accept it, but I feel ok about it now.

Talk to your doctor and see if anything can be done.

<3 Jonas Brothers
You should probably go to a doctor.You might need another surgery.

I had lazy eye too! from 3-5 grade i had to wear a patch
but i never needed surgey!
just try another surgey
i think u need it
the eye's muscles must still be weak and it thinks that is the way it can relax. u need to right it
try to get ur doctor to give u excercises, mine gave me 3 but if i remembered them i would tell u now


I agree that you need a re-check at the doctors. Since you are 15 you may be going through a growth spurt and your muscles may have gotten weak. The eye patch may be a good way to try and re-strengthen the muscles. Just do it around your house, while you are waiting to see the doctor. Then do what the doctors prescribes you.

Good luck

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