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Sarah S
Contacts lenses how long can i wear them?
I am a first time contact lenses wearer and i have acuvue extended wear lenses how long can i leave them in for really? The instructions say 6 days-nights. Someone told me i have to take them out every day and i have one dr telling me 7 days-nights and one saying a mth. So how long is really safe?

you can leave them in as long as you can stay up DONT fall asleep with them on

Usually its not good to wear them for more than 8 hours a day. If they are weekly contacts use them for 8-10 days if you take care of them properly then throw them away. You have to take them out before you sleep or else it will impair your vision even more. If your not sure how long, read the box. and research the name. if your still not getting any answers, take them to an eye doctor because if there weekly its not safe to wear them for more than that and if their monthly you cant throw them away after a week, thats just not financially smart.

I don't have the same contacts, but I can usually get a good week out of them before they start to ache or burn.

You will KNOW when its time to throw them out, they'll hurt or start to get a sort of fog on them that does not wash off in solution.

Theres no SET amount of days, but around a week sounds about right.

im using monthly and i keep them for around a week before it gets foggy. My doctors told to me to remove it preferably everynight.

Once your contacts start feeling dry or scratchy, that is how you know it is time to get rid of them and change them out. Only you can really know when to switch them out. I would get as much use out of them as I could if I were you. Contacts aren't cheap. Good luck. (:

Well I wear contacts and I use the Acuvue advance but they're not the extended wear, I don't trust that one bit. I can't even take naps in my contacts cuz when i wake up my eyes would get really dry. sometime it gets stuck in the top of my eyes balls and it's hard to get it out. I think extended wear really means that you can wear it almost all day but still have to take it out at night when you go to sleep. then wear it on again the next day... disposable contacts should be only use for 2 weeks

Your eye care professional is the one in the best position to answer this.

well i have acuvue too but i wear them in the morning and take them out b4 i take a shower and i throw mine out every new month but i dont have extended i have astigmatism u should really ask ur optometrist

I have been wearing Contacts for 3 years and I can't tell you how happy I am with them. I leave them on for no more than 7 hours. It is recommended to leave them less than 8 hours. By 7 hours though your eyes start feeling irritated (at least that is what happens to me). Yes you are to take them out everyday and use the solution to get them clean. Remember to wash your hands every time you are going to put them on or take them off. Contacts are very delicate and your hands always need to be washed to not cause an infection. Remember to never sleep on them unless you buy some sleeping contacts. If you sleep in them you will wake up with your eyes very small and you can get a serious infection (that is what happened to me). Put them on gently and don't touch your eyeball because you can scratch it and that will hurt I can't tell you how many problems I had but then you get used to it.

i would take them out every night just for safety reasons. I've found they the cleaner i keep my contacts, the longer they last, I recommend a hydrogen peroxide solution they sell that you put your contacts in for six hours and it dilutes so you can wear them again the next day cleaned. Besides do you need contacts when you are asleep?

Sharen H
Wear them until they either fall out or they feel uncomfortable. You are not supposed to feel anything while wearing them. So at the first sign of being uncomfortable or you blinking alot take them out and put in a fresh pair.

Follow the instructions or ask the optitian who prescribed them to you. You want to be careful and look after your eyes so only follow the advice given from the above as they are the ones you can be sure know what they're talking about!

At any rate- if they start feeling uncomfortable you should take them out and give your eyes a rest.

Mr. Mike
According to the FDA they are approved for a month,without taking them out, however some people are never able to do this. It depends on the physiology of your specific eye. So check with your personal eye doctor. Most eye doctors recommend taking them out every night just to be safe and cover their butts!

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