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 Im getting contacts?
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 My doctor said that if contacts are inside out, they look more like a bowl on your finger, and if they are?
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 Wtf is wrong w.my eye?
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 Is the sight test on the driving test very far as i wear contact lenses and am worried -12 00?

Contacts - is my fitting incorrect, as they are uncomfortable.?
My contact feel uncomfortable most of the time. It feels like I can feel the edges - esp when I blink and they are a bit dry too.
I have had them 9 days now.
My Optomitrist never took a measurement of my eyeball - is that normal practice?

Yah, maybe u shd change a brand of the lenses

Todd M
Most OD's do not want to talk about this (they need you to think those high fitting fees are warranted after all), but if you are wearing soft contacts, most popular brands only come in one size, for both base curve as well as overall diameter--there really is no fitting in the actual contact lens itself--only in your optical prescription.

However if you are wearing RGP contacts (much firmer than soft CL's), that is a very different story--they come in many sizes, both in terms of base curves and diameters; they have to, as being rigid they cannot automatically conform to the eyeball like the softs CL's can. RGP's actually have to be fit to each person's individual eyes.

If you are wearing softs, you might want to explore with your OD the different materials out there. Most swear by the new silicone hydrogel lenses, others hate them and prefer higher water contact traditional hydrogels. There are many options and you may need to search for the right one for you.

And PLEASE do not put blind faith into your OD. I too have only been wearing contacts for a few weeks, but by doing extensive research on contact lenses, I have acutally been teaching my OD a few things she hasn't bothered to learn. They are your eyes and you should know what's going on. Don't automatically assume the OD's MD degree is a chalice of overflowing all-power knowledge. It just isn't so...! It's truly amazing to me how much many of these "professionals" are charging and how little they are keeping up on the latest and greatest available for their patients.

It's your first time so your Optometrist should have suggested u take a trial pair first....not many people are comfortable with wearing contacts in the beginning as it takes a little getting used to.
Contacts come in a "one size fits all", so they don't measure your eyeball :)

U should have been briefed by your Optometrist about all this....if u haven't been then your not being treated by a good one...

U get various kinds of contacts lenses depending on your usage, comfort n the cost you are capable of incurring-

Soft lenses - These are very flexible and have maximum water content so u don't feel like your wearing contacts n your eyes rarely become dry. Depending on what your comfortable with u can choose daily disposable or monthly disposable. They are a little expensive as compared to hard lenses though.

Hard lenses - These are not comfortable as they tend to be much harder than the soft disposable ones. They can be worn for a year without disposing.

I have been using contacts for 7 years now...but for me they are the most comfortable thing in the world. I hate wearing glasses as they are very inconvenient for me. I use the Soft lenses that are disposable monthly.
Yea, at times the lenses do shift in my eye and vision gets a little blurred but blinking a few times or moving it around to readjust with clean fingers does the trick :)

From your description i gather that your on the Hard lenses...i'd suggest u switch to the soft lenses if u can afford the cost...you'll feel so much more better!

Just make sure u ask for a trial pair first ok.
Read up a little on the net before u go for your next visit. Its always good to be better informed, plus you'll know the right questions to be asked.

Hope i helped a tad bit.

I just need to add: contacts are definitely NOT a "one size fits all." Whoever said that is completely wrong. They come in different diameters & different base curves & everyone's eyes are different sizes (& shapes) so you should have been measured!

Your doctor should have done a normal eye exam (same as for your glasses) and then "fitted you" with contacts. Different brands have a little bit different sizes and so may not fit on your eye quite right.

Your optimitrist should have asked you to gradually increase the time that you wear your contacts. 1 hour the first day, 2 the second day, and so on. This helps your eyes get used to the feel. Your eyes do tend to get dry when you first get them and you can use rewetting drops as needed to help with this. If they are very uncomfortable, take them out and try again to gradually build up the amount of time you wear them.

If all else fails, talk to your doctor about switching brands. It may just be the brand that you have and another brand may "fit" better or at least feel more comfortable.

Good luck.

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