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Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD + 0.25 -1.25 180
OS pl -0.75 174...

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thanks haha
Additional Details
i know i'd look retarded...i know i wouldn't fool anyone, i just wanna do it haha

FACEPAINT. good idea ...

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Hi mates,

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I am 20 years old and I just got my first eye exam ever. Here is my prescription:
OD: Sphere: -0.25 Cylinder: -0.75 Axis: 153
OS: Sphere: -0.75 Cylinder: -0.50 Axis: 068
I'm not ...

 Will swimming without goggles damage my eyes in the long run? My vision blurs the next day,.?

Contacts Ripping - Why?
I got trial pairs of my contacts and the right one ripped in about a week - then when i got a new one it ripped the next day - why is this happening - its really annoying

you're prolly too rough with it
gently wash ur contacts

Try using rewetting drops and OTC drops for dry eyes (only when contacts are NOT in!). I have found that my contacts tend to rip when my eyes and contacts themselves are dry. Using those drops may help. You can also ask your eye doctor for a prescription for eye drops. He or she can also give you a 'wetter' brand of contacts, which retain more moisture in both your eyes and contacts themselves. I have found the best brand of contacts to be Acuvue Oasys with Hydraclear Plus. I would suggest bringing this up with your eye doctor, as he or she can give you the best advice, and tweak your contacts to best fit you lifestyle and your eyes.

Hope this helps! :)

If you are a new wearer, the most likely explanation is that you are yet to perfect your handling. Most people rip them trying to get them out, because they pinch too hard. Or they may rip them when they clean them, as they rub too hard.

If you have worn other contact lenses before, this trial pair may be of a softer material (such as used for contact lens wearers with dry eye eg Proclear Biocompatibles), and you just have to get used to handling them a bit more gently.

Did they rip on their own? Maybe your being to agressive with your contacts, you should handle them somewhat carefully because they're thin. Look on the box- how long are you supposed to keep them in? They could be daily contacts

Gezz S
ur taking then out the wrong way .. you have to be more carefull it takes some getting used to


If they are ripping when you are removing them from your eye, try using an eye drop for contact lens wearers just before taking them out. The eye drop will wet the eye and the lens and there is then less chance of it ripping due to being dry. If they are ripping whilst cleaning, try to ensure that your nails are not catching the lens and, if cleaning them on the palm of your hand, keep it really flat as otherwise the lens can crumple in the creases on your palm and rip. If it is already ripped when you take it out of the storage case in the morning, check that you are putting it in the case centrally so that it is clear of the lid when it is put back on as the lens can sometimes get caught and tear this way. If all else fails, return to your optician as they will need to recommend a different lens. Don't worry, some lenses are more flimsy than other!

Hope this helps! x

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