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it says.....

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Sarah W
Contact lenses making vision cloudy?
I wear the Focus Night & Day contacts, for roughly 30 days straight (which is what you are allowed, but some months I might go a little over, some months a little less). It doesn't seem to happen all the time, and usually either early in the morning right when I get to work, or late at night before I go to bed, but the contact (usually one or the other, but not both at the same time) clouds up and it annoys me to death until I take it out, rinse it with solution, and put it back in and its fine, or if I go to bed, its usually fine by morning. Whats up with this? I don't constantly wear contacts (I mean, I do for about 30 days, but then I let my eyes "rest" with glasses for a week or two or three before putting in a new pair), but this is so irritating!
Additional Details
P.S. I do use contact rewetting drops, but they don't seem to have any effect at all.

Maggie S
Interesting, I just googled his question and I'll tell you -it's NOT because of wearing them too long, necessarily, because I just took mine out of the box today. At dinner, I notice a slight halo effect -- my left eye is lazy so I only realzied the contact was blurring by the halo and then closing my stronger eye. THe lense was also very dry. It is the thickern lens and I took it out and looked at it. It appeared to have some mascara on it. I rinsed it and let it rehydrate a bit and put it back in. IT's still cloudy but seems to be improving. I think the eye was reacting to a spec of irritant that was't strong enough for me to notice. I haven't worn my contacts for quite a while (at least a few months) I was worried maybe I got an infection but from what you guys are saying it is not necessarily the case.

So glad you can find answers like this on the web!

It maybe because you are wearing them for the full 30 days without taking them out. My optician recommends that I take mine out(i wear the same) once a week, to give my eyes a break. I dont always do this, and like you sometimes I go over the 30 days & my eyes become watery. I use to wear another type which were less water content & they would make my eyes cloudy.

I would suggest that you make a note of when you put them in (& try with taking them out once a week, just give your eyes a rest for one day & make sure you clean them before putting them back in). After 30 days take them out.

Hope ive helped, good luck.

Ok. ur problem might be becos u over wear the lenses. Do remove the lenses every nite so that the eyes can rest. Try it out for a few days, if the poblem is still there, then seek advice from a eye doc.

I've had similar problems in the past. At times I found out that it was something small getting into my eye. When something gets in your eye, your eye will try to automatically get it out which could cause the contact lense to become foggy. Also sometimes simple things like a gust of wind could cause this.

I'm not a huge fan of the contacts you leave in all the time. The cloudiness is the result of proteins building up on your lenses because you don't take them out. Your eyes constantly clean themselves, and the secretions can build up on your lenses. Even though they say you can leave them in, I'd take them out and clean them every once in a while.

J Stang
More than likely, it is excess protein building up on the contacts, from wearing them so long without cleaning. Even if they are approved for monthly constant wear, I would still take them out once a day and clean them well, to get rid of excess protein. I don't really think it's a good idea to leave contacts in that long without giving your eyes some time to rest either. It would probably be a good idea to take them out while you are sleeping, to let your eyes rest and get some extra oxygen.

Those night and day lenses should be taken out at the VERY LEAST , once a week and cleaned.

Very very few Dr's agree with the use of those lenses at all because of the abuse that goes with thinking they can just be put in and forgotten about.

You are looking for some serious problems to develop by wearing them 30 days straight.

I don't understand how they ever even got FDA approval, because I have never met a Dr. who agrees with sleeping in them for a week at a time , let alone 30 days straight.

Do yourself a big favor, and take the darn things out at night...the few seconds it takes will add a lot of healthy years to your corneas.

I wear those contacts too. And I'm not gonna lie I've left mine on for more then 30 days a few times. I know its bad but I was out.

Anyway...that happens to me all the time too. I get really irritated and annoyed when it happens. I figured out why it happens. I'm not sure if this is the same reason your are getting cloudy but mine get cloudy because of my make-up. I wear both eyeliner & mascara and sometimes a lil eyeshadow if I go out. You're eyes are naturally moist thats why most peoples eye make up doesn't stay on all day. The little make up particals end up getting stuck to the contact lens.

I've learned to live with it. I carry I lil trial size lens solution in my purse. Whenever it happens I just take it off, clean it and pop it back on =) I doubt it has anything to do with them being the 30 day kind though cuz I used to wear the 2 week kind that you take out every night and that would still happen to me. I don't think there is any way to stop it from happening other than not wearing any eye makeup.

fyi I don't think it has anything to do with you sleeping in them. Ive been sleeping with contact for years and Ive never had a problem. these are made to allow more oxygen to enter the eye. alot of docs wont recommend them but i refuse to take mine out lol =) good luck!

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