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Cant get my glasses clean?
Just bought my first pair of 'very expensive' progressive glasses and am becoming "obsessional" the tinyest smear, as suddenly I can see again
Whats the best way of cleaning glasses...All the stuff they sell you in opticians doesn't really work very well as it always leaves a light trace somewhere.... thanks.

if you've got a friendly pub landlord ask him to pop them in the glass washing machine.
I do this regularly and it keeps them sparkling

just wash them under running water and use your fingeers to rub the lens dry with lint or cotton

proud to be a flower child
sears sells wonderful spray to put on your glasses. after you spray them just wipe them with cotton.

it works wonders.

Agony Uncle Andy
Put one drop of dishwash detergent- like Fairy liquid onto the lens. Rub it in on both sides of the glass. Then polish it off with a clean glass cloth/ tea towel. The detergent will prevent your glasses from holding condensation, so you can lean over an oven or open a dishwasher and still see through them, despite the steam.

The best way to avoid any smears on glass is to use an acidic cleaner- vinegar in warm water will suffice, and polish with newspaper. I believe London cab drivers use that method on windscreens. Not sure how good an idea it is to use newspaper on expensive lens' though. I always found the little cloths the opticians give you are very good- ask them if they have them to sell.

Good luck...

Ian H
I used various things but nothing works better than a mild detergent... fairy for example, good rinse afterwards then towel dry. Alcohol based screen whipes work too.

Kelena K
What I use are moist wipes.
It's about the same as the optical kind
anyways, and cheaper.
They have Lysol, Wet Ones, etc.
You can get them almost anywhere.

If you are obsessed with cleaning them I would bet you also got an anti-reflective coating on your glasses. It will make you clean the lenses more frequently because the lenses are so transparent that every little smudge on the lens is more obvious. Most eyeglass shops offer anti-reflective cleaner, which works well on non coated lenses too, in case you don't have A/R on them. Also use a microfiber cloth, they work very well on lenses. Don't use products such as windex as they will have a drying affect on the lenses and can cause coatings to break down sooner than later. The microfiber cloth can be used alone if you are just inside and want to give them a cleaning. Just be sure to rinse them under running water if you do yard work, to remove any small dirt particles that could scratch them over time. Some eyeglass cleaner is crap, I would suggest you try to get some from an independent optical rather than a chain optical. Generally better quality products available.

I rinse mine under the tap and dry with a clean cotton cloth.

i use fairy liquid and a cotton cloth, brill results:) don`t forget to rinse them first

Press ALT and F4
HAHA..I know how you feel..when I got my Dolce & Gabanna eye glasses I couldnt stand any smudges...it came with a special cloth (kind of like the ones you'd get with a psp, gameboy or mp3 player to wipe smudges)

the cloth works well. also very handy would be the little pocket sized spray that they have at lenscrafters and eye doctors..its some sort of solution used for eyeglass cleaning (oily smudges, etc)

It gets them clean like windex does windows

It depends if you have coatins on the lenses, if you have an anti-reflective coating stay away from using fairy liquid as it will break down the coating.

I worked in an opticians and the sprays actually did work, you need to use a soft cloth with it and be a little paitent to get the little smears off. Alternatively take them to your opticians to give them a super clean.

ice road trucker
fairy liquid

i dont suggest you use fairy liquid because this is known to scratch the glass even more because of its harsh chemicals. Dont use tissues or kitchen roll because this will also scratch it.
If there is a smear in the same place everytime on the glass, take them back, it might be a small scratch or chip. If not im sure the place where you got them from they should clean them properly for free...

Before I go to bed each day I normally run the lens under water (warm or hot) and then I wipe off the excess water with a towel. Then I use a glass cleaner cloth to smooth it out nicely. It really works considering I've had my glasses for a very long time :)

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