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 Lazy eye????
I am 18 years old. When I was 13 years old I had an eye test and the doctor said that my right eye is lazy and I wouldn't be able to see well even with the help of the eye glasses because my ...

 Someone's eye has big problem with super glue!?
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My right eye has been watering every morning for the past couple of months now especially when I put makeup on. And now for the past 3 weeks or so, there has been a bright red patch under my right ...

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is that just because i need to get used to the new prescription?...

 Should I get contacts or new glasses?
My old glasses are so damn smudged from scratches etc that it's actually blurry when I put them on. And I think my vision may also have gotten worse.

So should I get contacts (I'...

 If you had to go to one Opticians, which one and why?

 Opticians got it wrong!!!?
I went to my opticians for an eye test. I was told I needed glasses for reading, tv and computer work. I bought a pair of glasses from their range costing me £130. When they came in I tried them on ...

 What is your opinion on laser eye surgery to correct nearsightedness?
I've done my homework on the subject and am going in for a consultation visit, however I'm just curious about others' opinions on the idea and if it worked for you? More importantly, ...

 I have something in my eye and can't get it out. What should i do?

 Do you have to be prescribed to wear contact lenses?
I wear glasses for a while i want to get rid of them anyways is it possible go to the store and pick up Acueve Contacts and buy them without and prescripiton??

Thanks for your ...

 If you have a prosthetic eye, is it possible to have surgery and put another eye so you can see again?
if you have a prosthetic eye, and you've had it for a long time, is still possible to have surgery and use an eye from a donor? is it possible to still get that surgery and have 2 eyes and see?...

 How do you improve you vision. Don't say glasses, contaccts or eye-laser surgery.?

 What is my eye colour?
Im not sure what it is because of all the different answers. what do you guys think?


 Why can't you wear contacts when your sleeping?
-what happens if u do?...

 How to improve my eyessight?
I've been wearing glasses for about 2 1/2 years and I can tell my vision deteriorating. I lost my new glasses and I can barely see anything with my old one unless I tilt it in a certain angle. <...

ok, today i got contacts and i have kind of a lazy eye [[i had surgery for it already]] but it NEVER shows, because its in my right eye and i use my left eye more, and so when i put in the contacts, ...

 Do I have heterochromia (different colored eyes)?
Recently people have been asking me if my eyes are different colors and I looked in the mirror today and they did look kind of different but I'm not sure if my eyes are playing tricks on me or ...

I've always been working on the computer or playing on the computer for long periods of time, but the last week after about 20 min my eye will start burning. it's not both eyes at a time ...

 What causes Eye discharge?
So for the last few days I have some kind of eye discharge, if I clean out my eyes with a tissue of my finger stuff comes out. Its white and sticky. I"m also 4 months pregnant, what do you ...

 Do you have transistion lenses? (Glasses that turn into sunglasses)?
I am getting new glasses today and am trying to figure out whether I should get transition lenses or not. Transistion lenses get dark according to how much light there is, so you dont have to switch ...

Can your eyes get Smaller?
Is it possible for your eyes to get smaller? If yes, why and what causes this?
Additional Details
does too much computers, tvs etc. affect this?

Pat R
Yes,the fatter your face gets,the smaller your eyes look,you can see fat people have little eyes.

I noticed this on my friend who had lovely big eyes till she put on weight.

Veston Pants
My eyes cannot get smaller. I am really Howard Moon from the Mighty Boosh and my eyes are the smallest in the world.


No!!! When we look at bright images our pupils get small (constrict). If you then try to resist this constiction the optical and facial muscle contract causing the eye to close. This will leave the persons eyes feeling sore

Loki x
no eyes dont get smaller but they can be damaged if you send too long on a computer ect.

Hex the Fundies (JPAA)
No, eyes cannot get smaller. Ever.


Jeff 01
Eyes remain the same size from birth 'til you die.
Never heard of them shrinking.

No, your eyes cannot reduce in size.

Your eyes do grow as you age, but only a little bit. This is why babies have such big eyes. The rest of their bodies is much smaller than a full grown adult, but their eyes are about the same size. So as you grow, your face and body get much bigger to "catch up" with your eyes.

Our eyes are always the same size from birth, but our nose and ears never stop growing. This is why old people have huge noses and ears and your grandma can always hear you even when you're a mile away. However, you lose your sense of smell.

An infant's eyes are between 65 and 75 percent of their adult size at birth.

I hope this helps

LaFee Dieter
not eyes but your pupils can, if a bright light flashes into your eyes it makes the pupils get smaller.

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