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Are there any ways that I can improve my eyesite without getting Lasik eye surgey?
&& how old do you have to be to get a Lasik eye surgery?
Additional Details
I also can'...

 When i read i see a dot in my right eye. ?
When i look at it, it goes away. What is this, and can it be fixed? It's VERY annoying when I'm trying to read something....

 Whats the best place to buy glasses? LensCrafters?
Looking to buy a new pair of glasses? Any good places to buy some for a good price. LensCrafters is close to where I live, so I was going to go there and look at some. Anyone had any experience ...

 What was the worst thing you have ever got in your eye and you feared blindness? share some stories?
wokring at my grocery store tody i was pouring a cleaner called Lestoil into a mop bucket full of water and some how a few drips shot up into my eye and it burned terribly. panicked for a second but ...

 To person who is colorblind and mixes up red and green, what would those two colors look like to them?

Additional Details
Thanks for all your great answers....

 What is wrong with my eye?
My left eyelid was quite sore last night, it hurt when i blinked and when i touched it. I woke up this morning and it was still hurting and looked in the mirror and it has sort of.. sunken!


 What color are your eyes????
Considered if they are a light brown around your pupil and the rest of the eye is green.......

 Is laser eye surgery thousands of dollars?
im considering it..i wanted to know how much money it would be..i have insurance but im almost positive they wouldnt cover something like ...

 What happens when you get blood in your eye?
Just ASKING...

 Cleaning my glasses?
Is there a good way to clean eye glasses?

Also, when out and about, is there a decent way of cleaning them if it starts to rain and get water on them? Constantly having problems with that,...

 Why can't I drink water after midnight before surgery?
My husband is having eye surgery and they are not going put him under. So, I was wondering why he can't eat or drink anything after midnight before the 11:00 am surgery....

 Do you know anybody with purple eyes?

 Is there a phobia of....?
something touching your eye? I currently wear glasses and I tried to go get contacts the other day, but I just couldn't do it! He was holding my eye open, about to put the contact lense in and......

 Why does my eye hurt?
Its been stinging for about an ...

 How do i improve my vision?
no glasses ,surgery ,contacts. i'm near ...

 13 in ireland please read?
i am board every day any ideas

 Is pink eye a reason to stay home from work?
I am a counselor at a day camp and I think I'm getting pink eye. It is Saturday night and I go to work early every weekday morning.

I work with children all day and it is pretty much ...

 Driving glasses?
i need glasses........... but i will only wear them 1-3 hours TOPS
i need them for driving [duhh]
so when i take the visual exam will they let me use my glasses?...

 What's healthier to wear... glasses or soft contact lenses? Why?

 How do you know when you have a sty?
Are they lumps on your eye??...

Can you wear reading glasses all day?

Pete K
You can if you're planning to read all day.

if you want

The Revolutionary
It's not a good idea to wear your glasses when you don't need them - they could make your eyesight worse.

if you are doing nothing but reading, yes, but I would not wear reading glasses for everything else like driving......



you can yes but it is very bad for your eyes evenif you need glasses its not good if you wear them allt eh time because your eyes will get worse and worse

grateful dan
you can but your eyes might get messed up and depend on them.

You probably shouldn't--they would make things in the distance a lot blurrier for you to see. That's not a good thing.

hmm. i seriously doubt that "Ben" is an optometrist.

Dark ~ Dreamer
You can if you want to, but it's really not reccomended if they should only be used for reading. It could have a bad effect on your overall sight.

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