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 Amblyopia, will I lose my sight completely?
I have amblyopia, what is the chance that I am going to loose complete sight in my bad eye?. Im in my thirties and have really began to worry about it. My lazy eye was never corrected as a child ...

 How do you put on contacts without breaking them?
I just got colored contacts and i can put them on, but when i take them off the break. How do you take them of without breaking them??? And i am being gentle........

 PLEASE HELP! Why is my eye doing this?
My bottom eyelid on one of my eyes randomly turned red and swollen, it has a small bump, near the inner corner. i belive its a sty, and if it is, what is the quickest way to get rid of it?

 My eye keeps twitchin?
its just at night when im tryin to get to sleep. Anyone eles have or had this? any one know what i should do? Or know what it means?...

 Eye problems- contact lenses?
My eyes have been looking increasingly bloodshot since I got contact lenses (almost 3 years ago). For school I put my contacts in at about 7 in the morning to about 4 in the afternoon, and by the ...

 Eye tricks?
every now and then, when im looking at something bright, i see something floating. its transparent and looks like worm things. when i move my eye, it moves too, can anyone tell me what this is? is it ...

 Contact lenses, HIgh Power -24.00?
I have realy bad vision. I use contacts with -24.00 power but i find it difficult to purchase these contacts. Not many comoanies make these high power lenses. Can you please tell me about any brands ...

 The mucles in my eye keep twitching. I can feel my eye trembling. Why is this happening?

 Blind spot appeared in vision?
about 2 weeks ago I noticed a spot in my vision of my left eye. This spot did not seem like a floater and it did not drift around. It is located a little below my central vision.
I saw an O...

 Can eyesight improve if I wear my eyeglasses all the time?
I usually dont wear my glasses too much but I was wondering.
Some people told me that if you do it 24/7 it can actually make it worsen, while others told me that since your growing- if you wear ...

 Can i possible take out the thing in my eyes that makes tears and never cry again?

Additional Details
cuz real men dont cry for ...

 I need help with my Contacts?
ok i have tried over and over to get my contacts in my eyes but they wont go in Help ME!!!! I have tried my mom and dad have tried. My eye doctor even tried i have only got them in once and i only ...

 What is the proper name for an eye docter?
how much do they make..
how much school do they go to...
and other details....thank you....

 Blurry vision at 12?
My father has glasses and my brother has contacts. We all have my dad's blue eyes, is this normal? I cant read or make out specific features on people's faces from far away, should I get ...

 Does anyone know if there is a generic contact solution comparable to RENU ?

I am 12 and have had my glasses for about a year and a half and am so tired of them! I live in edmonton alberta and I want to find a place that sells cheap contacts. My mom says that I can get some ...

 How do people who were born blind imagine colors?
Like..blue.. Do they see blue? My friend's father said they do, but how is that possible?...

 How long does it usually take to get used to putting contacts in?

 I need glasses for reading but can't be bothered getting glasses?
are those magnifying glasses u buy any good....

 I got color contacts from Freshlook. I can't recognize which side is inside and which one is outside.
Acuvue contacts have numbers on it, so I can tell which side is outside. But for the color contacts, I have no idea! Please help, thanks!...

Can you take tint off eyeglasses?
recently got them from eyemart and was wondering if they can reverse the tint or idk the tint is bothering me a lot!

No, the tint is usually integral to the glass.

are they tinted or are they photo grey? it depends on the lens material and how old they are. it cannot ever be fully removed, but it can be lightened. also, a good optical would offer you a warranty on them...and help you out if you were unhappy with the tint.

yes, it is possible,take it to a eye glass repair shop, should cost about $30-40 to have it removed.

Please note...if you have an anti-reflective coating, the answer is no. And if it's transitions, the answer is no. But if it's been tinted by dipping the lenses in hot dye, then yes. Chances are not all the tint will be removed.

Most optical stores that can tint lenses also have a "neutralizer" that can take tints out. I've done this before and in some cases it has worked well. The neutralizer works best with plastic lenses and may not completely remove all of the tint. So, if you want the lenses to be *completely* clear again or if your tinted lenses are polycarbonate, hi-index or glass material, I wouldn't recommend it. If you currently have a light tint in plastic lenses - go for it.

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