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 Does contacts hurt to have in?
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Can you shower with contact lens in?
I wouldn't think so because you could get soap and shampoo in your eyes, and that might mess them up, not to mention they could come out too I guess. Also, you probaby can't swim with them too can you? Would the pool chemicals be too harmful?

You should not wear your contacts in the shower for a few reasons. Yes getting soap/shampoo in your lenses would contaminate them and irritate your eyes. Contaminates like that even with cleansing may be hard to get out of your contacts. I guess it is also possible for your contacts to fall out..... but that is not the major issue......
The thing that is the most harmful would be the tap water getting into your lenses... I know it doesn't seem very harmful but it can be very dangerous. Tap water is known to contain an ameba called Acanthamoeba. If this microbe attaches itself to your contact lens it can cause a very bad infection called Acanthamoeba keratitis. This infection is hard to treat and in serious cases it can cause loss of vision. So best thing to do is not expose your contacts to tap/fresh water at all! So yes that means no swimming with them either! The pool chemicals would not be too great to get in your contacts either the chemicals could harm your eyes... so just swim without them!!! For swimming you may want to consider prescription goggles or daily disposibles that you can throw out after swimming :)

EDIT**** I know many people will say its ok to wear contacts in water they do it all the time etc.... but just because they do it and nothing has happened doesn't mean that nothing ever will......ANYONE who tells you that is safe to use contacts while swimming is very ignornant towards proper contact lens wear and care. I would strongly advise against doing so......why would you risk an infection that could cost your sight? Its just not worth it! Anyone that doubts me can do the slightest amount of research on the issue and find out the answers for themselves http://www.fda.gov/cdrh/contactlenses/eyecare.html (Scroll Down to the DO NOT section)
Anyways check out the links hun for more info :)

yes you can wear contacts inthe shower
swimming with them in is a little trickier, but can be done

It's fine in the shower and they are fine to swim with. If you swim in the pool rinse them extra well that night to wash off any bacteria, it's not the chemicals you really have to worry about it's the bacteria from all the other people.
Somebody asked our doctor this same question two days ago and that was what she said.

You can shower with them in, but it can be more comfortable if you take them out. They can fall out, but I've never had it happen before and I've worn contacts for quite a while. I swim with my contacts everyday for an hour and a half. I wear goggles, but I have gone in a few times without my goggles and you can loose your contacts, but I've never had it happen and I guess I'm not too worried about it so if you are worried about it you don't wear you contacts in the pool. The chemicals can sting your eyes a little, but it's no more than when you swim without contacts (or goggles).

I do it all the time, sometimes if soap gets in, it burns like a mother******* but no i dont swim with them, they tend to come out of my eyes underwater.

Yes. Are you a child? Cause I can manage to not get soap and shampoo in my eyes. You can swim and shower with contacts on. DO NOT open your eyes under water though unless you are using goggles.

First, follow whatever your eye doctor says, not what somoeone says on the internet.

That said. I shower in my contacts all the time. I do keep my eyes closed so I don't get shampoo, etc. on them.

As far as the pool go my doctor says no way - the chemicals with hurt the lenses which in turn can damage your eyes. Water in general is not good for contacts, rinsing with contact lens solution is so much better.

Deidre W
I always wear mine in the shower, but I'm legally blind without them, so I don't have much of a choice. If you can see well enough to take a shower without them, them take them out. If not, keep your eyes closed, and maybe keep a towel nearby to dry your face before opening them. If you get water in your eyes, get out of the shower and take them out right away. Swimming with them is not a good idea. When I get into a pool, I never, ever put my face in the water if I'm wearing my contacts. If you want to be able to actually swim, try a getting goggles or a mask, and make sure they fit properly so that no water gets in in behind them.

the chemicals will not hurt the lens they will hurt ur eyes they will increase in consentration in the lens then they will enter the eye in toxic doses that will affect your eye sooner or later

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