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 Contacts? worth getting?
i have glasses right now but im contimpalting wearing contacts. at first when i asked they said its hard work wear contacts putting them in and out. replacing them every day. my reasons for wanting ...

 How to get contacts in your eye and stay there?
I have been trying to get this god D*m contact in my eye for a long time, I can't get in i keep hitting my lashs or it sticks to my finger then after awhile it looks dirty and i have to rinse it ...

 What does this mean.........reading my prescription for glasses?
Sphere Cylinder Axis
OD + 0.25 -1.25 180
OS pl -0.75 174...

 Is there any way to change our eye ball colour naturally without lenses?

 Can you get droopy eyelids from allergies?
i went to the doctor and he gave me some eye drops for allergies cause my eyes itch.the day before i got the droopy eyelid i kept rubbing my eye all day.ive had the droopy eyelid for 6 days.is it ...

 What some one thinks of contacts???
i was wondering what any one thought of wearing the contact lenses !! are they really hard to get used too??? how much more expensive are they then glasses??? what if you go to a eye doctor place but ...

 Can i take some sunglasses to an eye place and have them put prescription lenses in them instead?
i have some cool dior black tie sunglasses but i want to use them for regular use, can i have them outfitted with rx lenses instead or is this not possible?...

 Can you damage your eyes by leaving contact lenses in?
I only take my contacts out every two weeks to change them. I am supposed to take them out every night but I dont. Will this hurt my eyes or effect my vision?...

 PLEASE DON'T ASK WHY...wanting to increase glasses strength(farsighted) By +1.00 /+2.00 Any ideas.safe bst way
Have been using my girlfriends glasses for 4-5 days(stronger by rt +1.25/lt +1.00) with no aparent ill effects just slight blurr in distance,but improving.how long should it take to adjust/accept the ...

 I want to make it seem like i'm awake...will white out and sharpie hurt my eyes if on my eyelids?
thanks haha
Additional Details
i know i'd look retarded...i know i wouldn't fool anyone, i just wanna do it haha

FACEPAINT. good idea ...

 Can you still wear contacts if you have a stye?

 My contacts are irritating my eye.. Help!?
First, I've noticed that my contacts can get really dry if a breeze comes or just simply sitting in a room with strong air condition. Is this normal? My friend wears contacts too and he is not ...

 I'm farsighted, and I need vision correction, but should I get glasses or contacts?
I'm going to go get either glasses or contacts today, but it's such a big decision, like getting a tattoo. My medical insurance will cover any medical item I purchase, so money is not an ...

 I had a load of hay delivered today and now my eyes are sooo itchy. I need relief NOW!! Any suggestions?
I take Zyrtec every night before bed. I have taken two Benadryl tonight, as well as a Claritin on top of the Zyrtec. I've been using eyedrops specifically for allergic eyes all day. I still ...

 Eyedrops or medicine to improve eyesight???
Hi mates,

Is there any eyedrops or medicine to improve out eyesight apart from wearing glasses or having laser surgery???...

 Should I bother getting glasses with this prescription?
I am 20 years old and I just got my first eye exam ever. Here is my prescription:
OD: Sphere: -0.25 Cylinder: -0.75 Axis: 153
OS: Sphere: -0.75 Cylinder: -0.50 Axis: 068
I'm not ...

 Will swimming without goggles damage my eyes in the long run? My vision blurs the next day,.?

 Laser eye surgery?
i am pretty much blind (with a prescription of -6 in both eyes)without my glasses and cannot wear contacts for a number of reasons. i was told i was a perfect candidate for lasix...can anyone tell ...

 I have bad eyesight.....I know this is common but is there a way for them to go back to normal??
I don't really understand how it works.....like what's wrong with the eye? Is there another possible way to fix it besides laser eye surgery or contacts? I'm sick of my glassed and I ...

 Can anyone help me with this problem who has contacts?
I noticed today that the veins in my eye were really red. My teacher said it could be pinkeye but i don't think it is because i just recently got contacts. My mom said it probably had something ...

Can you get contacts the same day you have your eye exam?
I am going to be getting contacts at my next eye exam. Do you get the contacts the same day or do you haft to go back to pick them up? Also anything elce I should know about contacts before getting them. Thanks! :)

If your prescription is in stock you should leave with them. Make sure that they know that you want contacts, so that they schedule time to do a fitting(different than fitting glasses) have a tech show you how to insert/removal and cleaning and storing. I assume you have never worn contacts, so just dont get frustrated. Keep with it. You should only wear them for a little while every day, and increase it slowly. Just remember to wash your hands before you remove and insert.
Good luck.

Usually, yes. Sometimes, they may not have your Rx in stock, so it might take a couple days to get them in.

trials if they have your rx in stock----always wash hands before putting them in and taking them out-dont sleep in them unless they are focus night and days

yep at costco u can

Usually if it's your first time wearing contacts, or if your doctor is switching you to a different brand, you receive a trial pair of your prescription to try for about a week. After trying them out, you have to go back for a follow up visit so your doctor can check your eyes with the contacts to make sure everything looks okay. After you get the OK you can order a supply. Sometimes a trial pair of your lenses has to be ordered, so it may take a little longer. But every office is different, and some don't work this way. But you will most likely have to try them first before you order a complete supply.

yep if they have your prescription in stock. they will irritate the crap out of your eyes, but tough it out! they are worth it. i have been wearing them for about 10 years

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