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will it heal, or is it permanent, what can I do ?

are there any medical procedures for this ?
Additional D...

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Can wearing glasses help fix a lazy eye?

dale jr fan
Yes, but it is best to wear a patch though. I had to wear patches and it helped a bunch but it aint 100% better.

Maria D
ive heard for lazy eyes they put a patch on the strong one so the lazy can gain muscel and then theyll be even but ive never heard of glasses

Why would you wnat to fix a lazy eye? Your girlfirned can never get mad at you for looking at other girls. Just blame it on the eye.

It depends, there are many different types of "lazy eye". One kind (called accommodative esotropia) can be resolved almost immediately by adding positive lenses to the lazy eye. Other types are much more complicated and require patching, vision therapy, or even surgery done by an ophthalmologist.

yes. but thats not the only solution

Sometimes it can if it isn't to severe. They put prisms in the lens that pulls the eye the opposite way.

flossie mae
Yes.My niece had a lazy eye when very young and she wore the patch and glasses for it.

"help" is exactly the right word.

It's rare, but possible, for glasses to be the only fix needed in a young child with early amblyopia.

More normally they will be used to put the two disparate eyes on a more even footing together with patching and visual exercises to develop the eye that the brain has, for very good reasons, neglected.

Nancy Kay
yes, that's how they handled mine. the prescription of the lens essentially trains the eye to look through a particular spot in the lens to focus properly (not a special lens, that is just the basic nature of any optical lens), keeping the eye in better alignment...mine only goes "out" now when i'm extremely tired or ill.

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