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I know you're not supposed to but I forgot I had them in.
I've taken them out now.
They're daily disposables so I've thrown them away.
Additional Details

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 Can i still drive if my eyes are horrible?
my right eye is 20/20
and my left is REALLY bad
i think its like 20/60 or 20/70

and im taking my permit test next week
and theres no chance im passing the vision test

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Can anybody provide me with detailed advice on how to care for my contact lens?

I heard that whenever you have already put the contacts in your eyes, and the case is left, you should empty ...

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I'm considering having it but I'm a wuss..
I hate doctors and surgeries.. I'm sick and tired of my contacts though.. and I cannot stand the way I look with glasses..


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 Is This Myopia?
Hi All.

Some of our family, on my moms side, suffer from a lazy eye and have to wear glasses. Many people have told me in the past that i have a lazy eye and can be seen on photo's.<...

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Is it alright to keep my contacts in water for a while??...

 Optician or anyone who can answer about contacts?
hi , i'm thinking of purchasing a "circle contact lens".
lens that are use to define the eye .
this is what it is-----


brandon hedrick
Can watching tv or using the pc for a long time and then taking a bath make your eye go bad?

It doesn't matter if you take a bath or not.Eye strain is caused through long periods of time at a computer...and sometimes T.V.I had to get 2 sets of glasses..one for the computer and one for watching T.V.I still get eye strain..

I don't see how that could damage your eyes even if you tried.

"Oh no!! WATER!! omg! The tv has implanted receptors into my eyeballs that will make my whole eye implode if any part of me touches bathwater!!"

As a person who has a job that is 100% computer work, many days where I am working 10-12 hours (yup...get eye strain), then a part time computer job from home for another few hours then shower or relax in the tub...my eyes are 100% ok....after 5 years in my current position. My only problem is mild eye strain, but that's never a permanent thing...brings on a headache which tylenol and a relaxing bath take care of in...oh...15 minutes. :)

You're fine watching TV or using the computer, then taking a bath. Just try to take short, frequent breaks while on the computer to help prevent the eye strain and headaches.

How is it possible? In fact you will have better effect some coolness.

Try to relax...
Well, as a kid I would play videogames all day. Now I sit on the laptop, writing novels (and playing videogames, too, of course =D) and my vision is still above 20/20. (Though I'm just a small percent in the scale, monitors/T.V. sets may still cause bad vision)

The main problem with people getting bad vision from too much screen-time, I believe, is coming too close to the screens. Try to keep about 2 feet away from the monitor and 4-5 feet away from T.V. sets.

Melissa S
Only if you are up close and personal with it.

You have to explain what you mean by "go bad".
Complications from watching TV (especially playing video games) and using a PC is that your blink rate significantly decreases so therefore your eyes become dry. Also your focusing system is set to looking at your target for long periods of time. The 20-20 rule should be followed to help reduce strain. Every 20 minutes look at something greater than 20 feet away. Also lubricating eyedrops can be used.
Taking a bath afterward should not worsen any of the problems above.

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