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 I have a big blood blob in my eye...what might it be?
i just discovered that i hav a huge blob of blood in my eye!!! my friends said that it might be a popped blood vessel.

well, why would a blood vessel pop? is it dangerous? what should i do?...

 Any ideas, other than getting antibiotic eye drops from a doctor on how to get rid of "pink eye"?
I wear contacts, do not have health insurance. Want a way to get rid of "pink eye" naturally/using alternative methods....

 Need help figuring out what to do about my contacts?
I am having serious trouble with the contacts I have now. For years, I have used toric contact lenses, but when I changed doctors, he said I didn't have enough of an astigmatism to warrant toric ...

 Do you have to wear glasses full-time before you can wear contacts?
MY doctor told me that I have to wear glasses full time for 3 months before i can get contacts, which makes no sense becuase i want to get contacts so i DONT have to wear glasses. I'm 13 btw.

 Is there a way to restore my eyesight to perfect without surgery?
I wear glasses and each year I get my eyes checked, they get worse. Not buy much, only slightly. I am nearsighted, by the way. Meaning, I can see up close but not far away. I like wearing glasses,...

 How do you reverse eye sight problems?
i have trouble seeing the chalkboard at school. is there a way to make my eyes better besides glasses or contacts and surgery..? i heard carrots are good for your eyes but is that even true???...

 Is it possible to rubb your eye until its smaller?
someone told me the eye itself cant become smaller but it can move in the eye socket is this true?...

 Is it bad please help?
just went to the doctors and the rx is o.d -4.75 o.s -4.50...

 My eyes sting when i wear my new contact lenses?
I have just got a pair of contact lenses, that are long lasting one that i can wear for up to two years. But i have to take them out before i got to sleep. I have used the daily ones before and didnt ...

 How do you find out what your 20/20 eyesite is with your eyeglass perscription?
i went to the eye doctor today and i have the perscription but how do i find out what my eyesite is { like 20/20 or what i know it is not 20/20 but how do i know what it is?}...

 Im 16 and have Floaters?
I have a black one in my left eye and a bunch of clear ones in my right eye...Iv been haveing them for awhile but they just started getting agervateing.....i feel like no one this young has any and ...

 I got something behind my eye! Help?
I was pulling down dead tree branches, and stupidly looking up at the same time, and something fell into my eye, probably a piece of leaf or bark or spanish moss...... but i felt it go really far ...

 Recurring Cataracts?
I had cataract surgery on both eyes just over a year ago. A few weeks ago I noticed my eyesight is very poor again. It almost seems to be going in the same direction it did when I first started ...

 When someone has a photographic memory, is it just for the written word?

 When I squint my eye I can see like hundreds of little disks with a ring around them, what are those?

Additional Details
No it's not an eye problem. I have good vision. I'll bet most people can see them, if you squint your eye very tightly and look at a light bulb you'll ...

 Is this pink eye or is it from my contacts..?
i put my contacts in and they werent really bothering me but they felt kind of dry. i looked in the mirror and my eye was really red. so i took my contacts out but now after 7 or 8 hours passed my ...

 My pink eye still hasn't gone away, and it's been 2 months.
The first visit to the doctor, was 1 and a half months ago when he diagnosed it as Bacterial Pink Eye, but the antibiotic eye drops he prescribed didn't help.Then I went to the same doctor 2 ...

 Glasses.. Should I wear them all the time?
I'm quite badly shortsighted. I went to the opticians the other month and they give me new glasses. They didn't say when to wear them or anything... I can wear them all the time because ...

 I've kept my contacts on for about 3 weeks. what's going to happen?
i don't think i've taken them off....

 Quick question about eye doctors and cheap contacts?
im only 17 so i'm not reallly in charge of my medical insurance and what not..but i want to get colored contacts (the safe way) by getting them checked by a doctor and being given advice on ...

Can u get colored contacts even if you dont need/have contacts?
i dont where contacts or glasses. But do you think i can still get blue contacts just to have different colored eyes?

I'm sure the Optical store will be happy to make unnecessary
money off of you!

Samantha H

Sunny tells you , you don't need a prescription and gives you a link...where it says right in the 2nd paragraph that you must have a prescription.

Contacts are not toys and are controlled by law. You HAVE to get a prescription.

For your own safety, you have to be fitted by an eyecare specialist to determine the curvatures you need, then with the prescription , you can order from where ever you want after.

Yes you sure can get cosmetic contacts. Many people make them, and they're not particularly hard to find.

yes you can. and you don't need to see a doctor or get a prescription for them. there are websites you can buy from.

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