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 A question for anyone who wears contact lenses?
Hello- I'm mildly short sighted and wear glasses. I'm thinking of getting contacts but the thought of putting something in my eye really makes me flinch.

Is it at all off-...

 Can i change my color eyes without usein contacts?? juss curious??
and do contacts mess uhp the eyes...if u dont need them??...

 A coworker says fly farts burn his eyes Do flys have gas if so does it burn eyes?

 I look ugly with my glasses on and I can't get contacts, can't see a thing without my glasses, any ideas?
I have very severe astigmatism and I can't wear contacts because there is somethign wrong with my eyes so contacts scratch my cornea.

Without my glasses I look really cute, and it...

 Contact lenses hurt my eyes when?
im looking at the computer, i jus want to know if this is normal. its like my eyes are drying on front of the computer, but maybe its the ...

 Where can I buy colored contacts that are fake-without a prescription in them???
I have brown eyes but I want to buy (just for fun) hazel & blue colored contacts. Where can I find them?...

 Is this normal for eyes...?
Okay, I have this weird ability to change my sight/vision at will. I am not kidding. If I wanted to, I could go from having normal vision, to horribly impaired blurry vision at literally the blink ...

 Laser Eye Surgery ?
I am mega short sighted and wear contact lenses, but I'm considering splashing out on laser eye surgery...does anyone have any reccomendations ?
Additional Details
im 30 years ...

 I keep blinking everytime I try to put on my contact lens!?
wat should i do!?!...

 Do I need to spend $$$ on prescription glasses?
I got my exam today, MD said I was farsighted (-.075 each side). Of course he recommended Crizal lenses so it'll probably cost me about $200 for 1 set of glasses (frames & lens). I told ...

 Getting new eyeglasses, need your opinion on plastic or glass?
Tomorrow I am going to get new eyeglasses. I need something that is sturdy (I have young children) and comfortable.
So, I need opinions. What do you prefer...metal or plastic frames? Glass or ...

 I'm getting glasses for the first time. Are transition lenses the way to go?
Also, I want to know if they are fashionable....

 Can a 16 year old get lasik eye surgery?
I wanted to get lasik eye surgery when I turn 16 because I keep losing my contacts or am in to much of a rush to put them in.
I plan on paying for it myself.

But i'm unsure if I ...

 Why do my contacts get so dry?
i use focas daily's and by the end of the school day my contacts are dry and blurry....

 I have myopia (0.25) on my left eye and astigmatism (0.75) on my right eye.. should i wear glasses?

 Whats up with my eye?
It started a few hours ago and when I look at a light source eg. Window or computer it makes the whole room seem foggy
Whats goin on?...

 Are Visine eye drops bad?
Every spring pollen and fluff from cotten trees affect my eyes. They get extremely itchy, irritated and sore. I went to London Drugs and bought Visine eye drops for eye allergies two springs ago... I ...

 Can showering in your contact lens hurt your eyes??
I've been doing this occasionally for years, with no ill effects but someone at work told me yesterday that it's incredibly dangerous and can really damage your eyes.

I'm a ...

 How can i get super glue off a pair of eyeglasses? have tried alcohol,goo gone,few other cleaners help plz.?

 What would be the price range for contacts?

I know there are probably different prices.
Additional Details
for yearly ones?

ps- im near sighted and i hate colored contacts....

Can opening your eyes under water damage your eyes?

not really because your eyes have a thin layer of skin in front of them called the corneas. they will protect your eyes but if the water is full of silt and sand then your eyes could be scratched. Chemicals like chlorine also could damage the eyes but not much, its more of an irritant

Don't think so. Best to wear goggles anyway.

Except for the chlorine/pee mix in public swimming pools which makes your eyes sting it is unlikely that anything will damage your eyes.
In rivers, lakes and the sea you could possibly catch some sort of infection.

if u open them when in pool eyes may be affected by chlorine,in the sea salt water is good for eyes as long as its a clean sea

It all depends on the water conditions. Something that will keep your eyes from stinging to much is closing your eyes as you change from underwater to above water.

Wouldn't it depend on whats in the water and how clean it is?

yea i do it at the pool and afterwards my eyes are always red and sore and watery

no, it just stings a little at first due to the high salt or chlorine levels depending where you are...

angel eyez xx
i dont think it will damage them but they will be sore and red for a while after! xx

depends on the water quallity

nosy old lady

Arwen the Original.
I always end up seeing a blue ring around what I see, if this makes sense. So in my opinion it does do something to your eyes.

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