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 Can lasik harm your eyes?
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 How do I know if my contacts are inside out?
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 I keep seeing little black blobs floating in front of my eyes?
and when i try to focus on the they move, normally to the right, what does this mean?
Additional Details
yeahh im short sighted, well i need glasses to see far away i dunno if thats ...

 What happens when you get a eye exam?
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Can getting elbowed in the eye blind you?
Well I was playing some basketball today, and got elbowed in the eye pretty bad by accident. Its black now but I can still see, its just swolen. I was wondering if this will impact my vision?
Additional Details
Well I don't want to go to the doc if its no big deal. The only thing he will do is charge me a couple hundred and tell me to take it easy. Its not badly swolen just kinda red and it kinds hurts when I blink, but I dont see any floaters or such.

not likely! but if you get hit hard enough you can most definitely go blind if your eye doesnt get better after 3 days do to the doc unless you have bad pain go sooner. but if the swelling goes down and the discoloration get better dont even sweat it just ice it as much as possible.

the actual impact could have done several things..aside from visual differences damage could have occured in the eye. The best thing to do if concerned is to check with an optomologist simple eye test could reveal potentially huge damag, such as detatched retina, if not treated it could result in blindness in the eye.

the body is a remarkable thing..it will recover its full potential even though we abuse it.
i dont think your vision has been affected if that was the case say from a torn retina you would be aware if it by this.
dodge those elbows....

you probably will be fine
How ever there is a chance in the future that the retina can detach from this type of eye injury.
Which can be fixed with surgery you will know as in your vision you will see dark bits like a raggy blind appearing at top or bottom of eye

Unless it was sharp like a Mutombo elbow, no. The worst case scenario from a blunt trauma to the eye is that usually you will fracture the floor of your orbital bone.

Kella G
Unlikely. The eye is remarkably resilient. HOWEVER - any impact to the eye area requires medical attention. You really need to get this checked by a doctor

Bret C
You can go blind from getting elbowed in the eye, but it would take a very hard blow to do this. If you are not having any vision problems, then you should be ok. I would consult a doctor if you start to notice problems though.

Anything is possible, and I would suggest you get a medical check-up, just to be sure

dee smiley
Unfortunately, that is a possibility. If you can, you should see an ophthalmologist after that type of injury. DEFINITELY go if you experience loss of vision, decreased vision, black spots, or a curtain or veil over the vision. Those are symptoms of a detached retina. It's likely that you are fine, but it doesn't hurt to check it out.

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