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Can a 16 year old get lasik eye surgery?
I wanted to get lasik eye surgery when I turn 16 because I keep losing my contacts or am in to much of a rush to put them in.
I plan on paying for it myself.

But i'm unsure if I would be able to get it.

I am basically fully grown physically

If so would my mom need to sign a waiver?

I've never heard of there being an age limit, but I will make one suggestion.

Definitely talk to your doctor. The last time I saw mine, without even asking about it I was told that I am *not yet* a candidate for it because my vision has not stopped changing. Supposedly if you get it done before it does, it will just keep changing and you will have wasted that much money. Too many people are not told that.

no that is way too young, your eyes will keep changing for a long time. You need too have a stable prescription for over five years before it makes sense to do lasik


You must be 18 or old. They will not let you do it if your a minor even with parents permission.

I am 24 years old and I have had to change my prescription 4 time since I started wearing contacts. Your eyesight can change up into your 40's, which means, if you have lasik surgery to correct your current vision, what happens when your vision changes yet again? Another lasik procedure? I can't imagine you would find a Opthamologist that would be willing to do the surgery on such a young patient. Just cuz your body is full grown doesn't mean it stops changing.

No, you cannot. You're eyes arent developed enough to handle it.

i think you are supposed to wait a little later becuase your prescription might still be changing

Dem Franchize
It is not that easy. As and adolescent/ teenager, the eyes are constantly changing, many times until you are about 18-20, and if you are to have the surgery done, your eyes will change and 6 months after the surgery (when you are still using the drops) you will have to have it reversed. That is no fun, and very expensive, as well as a risk to your visual health

Meggie W
I think you have to be in your 20's just because up until that age range your eye sight is still changing.

im 15 and i asked to get that done to my eyes
and the eye doctor said its best to wate till your eyes quit growing [about age 20-25]

They want you to wait until your atleast 18 and sometimes older. They want to make sure you stop growing before they make a permanant change in your eyes.

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