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 I really want coloured contacts!?
Ok so I really wanna get colourd contact lenses, but I don't hav eANY eye problems expet I'd like to chnage up my eye colour some times.
Are there any places in Toronto where I can get ...

 How to get rid of a blak eye FAST!?
Any body have any old school secret remedies!??
Additional Details
Sorry for the typo!...

 Are all contact lens brands' prescriptions the same?
I mean like, if I wear one brand, but I was going to order another brand on the internet, wouldn't my prescription be the same? Do I need to get my doc to write me another prescription if I ...

 Is it true eyes change color when going through puberty??
i heard that when going through purberty, your eyes will darken if they're light or lighten if they're dark.

did this happen to anyone?
if so, how much?...

 Can I get blue contacts with my naturally very dark brown eyes??
I have contacts now and I'm a blonde and I would really like to change my eye color to blue but does the blue come out the way it looks it should or is it like a brownish blue sort of thing? T...

 Son needs eyeglasses no insurance?
My 14 year old son is always breaking his glasses. he has behavioral problems and a bad temper. He does this on purpose. Regardless of his behavior he still needs to have them before school starts ...

 My right eye is bad but my left eye is good...without glasses, what would happen long term?
My left eye is perfectly fine, but my right eye is near-sighted if i use both eyes, i can see fine. My sister just had to get glasses to prevent her right eye from become a lazy eye so I was just ...

 What are some non-prescription medicine for styes??
I have a BIG STYE!
and its been here for about 3 days, and are there any ointments, medicine, etc for non-prescription..

(to tell you the truth, IM scared of doctors...lol)...

 Can an eye die?
I have been blind in my right eye since birth. I have a detached retina with an undeveloped optic nerve and I had a cataract removed in Dec 2006. I have heterochromia since then - my right eye is ...

 Does lemon juice cure pink eye?

 Should I see an eye doctor?
I woke up this morning with a "bump" under the top eyelid of my left eye. It's annoying - kind of like a pimple. It is painful if I touch it, and bothers me to blink. It almost feels ...

 I have to get my eyes dilated tmrw and im scared? :(?
What's it like will it hurt/be scary. I have been seeing floaters and I have glasses and they say they have to dilate my eyes.

WHat's it like? should I be worried?...

 I have floaters!?
ok here is the story. first time i saw floaters was about 4 years ago. i was fighting (martial arts) when i got swung around and handed on my back, ...

 Sleeping with contacts on?
i slept with my contacts on and the next day one of my eyes (left eye) was red and sore the other one wasnt..what do you think could be going on?? eye infection? should i see a eye doctor?

 If you only have one eye...are you blinking or winking?

what are the pro's and con's of contacts? do you think a 12 year old should get them?...

 Eyesight cures?
I hear carrots a lot but it can't be just them
I want my vision to be good enough so i dont need glasses
and i dont want to have laser surgery
Any methods that cause eyes to get ...

 Glasses or Contact Lenses?
Hey I have been wearing glasses for a couple of years and never really got round to finding out about contact lenses...

what in your experience are the upsides on lenses rather than ...

 My left eye has been twitching for the last four days. i know im tired but ive never had this before, why?
im usually tired cos i dont sleep well but i dont know why my eye is constantly twitching. its the lower lid!
it does it every couple of minutes.
Additional Details
ok its my eyelid ...

 My eye sight is -16 & -14...am much deprssd wearing ths much hard glasses is there any solution for this???
my sight is vry weak,,,...

Can a 10 year old wear contacts?
i wuz just ondering
Additional Details
btw i dont need them

If they can show they are responsible in the care and cleaning of the lenses, why not? Contacts are better than glasses for 10-year-olds in that they can't get broken or lost as easily.

Interesting question... i never knew that! I'm guessing yes...


Fluffy Cheryl♥
even babies sometimes wear contacts..
If the 10 yr old is comfortable with putting them in and taking them out and follows hygiene of the lenses well there is no reason why they can't have them

yehh duh.
i started wearing contacts when i was 10 and im fine.
its a lot to keep up with though...

Of course.

GirL 96

I OnlyHaveEyes4U (A.B.O.C)
Most doctors I have worked with have suggested to wait until 12 to 13 contacts really have to be cared for or you could really damage your eyes, so its always good to wait until the person can show some responsibility.

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