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 Is it okay to wear contacts while playing sports like lacrosse?
i need to wear something for my vision i dont know wether to get contacts or goggles. im playing lacrosse i just am worried about dirt and the contact ...

 How do i improve my vision besides glasses/contacts/lasik?

 Wtf is wrong w.my eye?
For about 15 minutes I had squiggly lines in front of my eyes.. and I couldn't focus very well. When I'd close my eyes, it was still there... It freaked me out pretty bad. Its gone now, ...

 Is the sight test on the driving test very far as i wear contact lenses and am worried -12 00?

 What is the best laser eye surgery to go to in Madison, WI?
I live around Madison, Wisconsin and am looking for the best Dr. who does laser eye surgery. Do any have military discounts? Thanks....

 What would happen if i wear glasses made for people who are far sighted and i am near sighted?
I heard that if you use glasses that don't belong to you, you would damage your eyes. I also remeber "getting used" to a pair of new glasses .Since i have myopia (nearsightness), can ...

 Is two different colored eyes om a person cool or creepy?

 Eyes laser surgery?
i went for a contucation to Oplical express and i have been told the prescription has change from 2 yrs. and i have to wait may 5 yers.if there any possabilyty to do it anyway,4 example optimax or ...

 Eye sight wen becoming a pilot?
My dream is to be a pilot, but i am short sighted and wear glasses sometimes, my vision close up is great. will this affect my career?...

 Whats lasik surgery?
i know its for eyes buy like what is it and what does it do?...

 How do you get a contact to stick?
I'm new to contact lenses. I've been having problems getting the left one in. I know it's going on the retina but when I try to pull my finger away the lens comes with it! Why is this ...

 Hi my friend has a floating lens in his eye. has anyone heard of this before and if so do u know any treatment

Additional Details
thank you for answering my question. i'm not sure if i explained right. the problem with the eye is that their is very very limited sight in the eye, its limited ...

 I have 2 kittens that have matted eyes. I clean them but the next day they are matted again. help please.?

 Dry eye or allergies?
Ever since April I have been having discomfort in my eyes. The eyelids get swollen and the eyeballs feel dry and they feel "dirty". I wish I could take them out and rinse them with water ...

 Color contacts?
i have brown eyes but i want them 2 be green.... would green contacts show some of the brown in my eye?

where can i get them... i dont need a perscritption tho.....

 Can anyone tell me about Lasik eye surgery? What to expect, and things like that.?

 Just curious because I plan to when I am old enough, how many times canyou have laser eye surgery?

 Is it true contacts improve your vision?
it just sounds too good 2 be true i dont belive it....

 Is laser eye surgery worth it? How much does it cost and what are the pros and cons?

 Switching to contacts?
i want to get contacts but im afraid once i get them i wont keep up with putting them in every day and what not.
also my mom refuses to spend extra money on me. i was supposed to get them last ...

Can't tell if Im still wearing contacts!?
What are ways to see if you are still wearing your contact lenses? I cant tell if im still wearing one of them, since to start off with the prescription was wrong and I couldn't see right. I think it might be stuck to my eyeball!!!

If you're still wearing them or if they're still in your eyes are two different things.

You can see if you're wearing them by what I do - I look in front of a mirror and look for the light-blue rim around my cornea. I also cover one eye then the other to see if they're worn properly. Although you know if you're wearing them from clear vision...

If it gets anywhere in your eye, it'll feel as if there's something in it - it will cause redness and irritation. You should see your Optometrist for help.

K in Him
It probably fell out and you didn't see it or went in the back of your eyeball

Search your eye

if you look around the eye u can kidda see the contact in if y feel discomfort then its prob stuck up there use eyedrops to try to make it come down good luck

your contact lens cannot move onto the back of your eye, i have just recently got contact lenses and my optician told me that.
If you pull the contact lend down with a freshly washed finger, firstly you can see your vision change, and secondly if you look into a mirror you should see an outline of a lense moving with your finger. I hope that helped.
I have a problem with my lenses because i can feel them all the time, like an eyelash in my eye, I wear monthly contact lenses. please if anyone can help answer my question on my profile :-(

Rob OD
Unless your Rx is waaay off, you should easily be able to see the lens edge when you look in the mirror.
2) Simply comparing the vision in each eye is usually the sure-fire way to tell.
3) If you touch the center of the eye and can instantly feel it, the contact is not there (the contact would normally lessen the sensation considerably)

I've reassured many patients on this. Often the vision becomes blurred simply because patients keep touching their eye in search of a contact that has vanished!

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