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At what age did you start needing reading glasses?
How did you first start noticing that you needed reading glasses?

And did glasses from 99 cent store work until it got worse?

I am in my 30s so I am getting nervous about it.

nicky bimini
A normal-sighted person will have trouble reading about age 45. A nearsighted person will have trouble with his/her glasses on at 45 and will probably start taking his glasses off to read. A far-sighted person will have trouble about 43-45 y/o and will eventually have to start wearing glasses for near and far.

I was about your age when i first started noticeing a decrease in my vision because i had trouble reading the newspaper and the fine print on persciption bottels.

I was lucky enough to have vision care through my employer so i got my first pair of glasses and later on i tried contacts. The contacts are more expensive to use and can be major pain putting them in and takeing them out.

I no longer have vision care becuse i am retired now so i tried a few pair on at Walmart and i found a pair of reading glasse that i am useing right now and i got them for $20.00
Good luck and dont worrie to much because it happens to all of us.
Have nice day

7 and now i have to wear them 24/7 there's nothing to be scared of! and i never got glasses frm the 99 cent store :) hope this helps

usualy your mid thirtys to early 40s, i started needing a magnifying glass to read fine print and maps

I got off lucky and didn't start needing reading glasses until 46 years of age. And I don't need glasses for distance either.

I've only had to increase my reading Rx 3 times in the last 11 years. So I have been very lucky, most peoples vision change more often than that.

At home I keep a pair of those cheap readers by the phone just to use the phonebook, and one in the kitchen to read directions on a box, but I certainly don't use them for any amount of reading. They do in a pinch, but not much more.

First of all, in those readers , the lenses aren't of a very good optical quality, and the optical centers are certainly not in the right place, therefore, don't focus light onto the correct focal point of the cornea.

Also, not everyone has both eyes that need the identical correction. Mine have a difference between them.

So wearing those readers means one lens will either be too strong or too weak...causing fatigue very fast when reading.

When I want to read for any amount of time, I use the real ones, they are soooo much more comfortable for the eyes.

There is a huge difference in the visual comfort between real reading glasses made by prescription and the cheapie readers.

Do yourself a favor, and get the real thing after an exam, and use the cheapies on occaissions when you are stuck for a few minutes. Your eyes will thank you for it.

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