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crazy animal loverr!
20/50 vision, is that bad?
last year i had 20/20 vision but, i got a physical for soccer the other day, and the doctor said it's now 20/50. the doctor didn't say anything at all about it.
in class i have to strain a ton to see the board, and sometimes i get a headache.
do you think i should get reading glasses or prescription glasses?

what do you think retard

The Big Dog :)
You should see an eye doctor to see if you've just inherited poor vision or if there is another reason for such a brisk change from 20/20 to 20/50.

If you can't see the board in the front of the room, obviously you need more than just reading glasses.

Get evaluated, get some glasses, and lose the headaches (because your eye muscles are constantly straining to focus).

20/50 vision is not legal in any state for driving without a prescription..that is unless you have one eye that is 20/40 or better. You need glasses. If you can read up close fine and are straining at a distance, then you are nearsighted and will need prescription glasses. If you are having difficulty with both far and near, then you may be far sighted and trying a weak reading glass may help. Again, either way, if you have to go get your driver's license or permit, you may have a very difficult time passing the vision screening without glasses.

Schedule an appointment as soon as possible. There is no sense making your eyes strain. Good luck.

Just go to an optomitrist, theyll tell you what you need to do. Theyll give you tests and stuff to figure out whats wrong.

20/50 means that if you were reading something comfortably 20ft away, someone with perfect vision could see it just as sharply at 50ft. (ft might be m, I'm not sure) So yeah you probably need glasses.

Faith F
No glasses yet, go see the doctor and ask him what the problem is, sometimes when you stare at stuff for a long time you tend to get headaches and stuff, but most certainly ask the doctor about this, and until you can ask the teachers to read the board to you or ask to sit closer, and explain why you need to be read to.

i think you should get glasses. im not sure

nvr heard of 20/50 sry

Sweet L
You definitely need glasses. i have 20/60 vision and m glasses only correct to 20/50 'cause I have nystagmus.

idk but i have 20/300 and i cant see a foot in front of me

yea it's pretty bad. i'm in a similar situation. i can't see anything anymore from far away. I'm getting glasses as well. i can't see hte board in school anymore i can't even see it from up front.

You are likely nearsighted and/or have astigmatism. You will need to have an eye exam to get prescription eyeglasses/contacts. 20/20 is considered normal vision. 20/50 means that you can see an object at 20 ft when a person with normal vision can see the object at 50ft.

My right eye has normal vision 20/20 and my left eye is at 20/50 due to astigmatism. I usually wear a contact lens in my left eye when I go out. I wear eyeglasses at home when needed.

20/20 vision is the best vision you can get which is equall to 100%. 20/50 is probably much worse because it is equall to 40%. I think you should take a eye test, and get glasses.

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