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shadow of a girl
Would i be put in a mental hospital for this?
i just turned 13. i cut myself, and i think all the time about killing myself and i think i might do it and i know exactly how i would, and i haven't eaten more than one meal a day for over a week cuz i want to lose weight so bad even tho every1 says i'm too thin already. if ppl find out about those things would they send me to a mental hospital even if i don't want 2 go? i don't want to go to a hospital but i'm scared that some1 will find ouut what i'm doing and make me go. will they?

Holy hell. You're 13, snap out of it. Your whole life is ahead of you. I'm 16 and I went through a stretch where I was unhappy, but I was never going to kill myself. Please get help.

At 13 you should be enjoying life the beautiful gift you have been given. Remember, your worst day is someone else's best day so dedciate your life to serving more people and focus on attracting the things you want in life, not the things you don't want!

It is definitely a possibility. I suggest that you think about your issues, seriously and for a long amount of time..try to rationalize in your head, what you need to do...and stop this cutting nonsense because it will never make anything better. If you cannot sort things out yourself, you need to tell someone...or start going to counselling...although it only works for some people, it can do wonders.

Maybe yes, maybe No.But One thing's for sure. Some Idiot Lowlife has gone out of their way to knock You down, and tear You apart. The more You Hurt Yourself, the Happier You'll make them. And if You Die, they'll be really Happy ! Now, the very Fact that You have the Intelligence to actually use a Computer, and make Contact with Millions of us of all over the World, and ask for Help tells Me, and everyone else that You're very Special. So, here's what to do.Show those Idiots that want to Hurt You just what a Good Person You really are.Getting Mad, and Hurting Yourself solves nothing. Getting even solves everything.Here's how; Find out if there is any Volunteer Work that You can do in Your Community, at the Red Cross, a Local Homeless Shelter, someone who is Elderly, handicapped, and Homebound. Also, the Meals on Wheels Program. You do this, and more,and You will make whoever wants You to Suffer very Miserable ! Plus,You'll meet a lot of Good People, and You'll feel Good about Yourself ! You know that You're better than They are ! Now, Prove it to all of the World ! You can do it !

Nancy K
listen, this is a medical problem
they have medicine you can take to get rid of these feelings because it's biochemical

it's worse in winter because if you don't get enough bright light, & your body can't make enough of the chemicals it needs to keep yourself in balance. So you feel awful. it''s called SAD or the Winter BLues. And if you recently got your period, your hormone changes could be making it worse. This a huge problem for women and it's not a personality problem its bio chemistry.

sorry, counseling won't help. It's not your attitude or your age, it's a chemical imbalance and you need medication

go to a doctor!

no girl....this is nothing....mental patients are worse! but yes you do need some SERIOUS counselling..........i advice that you visit a psychiatrist(it's ok, mad ppl arent the only ones who need psychiatrist, very normal ppl also need counselling) moreover, i also think that this is just the TEEN phase of your life and will pass soo(teenage is characterised by fast and extreme mood swings)

John P
Getting sent to a mental hospital is not something that happens easily. You would have to cross a major line, like actually trying to kill yourself, and if the medical facility reports your actions to the authoritys, you might get commited if it is believed you are unstable enough and might try something again. Cutting yourself sounds like a warning sign, and you might want to try reaching out for some help or counseling to find out more about what the problem might be. Maybe medication will help.


Most Mental Ward in hospitals a full most of the time. They likely hood of them send to you to hopital may be possiable but highly unlikely.

A docter or you parents will prbably refer to a counseler or some kind of therpist to help you through your thoughts.

Your not the only one, I used to be just like you love. YOur not alone.. remember that.

Life is special, enjoy it why you are here

Agian Feel free to email me, or ad me to msn.


not a mental hospital, but something of the sort I guess, I'm 16 in 4 days, and I had my episodes of cutting myself, but I never did it to hurt myself, my boyfriend and I had problems so I used it as attention, and I want to be as slim as can be, but I know for my own good that not eating will cause my body to eat my muscles and take fat from there, and what does cutting do, it's all so dumb and you'll realize that eventually, there can't be a reason for such unhappiness in such a young person that is genuine.

wolf girl 15
Slow down! Cutting is a very dangerous way to relive stress and depression makes you numb. Which means that you cannot feel the things that are hurting you. You are only thirteen! Suicide is not only selfish but if you are dead then people who are saying that you are already too thin will be upset, sad, and confused. You may not believe this, but you have many good things too offer the world and if you are dead you will depriving the world of what you could accomplish! Do you want to do this that bad? And if you keep on not eating enough, then you COULD end up in a hospital and you already said that you do not want to go, so if you really want to stay where you are then if I were you I would stop what I was doing.

You need to see a therapist to help you find a different way of coping with your feelings than cutting. It will be hard, believe me I know. I have, in the not so recent past, cut. I still want to cut but I do not because I know that there are people who care about me. And people care about you too, so stick around for the people whom care about you!:)

its possible

Okay, I've been through your EXACT situation. when I was 14. I was a cutter for 3 yrs.And I became annorexic, and suicide prone. It's hard, and I know how you feel exactly. What you need to do is, let someone know, you probably don't want to, because either -you feel embarassed by it, or - you like it like this. Which at first I liked cutting and starving myself, the cutting was because I couldn't deal with my mental issues of family and bf's. So physical pain would let me forget about the mental pain. and not eating hurts you BAD. That is one I will never do again. Its addictive , and your body will become use to not having food, you should EAT, just eat healthy if you would like to keep thin. The perfect body type right now is not stick thin anylonger. It's curves. So eat to your hearts content. Just eat stuff you like to eat.
My parents foudn out I was cutting and committing suicide, and they TRIED to commit me, but first you'de have to go through a session with a dr. and then he decides if you go or not. but it's not a good feeling either way. When I had teh problems, I wish I had someone to talk to, cause I'm still hurt by my past now, and I'm 21. and been clean of all of that for 4 years now. Please if you want to talk into full detail. email me Kris.Cres@Gmail.com. you can tell me anything you want.
I don't judge and won't tell you have to do anything.
hope to talk to you soon.....
councelling doesn't help....I've done it, and I felt even worse. I found out what was causing t he problem and got rid of it. Then it was a long road to recovery from there, and I'm still trying hard each day, but life can be good.

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear that your going through this terrible experience.

You dont state which country you reside in so I'll have to assume that your currently a citizen of the United Kingdom.

The short answer to your question is, yes.
Under Sections 2 and 4 of the Mental Health act either one or two doctors can make a request for an assessment and detention without consent for upto 28 days.

Generally speaking this type of action is only used in the most severe cases where people are not only a hazard to themselve but others around them including there local community.

The NHS as far as I'm aware isnt in the business of sectioning teenagers that are having some life problems.

So heres what I would suggest and I hope that you find it useful.

Go see your doctor, tell them everything, what you say to them will stay with them, there not allowed to discuss things with your parents or anyone else without your prior knowledge and consent.

It probably wouldnt hurt for you to get some counselling so you can discuss your feelings and the inner reasons why you harm yourself.

Your doctor will also be able to provide you with some expert help regarding your diet and possibly refer you to dietician so that your eating healthly again.

The fact that you have had the strength to come here to ask advice means that you know you have a problem and the desire to change it for the best.

If you are feeling suicidal, tell a friend, phone your doctor or if you want to share your burden more informally, contact the Samaritans.

I hope you get through this episode speedily.

Remember, suicide is permenant, depression is just a episode.

I've included some links that might help point you in the right direction.

All life is precious.

Good luck.


First of all, surprisingly there are many who have the same problem. Yes, you may have to go to the hospital to get help. You will be alive and happier. The trick is to stay in counseling and get involved in a support group. Ask the counselor about that too. If there is not a group, a good counselor will get one started. I was so shocked to find out how many people have this problem it is usually caused by lack of love or some type of abuse. Please, please, please, get help. Please.

maybe , sounds like you need some help . don't worry , they don't keep you in long nowadays , just till your over that first hurdle , probably a fortnight or so max - they prefer to arrange community support once your stable.

I think you would probably be put on medication to stop the urge to cut yourself and the thoughts of suicide. All of these things can be controlled with all the medications they have no adays. I would go for it and get help, because believe me, when you get well, and I know you WILL, you will be happy and living a nice, happy life and you will be so greatful to be alive!! Get help now.... don't wait.... your life is a precious gift!!!!

I am so sorry that you are having these difficulties. I used to work as a psych RN that worked in hospitals for many years. Please tell your parents. It is so hard to have these problems and to try to keep them secret at the same time.

You do have problems that require you to see an adolescent psychiatrist but it may not be necessary for you do go to a hospital. First of all if you needed hospitalization you would go to an adolescent psychiatric unit in a regular hospital. You would not go there for a long time and they are not that bad of a place to go. You might even like it there.

Insurance companies do not let doctors keep people on a psych unit 1 day longer than necessary. They also do not let doctors admit someone unless it's absolutely necessary.

Just because you are having thoughts of suicide and know how you would do it, just in itself, does not mean that you need to be in a hospital. There are plenty of people who have those symptoms and are treated on an out patient basis.

I have had personal experience with being depressed to the point that I had thoughts and urges to commit suicide. I know how bad that feels.

Please don't worry about whether you might have to spend a day or 2 on an adolescent psych unit. Wouldn't it be better to have to do that, get your problems treated, feel like a normal person again and life a normal life; than for you to keep this secret and continue to feel miserable? You don't have to continue to feel as bad as you do know.

If you were my daughter I would want you to tell me what you were going through so that I could get you the help you need and also so I could give you the love and support you need while you are getting your issues resolved.

PS: Because 1 person had a problem with 1 counselor doesn't mean that counseling is not helpful. He could have gotten a bad counselor or he might have been resistant to have anyone else help him so that a good counselor couldn't hekp him. Some times you have to try a number of counselors in order to find one that can help you and that you can work with.

Yes they can make you go. I would recommend you talking to your parents or a school counselor and tell them what is going on with you. This is a common thing that happens to ladies your age but there is also help. Express your deep desire to not want to go to a hospital and if you are honest with them and agree to get the help you need then maybe you won't have to go. I know that life at your age is so hard and feels like there is no way out sometimes, but there is a beautiful world out there. Find out what it is you want to do and enjoy doing and go for it. If you make a mistake get up and try again. God bless you.

hi, I think you have depression, this cause anorexia and other symptoms. you should go to psychiatrist he will help you, really,! he will talk to you and give you some medications , you will feel better. you also should go to hospital to treat anorexia. of course they can put you in mental hospital and I think they must do that, I don't know there are your parents now. doesn't they see what is happening?! plz ask for help,

No, I don't necessarily think you'll be able to be sent to a mental hospital. But you should find some help because cutting yourself isn't going to help no matter what. Seeing a counscelor should help or a psycologist. Or find someone you can really talk to so you can express yourself. And I'm not an adult and I know how it feels because some of my friends have gone through that and the end result isn't pretty, so try and find some help especially if there are family or life issues you need to talk about.

If you go to a counselor of your own accord, especially if you talk to your parents, you might be able to pull off an out-patient counseling. By that, I mean that you would just have some counseling, maybe some psychiatric talks, but generally going about your life as normal.

Help is out there. It can be scary to take the first step and say, "I know there's something wrong with me, and I can't fix it myself."

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