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Sara :)
Why is everyone from the north think people from the south are stupid and redneck?
im from the south and yeah i say aint and yall but that doesnt mean that im married to my cousin i mean yeah i could be but no im not. i mean ugh its so annoying to like go to the north and all those yankees are like GO KISS YOUR COUSIN YOU REDNECKS. i mean come on. yeah okay thats exactly what im gonna do. i mean freaking a. what the heck. who says **** like that? what is the reason exactly? cause its really starting to get on my nerves.

i dunno but it seems pretty weird

Think of this too... why do you call us Yankees? Hmm something to ponder.

i am from the north (chicago) and i live in the south (ky). some people are just idiots. they think that everyone is a certain way because thats what they heard or think. people get that notion because in the past people in the south didn't really have as much schooling as people up north. this was because in the south farming was a way of life and up north it was industrialization. kids down south had to help their families on the farm often times not having time to go to school or leaving school to help at home. while kids up north had more free time to attend school or whatever else they wanted to do. as for the incest idea...thats crap. i don't even know where anyone got that idea. people will always disagree. the best way to get over that is to just prove that u r not what they say u r.

He beat me to it. Plus having a lotta red states dosen't help....

And neither does Nascar...

I myself am from the north and yah, i hear alot about people from the south. I lived in the south for a while too. Most people think southerners are dum because of their "accent" or way of speaking. Most people are thinking of the 1800's and not the present. I sometimes think that its a classic "yankee" and "redneck" thing. Half of it is from the fact that we are from two different styles of living. Hey, i have a pretty bad boston accent. just keep on keeping in.

hey girl.. yeah, i don't know why either. i live in texas and last year was at camp talking about this new car my friend got back home and how awesome it was and this girl was like.. "What?! You guys have cars in Texas?! I thought you only rode horses around in the little towns.. " I swear, some people are so dumb. Lol.. It doesn't really bother me though; I just think it's hilarious. Email me!

Maybe becuase some of the laws on the books of southern states have that you can marry 1/2 relations.

they have no right to say that. They do it because they can. And just because it has happend, they think that everyone from the south is like that...they are sterotyping..Next time they say crap like that just tell them to F*** off! and dont act like it bugs you. Thats what they like to see!

I've never had negitive thoughts or opinions about southerners. I can tell you one thing though. I am from the north and I live in the middle of Redneck heaven. :^( We've got the whole stupid, cousin kissing and marrying, the whole nine yards. It's extremely disturbing. Don't worry about what others think of your life and your heritage. Enjoy your surroundings and be happy. :^)

Because most of them are, I mean Im not saying you are in particular.

come on now. has anyone from the south ever given us "yankees" any reason to believe otherwise? asscar. lmao. lets drive in circles. they have to pee and poop their pants when theyre driving.

Maybe if you guys started going to school past the 7th grade and quit marrying your cousins people would have a higher opinion of you? Just a thought.

Well, look at what comes from the south. We get people like Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, and Kellie Pickler. Not exactly a brain trust. Add to that a lot of people there still think the confederacy was great, slow talking, the multitude of farms, and the number of people that consume chew and snuff, and you get yourself a stereotype of a dumb redneck.

Either get over it or prove them wrong.

(Note: proving them wrong would include actually using correct sentences, not saying "ain't" or "ya'll", and not throwing a temper over this a stereotype which has lasted for years.)

i am from the south, and i say words like y'all, but it don't bother me when they call me redneck... i am proud of my southern heritage,....you all come back yall hear !!! p.s. i have a dog, i used to live in a trailer, i like to fish, i dont hunt and i would have a gun in my truck if i had a truck !!!!!!!!!!!

maybe because of what happened in the 1860

Angel of Retribution
i mean you know, maybe is not cause you are from the south, you know, i mean, er , uh...maybe is your education, you know, i mean, the way that you speak i mean, you know...uhhhh, who can take you seriously, you know, i mean, understood, hey. ****, whatever...you know i mean, i mean... you know...

Its a sterotype of people. Becuse of the t.v. and movies showing southern people chewin tabacco and marryin there cousin. Also the north is much weathlier then the south but that doesn't mean the south don't have big houses. If your so mad about it just move outwest to cali or oregon. Theres more harmony between people and unity.

I just moved from NY to the deep South 3 weeks ago. I love it here, but I gotta' tell ya'...it's Redneck all the way! I have not seen so many mullets since the 70's! I could go on, but...


I also come from the north and I don't think that way. I wish I lived in a red state but I don't. Instead blue states take away things through governmental action that we should be able to do, I plan to move to a red state sometime in the next 5 years or so.

It does get annoying. Ive lived in Kentucky my WHOLE life, but i still have a "city" accent and there is NO way im a redneck. I know people who have country accents, but that doesnt mean that they are rednecks. We just have a bad reputation. I wish ppl would just get rid of all of this sh*t and think about other things.. like our STUPID president. Y did we elect a monkey?

I know what you are saying. I worked in the north as a photographer and used the southern lingo because it made people smile but when I talked money I drop the lingo. It's just stereotyping. Like all the people in the south think all northers are a$$holes but their is some good people up their.

maybe because its true?

My thoughts on this... The reason some people formulate opinions about people from the south are similar to reasons why people formulate an opinion about an entire race or ethnic group or etc. These highly opinoated people base their opinions on their experiences with 1 or 2 people from that group OR on things they've heard, but not experienced. Unfortunately, it is in human nature to fear the things we do not know. Only a fearful person will decide to formulate an opinion on a WHOLE group of people (INDIVIDUALS) based on things they've heard.

Good Luck.

We all need to feel like we are better than someone. When someone feels the need to put others down it is usually because they don't feel very good about themselves.

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