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Why im i always thinking about death?
i mean, i always think who would actually care if i died.
sometimes i hate life, i have a fair share of friends.
but i always feel sad.

Blake D
maybe your going to die

i don't know

I don't have any--and so do I, but you need to go talk to someone. Please.

Brown Eyed Girl
I'm sorry you think like that...I know life gets hard, but you're here for a reason and people care, even if they don't show it. Don't give in. Look up to Jesus, He can turn your world around and make your dark sky turn bright. I promise. If you have any questions or want to talk, feel free to contact me.

P.S. Sometimes talking or writing about it might help, talk to friends tell them how you feel or keep a diary.

maybe your suicidal... get help

Joe Paramedic
You are depressed. Ask Jesus Christ to help. He will fill that hole.


115 answers
you have caring friends and family that would be in some serious emotions if you did
if no one else around you thinks about it, why would you think about it, it's unfair, you should just be like them or even outwit others

You could be going through a depression. You should try to talk to talk to someone about it. For now, just try to think of the good things you have in your life now. Also, try to occupy your time with things you like to do. Things that make you happy and won't make you stressed out or upset.

Digital Age
Suicidal thoughts....depression.

you mey be depressed
see a doctor if so
try to take your mind off
talk to people on a phone
open up more
suicde is never the way
you know?
don't hurt yourself

That Adam guy is rather inconsiderate and clearly does not understand mentalities of people. Most people feel that way sometimes. If it continues, see a doctor or psychologist.

Alot of people would care if you were no more. think about your mother, carrying you for 9 months, loving you all your life. she would be devastated if you passed on.
You should talk to a professional about your feelings.
No one on Yahoo answers can change how you feel.

depression hurts. emo can help.

stop living life for others and live it for yourself. and you are showing signs of depression, seek help or someone to talk to.

death is always a thought thought that goes through every ones mind every once in a while. it is unavoidable and it is what will happen when the time comes. if you think about death all the time, then you need to talk to someone about it and why you feel so sad. all in all, you need to just go on with your life and not think of death so often. try to think of the people around you and all the people who love you, not of what might happen if i walk out into oncoming traffic during rush hour, that is just wrong. but death will always be part of life and nothing can avoid that except for a rock. enjoy life to its fullest and be with your friends and family all the time if that is what helps keep your mind off of thinking of death.

Dont listen to people who call you a suicidal idiot they are the morons of the world.

Death is undefeatable and man is always thinking about it.

And most people would care i found out when i asked everyone i knew that question about who would care if i died and most said they couldnt live without me.
Not being in your shoes i cant fully answer your Question but being sad is normal i guess im always sad so i kinda get used to it.

ą®Love Heatherą®
It's depression. You just need to talk to someone about this. I suggest got to a therapist. Or a suicide hot line because it is confidential and it is sometimes better to talk to someone you do not know just so they won't discriminate. Keep your head up! Live isn 't always easy, but it will get better.

It depends on how old you are. I went through that stage when I was about 9 or 10. When you first accept the idea of death and its finality it is very frightening and people tend to obsess about it (always on their mind) for a while. That is also the time a lot of people "find religion".

It is possible if you think about it ALL the time it could lead to depression. The best cure is to go outside and go for a walk. It clears your head, gets the creative juices flowing and makes you think of all the interesting things around you rather than your own problems, and that life really is a gift to be cherished and protected, not something to be feared and obsessed over.

Try it, every time you start thinking about death, go for a walk. Half the thing about fearing death is what you might miss; so don't miss it, get out and do it!

just think about a year from now...what if you weren't here? in a year you'll be so happy to be alive. things always get better. remember life has many turns and you never know what the tides gonna bring in!

You just have to take your mind off of it. Think of something else, or take up a hobby that will occupy your time. You can't do anything about it, so why let it constantly bring you down!


force yourself to think of somehting else

i don't know, your unhappy, you need therapy or someone to talk to.

I feel the same way. I always think about it too, don't know why though. And i'm sure you'll get answers telling you that you're depressed. But hey, i think about death all the time, have lots of loving friends/family, and i know i am not depressed. The best you can do is to try to keep yourself occupied. Or seek professional help if you prefer. I know how you feel though...

its normal i think

everyone has to deal with their own mortality

anyway thats my thoughts.

ur just a little depressed
its normal to think about death
but its not normal to think about it at a high level

always remember, life isnt as bad as it seems

idk if ur religous or not, but i am
i have some scripture to help

or if ur not into that, if u just wanna talk


gena f
you need to see a Doctor.they will get you on medicine and it will make you feel better and if you will not do that talk to some one a friend your parents.

Vanessa M
Don't listen to any of those idiots making fun of this serious question. They have no compasion or vales, they must be inconsiderate 12 year old kids who get off by making fun of others.

I know how bad it feels to just want to give it all up, but at the same time you are guilty because you don't want to hurt the ones you love.

There is hope for you because you are reaching out for support, that shows courage and determination to get better.
And you will get better, but you are going to need to talk through your feelings with somone, maybe even get some medication.

Anytime you want to talk I will be here ok?? Because I DO CARE! If you feel in need try this site http://dailystrength.org/ it has helped me. There are thousands of people there helping each other.

I know things will get better, please hang in there.

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