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Why have I started peeing in strange places when I'm drunk??
Recently I have been getting out of bed after a night out and peeing in random places like the wardrobe. I've never done it before and it's not like I'm lying so drunk that I pee myself without waking up. I have no memory of it and its doing my flat mates head in (last night he found me outside the flat peeing!)

Is it to do with stress or something?

My pic looks good
Nice one!

You are probabley so confiedent you just pee any where sort off ha ha i can pee where i like.

Or mabey you hate ur flatmate

I used to do it too, Its just drinking too much, u may not feel too drunk, but when u sleep its a different story. My mate dose it too, in bed over his wife funny to think, though if you pee over an electrical socket the consequences can be serious.
Ignore the abuse above your not an alcoholic.
I think those who sleep walk are more prone to this 'random peeing'

shih tzu lady
It's a wake up call!! Embarrassing behaviour when drunk means you have drunk far too much. Learn a lesson from this and cut your intake before you make an absolute fool of yourself.

aileen c
Aw poor wee alky Saw...just lay off the old Johnstons and maybe your pig will stay in your pants stuck fast to your thigh!! I don't think you should stop drinking just get pished and wear a nappy! Your 'flatmate' will get used to it x

Stress? No hun its not stress its due you being in a blackout from drinking too much and could be on the slippery slope to alcoholism, beware it gets worse.

me e
you sound like you're sleepwalking maybe?

Hey, when ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

Cut back on the drinks and see if there's any improvement.

steve t
My wife says its a common phenomenon I don't know what she could possibly mean

You're probably dreaming & sleep walking. You get so drunk that you're in such a deep sleep & don't realize what you're doing.

you are either drinking way too much or you are marking your territory.

It seems like you need some help, if you are getting to the point where you can't remember what you did while you were drunk...It sounds like you are an alcoholic and you are in denial!

Emily B
Cut back on the alcohol ! Doesn't your behavior and not remembering what you are doing scare you just a little bit? You CAN have a great night out without getting so drunk that you are peeing all over the place ! What if you bring home a date and do that, you are going to be ALONE !

No, I'm pretty sure its the alcohol!

pam d
No not stress...you just make a bad, rude, smelly, drunk.

hugfkd h
Because your DRUNK! People do that when they're drunk...

On my son's father's first ever date, he got p*ssed and peed on the carpet in the bedroom in his sleep. We all ripped the p*ss (pardon the pun) the following morning. I ended up having his baby.... so it can't have made that much of an impression! Anyway, I think the moral of the story is, either stop drinking, or take a p*ss before you go to bed!!

if you do things you dont remember then you are drinking far to much...something bad will happen soon ..like peeing on the toaster or electric fire... fun to watch thou !!

john k
Its a very strong indication of immaturity and the inability to cope with alcohol consumption, I would strongly suggest you refrain from alcohol consumption until you have grown up.

Rev Run
it's the alcohol. don't drink so much!

You are an allchoholic and need help. Worse than that, you are a pig. If you did that in my house, if I didn't beat the tar out of you, I would certainly kick your worthless self out.

Get help. You have a major problem.

You are drinking too much too often This happened to my brother several yrs ago and stopped when he cut down his drinking.

alex s
I'm not surprised! I would seriously suggest you limit your alcohol intake before you end up in deep trouble my friend.

its time to chill out with the drink you fool before you piss on the TV and blow your bellend off

It has to do with drinking too much. Essentially, you have blacked out, but your subconcious knows better than to pee the bed or yourself, so you get up and wander. Hopefully, next time you don't wander outside and pee and get arrested for urinating in public.

No, way too much Boozing.

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