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Why don't I enjoy things like I used to?
Recently, I started re-playing a video game that I played 7 years ago when I was a 12-year-old. I wanted play it again so I can re-live the great experience I had. Well, the problem is, is that I, now 18 years old, do not feel the same sensation, or even a similar sensation.

The above is just one example.

With all experiences, whether old or new, I don't feel the enjoyment and sensations that I used to feel. The stimuli of life isn't what it used to be. And I've felt like this for a few years.

I don't know what's wrong with me. Is this common for people my age? Can someone please give me advise?
Additional Details
Some people are saying that it's because I'm getting older. But I'm 18! I'm a youth, not a middle-aged man. It's normal for the stimuli of life to fade as a man enters his mid-30s, but for an 18-year-old? No way.

Kris L
This could be just because you are growing up, but at 19, your emotional responses should be that different from when you were 12. You may have clinical depression. One of the symptoms of depression is that you don't 'feel' anything the same way you used to ... but the only way you can find out if you have clinical depression is to talk to your doctor, or go to a mental health provider and ask them to test you. Get well, because you should be 'feeling' fine by Christmas if you go on Monday.

Maharaj K
It is your state of mental health needs to be studied psychologically.

More responsibilities and more stress can do that. The real question is whether it affects your ability to function. If it does then you should probably go see a doctor or therapist.

angelo t
maturity, things are different now and will be in in a couple of years again you wont always like the same thing.

what you could love now you might not love so much in 5 years and so on.

enjoy it while you still got it

Confused Hacker
Your getting older

its call getting older....i am 26, and i have gone thru that before, then recently i just stopped going to clubs, and other things i just GREW OUT OF... oneday you may start playing video games again, but it still will never be the same, you can only live off those memories, you cant RELIVE THEM...lol....

getting older is hard @ first, but before you know it you will look around @ yourself and your friends and say WTF HAPPENED TO US...lol.....

its funny. good look...

♫The Black Parade Is Dead!☂{YFA}
yupp.. its called growing up... u need more hobbies that are fun to you

J.A.K. <3
you're growing older young padawan

haha actually you're old padawan cause i'm like wayy younger than you even though you're not that old so yeah... just find different things that give you that err...uhhh...sensation.

OMG, don't listen to that psychologist guy. All they try to do is put you on some meds, which make you feel even worse.
What you're experiencing really is the fact of maturity. It happens to all of us. Find some new hobbies that you've never done before. Do the things you like to do and want to do. Life's too short to dwell on what's inevitable. Enjoy yourself. There's nothing wrong with you. We all mature at a different rate.

Geben Sie die Welt frei!!!
Thats just what happens when you get older, you can't change it but it just happens.
Try stuff you haven't done before, you probally have matured from a 12 year old into a teenager into a young adult, its not wierd its just that you have grown out of things, just do fun things that you enjoy now and not what you liked a few years ago.

Start up a fresh life.

Im turning 18.. and i have the same problem as you but i think i know why it happens. I remember "back in the day" when iwas 12 I used to play playstation, supernintendo all of that stuff and it was awesome! The thrill of the games like "spyro year of the dragon" wow it was just amazing.

It kinda makes u sad how it all happens 1 year ur shooting things and racing around different worlds, the next year uve grown out of it.

My reasoning for it is fine your growing up, but alot of ppl still enjoy those type of games at 18 or other activities as they did when they were 12. What I think is that its just what uve experienced around you as u get older. Nobody likes playing games that are really easy, you need a challenge and I know for me that those games i used to play dont give me that anymore. Our minds have matured, everyone's mind is different some ppl "grow up" faster than others. And its possible that you just advanced, and like more complicated things rather than those video games from when u were 12. Try doing things, that related to what you like currently. Like i went from the adventure games that i found soooooooooo awesomely cool :P to games to do with sports like Fifa, and Nhl games cause that just what i like now.

Alot of things used to give me that excited sensation, now they dont but other things do. It's just like when u were younger you gotta rediscover things that are fun for you. You don't know how fun or entertaining something is till you try it. And im in the same boat as you, things jsut arent the same so i gotta try to find something new for me.

Good luck :)

Life is an intellectual exercise, a process of growing mentally, physically and spiritually. The stimuli of the past do not satisfy or teach n the same way that they did when you first learned those lessons. You cannot put your hand in the same stream twice. Both you and the stream are constantly changing. You must constantly seek new and positive learning experiences. Your brain is similar to a muscle. Exercise it by learning new skills, languages and experiences, or lose it.

Brad V
This sensation is common throughout life. It might explain why the divorce rate is so high. People change and so do their priorities.

A common term used in adulthood is burnout. Look at the number of doctors, nurses, teachers, soldiers, etc., who leave their professions because it no longer fills their personal needs. They have spent years learning these activities only to find out that it isn't what they want.

You need to expect the unexpected in life. These are phases we go through and those of us who have develop the wisdom to understand this, learn to adjust.

For many, the activities they develop away from work often gives them the tonic the need to keep life interesting. This is important, in that it contributes to mental health as well as social stimulation.

There will always be days when you get up in the morning and nothing seems like it should be. Then, you have to tell yourself that life will get better.you have much in your life to look forward to so instead of trying to relive your childhood look to what is ahead in your life,even if it is a bit slow at times. You may not see it at this moment, but its still a wonderfull world out there. Strive to be happy and you will succeed.

you've outgrown your childhood. priorities change when you grow up.

Yes...it's disappointing when you look forward to doing something again and it just doesn't give you the same feeling as it used to.

But this is what happened to me that changed everything in my life. A good friend of mine died when he was 28 years old....(you have a ways to go, but 28 is still very young). He was so good...and so full of life....I could not IMAGINE that he could die.

Now, I try to enjoy every day of my life...from smelling the flowers, looking at the sky, or just smiling at people! I do it out of respect for my dead friend, because he's not around anymore to enjoy it!

you seem bored with your lifestyle right now so i think you should jus change it

Tess Tickles
you're just growing up. it'll be the same with music. i used to buy nearly every rock cd (and vinyl!!) that would come out and couldn't get enough new music but now i'm 34 and everything just seems crap! and also, when i'm down the pub with the lads we always end up talking about how good it was 'back in the day'!!! even though my quality of life is a lot better these days,i still get nostalgic but thats life! you're 18. just enjoy it.

It just means that as you get older you gain more experiences. And those experiences add to the way you look at and enjoy your current life. Also, the techonology 7 years ago was much simpler than the technology now. So 7 years of additional advances in technology has made you raise the bar in the quality of the games you like to play. Plus the experiences of the additional 7 years of your life has also made you more aware of the other facets of life and you also bring this into the gaming experience. Thus, what was once a spectacular game in your life may turn out to be a very simple game for you later on due to your accumulated life experiences and advances in technology. To put it in gaming terms, you were so excited fighting the monsters at Level 1 at the start of the game. As you level up you reach let's say level 53 and you're excited to fight the monsters at level 53. Now if you re-visit the monsters of level 1 as a level 53 fighter then you realize how easy it is to defeat the level 1 monsters as a level 53 fighter and thus you get bored with the level 1 game play.

As you get older your brain needs much more complex stimuli to achieve satisfaction. The games that you played, as well as many other activities that you participated in as a twelve-year-old, are simple and illogical. As a nineteen-year-old your brain requires you to feed it more elaborate information.
Try something new that will entice you to learn a new skill. This may be all you need to jump start your brain!

It's just a sign of growing up!Find new things-trust me,you'll find other things to enjoy.I've learned never to go back...places...exes...the lot.Everything will seem different and it spoils the memories.Kepp the memories just that, so you can laugh at them as you get older.Build a new memory every now and then.Sometimes you need to make a conscious effort to do it but most of the time, it just happens.Hope you'll be happy :0) x

julie i
Most people your age have been so over stimulated by the current got to have it now lifestyle that every thing is just common place. Why not start small by unpluging your self from the computer and taking a walk to look at the falling leaves? Or maybe call someone you haven't talked to in a while just to say hi? I hope you understand what I'm saying because life is really great if you would just take the time to enjoy it.


Yes, this is common and normal. There is nothing wrong with you. As you age, your taste also changes with life's experiences and maturity. You've heard the expression: "You can never go (or turn) back". Meaning: It will not be the same. This is true. It can be disappointing, until you accept the fact that life goes on and changes are made, as well as changes within yourself.


You are suffering the "Peter Pan" syndrome. Like it or not. You are maturing every single day of your life. Hang in there, you will soon face the fact that you are an adolescent passing from childhood to manhood.

Gypsy Gal
Wiser and that leads to not so many risk taking

It could possibly be depression, losing interest in activities once enjoyed is one of the symptoms. Look it up to see if you match any more symptoms.

comes with the old age man, just dont get the same pleasure anymore

Captain Caveman
No. This is not common for your age. This is a common sign of onsetting chronic depression. You could just be over reacting to getting older, but it sounds deeper than this.

I have attached some helpful self assessment pages. I reccomend you take them. If they seem to indicate depression, please go seek help.

Mayo Clinic http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/depression/MH00103_D

Zung Self-Rating http://www.prozac.com/common_pages/self_assessment.jsp

InteliHealth http://www.intelihealth.com/IH/ihtIH/E/23722/9025.html

Dr. Gail Saltz http://www2.oprah.com/health/coping/depression/health_depression_assessment.jhtml

The advice of julie i is also sound. It may sound too simple, but it might be the solution.

Good luck =)

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