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Why does a drug addict distance himself from family?
i was just wondering what goes thru their minds

Most likely, shame from disappointing them.

when i was addicted to herion i was just out for any thing i could do to get that fix. so there not tring to distace them selves they just are cunsumed by the drug.

People with addiction often have a problem with self esteem, in fact I would almost say always. People with self esteem are more likely to feel unappreciated, unloved, and unwanted. There dwells within their mind a feeling of separation and negative feelings toward those who should be their biggest supporters. Many people addicted to drugs suffer from depression as well, or because of the depression become addicted in the first place.

they dont want to get caught. they feel as if they come close with their families, they might tell them to stop.

Family members can tell when you're yourself. The addict wants to get high without anyone admonishing him or her for it. He just doesn't want to hear it. Family members have also been known to call the cops.


True Dat
Because they are ashamed, and they have drugs to fill the void that family would normally fill. It's nothing personal, so please don't take offense at their behavior.

Well i have a son that has been in and out of drugs for years.They will stay away from their families because they know that the family will be disappointed,they are ashamed of their addition,my son when he starts staying away from me ,I know hes doing drugs,,they just like to stay high when they are doing drugs and they like to hang with their drug friends because it puts them in a easy place to get drugs...It is really best if they do stay away from you because in case you are unaware of it,they will steal from your home,they will steal money,write a hot check,they will steal tools or anything they can steal to sell at the pawn shops..When they are on drugs they are not responsible for what they do,they are just looking for their next fix...I have been there and i know...Do not think they will not do it to you because they will,they are no respecter of persons when they are on drugs....My son has broken into his brothers house stole over 5,000 worth of tools and broke into the house and did a lot of damage getting to the tools.....He has stolen tools from his dad to pawn for drugs...and almost all the family members...They are usually in trouble and if they are not they will be..Now I do love my son and have helped him many times but you cannot live with a druggie in peace because I have done that too....If they work as my son does only when he gets short of money is when the stealing begans,some do not work and they are even worse then...What goes on in their mind you ask? THE NEXT FIX and how they can get it.

Hannah Radar
Part of them is ashamed of what they are doing. Most feel that their family will not understand why they are doing it. Some would just prefer hanging out with their new drug-sharing friends.

They don't want you to see them in that way plus they don't want you to hurt. It's not because they don't care or don't love their love ones it just hurts them to see the people that they love in pain.

I would say honestly because they may feel a sense of guilt because of what they are doing, and how their family would look at them. Also because they simply don't want to be looked down upon, or judged...

Jen G
I've never done this, but I think the main reason a drug addict distances themselves from his/her family is because 1) they don't want to have to face their family (embarassment) 2) the family (if they really care) will try to get them to stop and they don't want to 3) if they are high, they don't want to hurt their family

Those are the only ones I can think of right now, but I am sure there are more reasons.

I'll never know what goes through their minds (i hope). i feel they distance themselves because of the shame. usually they have stolen, lied, conned, etc. also, the high or speed of the drug mask emotions. many are suffering from depression when coming down off of the drug. never finding a calm place to return to that old drug-free person. i always told my sister and brother (both addicted to meth) that to remember i will love them no matter what they have done. however, at the same time i stopped loaning money. fyi: both of them are involved and are helping out in a small AA/NA group and are doing well. they are focused. my sister plans to set up a rehab program for the incarcerated. that is her goal.

Who knows? Maybe they do drugs because they do not want to face the world ...Maybe they distance themselves because they don't want others to know about their addiction ... Maybe its the effect of the drugs .... maybe maybe maybe....

Well, I was addicted to crack for damn near 3yrs. Before I started using I weighed 175lbs. My height is 5:7 so I am tall. The weight didnt look that bad. Anyway,in three months time I weighed 100lbs soaking wet.My jaws were all sunk in. I looked like death warmed over.I loved my family and missed them despertly, but I coulnt let them see me like that.I was ashamed of myself.I did alot of bad stuff to get my drugs and I think they knew so I also felt guilty. There is alot of reasons why they dont like to go around their family. Mostly because of bad feelings.

They don't want to hear lectures from anyone about their stupidity in using drugs.

They dont want their family to know. If they did then the family would look down on them.

Because the family wants to separate them from their drugs. Once you are addicted it takes ahold of your mind and all you can think about is getting more of the drug, anyone getting in the way is to be avoided like the plague.

Lana S
There are two basic reasons - the first one is the addict attempts to create conflict with those they love - this makes it "okay" in their eyes to leave, use and separate themselves from the hurt they cause; secondly, it is an unconscious attempt to shield those they love from being involved in their actions when they are using - although that is just a misconception on the addict's part, it makes them feel as though they are only hurting themselves.

I guess you have to try and put yourself in their shoes.
If I were a drug addict I suppose I would want to keep things a secret and in order to do that there needs to be space.
That is my logic.
My daughter used to be sneaky. I could and still can tell when something is not right with her. People give off vibes, good or bad.

Kamryn's Mommie
From experience of being addicted to Meth in my teens I steered clear of my parents because they always made me see the reality of who I was hurting (Besides myself.) And they always told me what I already knew but had to much shame to admit. When you are addicted to stuff like that you are so ashamed of yourself that you dont want to be around the people who love you because of embarassment. They knew who you were BEFORE the drug.
BUT I ALSO stayed clear of my family because all they ever wanted to do was talk about my addiction or tell me how I could get help. The only person who can stop an addict is themselves. They know they should quit, they know why they should quit, they dont want to hear it over and over.
I think it is a mixture of the two but my first reason is the strongest I believe. (for me anyways.)

most likely it would be shame at what they are, plus the pain that come from disapointing those who love you.

What goes through their minds? Drugs. It's all they think about. How to get the money, how to get the drugs, where to get them, who to get them from, where to go to use. Everyday, it is the same thing. A vicious cycle. They aren't even thinking about their family. They are incapable of it. It is all about the drugs.

mary texas
Easy the addict does not any interference taking drugs.

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