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Why do some people seem to just out there to hurt others?
Ok so normally stuff goes right over my head but today for some reason this person really got to me. on adding comments. I don't think it was that bad what they said but for some reason it did hurt. Why is it some people do this kind of thing I mean do they get a kick out of pointing out other peoples mistakes???
please see added comment on link below thanks
Additional Details
wow, I am totally blown away by you all I never expected so many to respond thanks you guys.

Michael P
Most miserable people are enjoying being that way.

If you believe that negative events are uncontrollable, the more likely you are to become depressed.

This will help miserable Yahoos...

Meditations for Miserable People (Who want to stay that way), from Dan Goodman's book of the same name.

"Hope" is like the SUN, which, as I journey toward it, is bound to give me cancer.

I am NOT an "un-attractive" person. I am downright hideous.

If I fall off the wagon no one will know because I have no friends.

Knowing and understanding myself helps me realize just how worthless I really am.

I deserve true love--even if it cost me $3.99 a minute.

People may disappoint me but not nearly as much as I disappoint myself.

There is nothing wrong with crying when your life is as pitiful as mine.

Loneliness is a harbor in which I will drown every day of my miserable existence.

I have low self-esteem, but that's only because I am worthless.

Criticize, don't analyze.

The rewards of tolerance on a personal level are misery, abuse and eventual death.

A new day can begin to such at any time...like right now, for instance.

I cannot retrieve my inner child, for it is dad and buried in my backyard.

When you feel unloved, get used to it, because you know it's the truth.

Live in the here and now, for tomorrow is sure to be just as miserable.

The mistakes I make today I will make again tomorrow becasue I am stupid and slow.

If at first you don't succeed, give up.

Maybe theyre perfectionists and really really really want things done a certain way. They think that things should be done a certain way.
Criticism can be good as well as bad, depending on whos on the recieving end of it.
When people point something out to me I thank them for pointing it out to me and if its valid use it to improve. If not I wont use it.
But then some criticism is unfair, and mean for example put downs and blaming.

Bug Fuggy
I've seen far worse.

They are covering up for their own insecurity's, They has a lack of self esteem.Probably very sad n tier own life.

you have helped me in so many ways and for that I am grateful, don't let them kind of people get to you as you know deep down that you do a good thing for a great many people. please continue to help as you have been we need more people like you around.

tom c
Lisa I choose you because your was the best answer there could have been regardless of weather it came from a web site or any other source the fact of the matter is that it was indeed the best answer possible. Putting the link on would not have made a difference to who I choose as the best answerer so please don't worry what the person said.

mark m
The only way is up. and yes some people do get a kick out of it it makes them feel good to put others down. I would not waste my breath on that kind of person, they are just not worth mine or your time of day.

Don't overlook the factor of many negative emotions from the past are permanently stored within the deeper recesses of the mind. They sit there and act as triggers. When someone says or does something which stimulates one of those triggers, you will have a response (reacton) often for unexplainable reason. You don't realize where it came from. It just happens.

There is a method to eliminate those triggers and would be highly suggestive you find that methiod and employ it..

when people busy with hurting others , they don't have to look in them self to fix there one problems.
Don't pay attention on those . ignore it because when they know u are hurt , they go on because they know ur week place.
U are a good woman, just take care

its OK to be upset or have a bad day these things are normal. you go girl we are all here for you

For some strange reason misery loves company but keep your head up you're way beyond that!!

I don't know why this happens but at a guess I would have to say that they are very insecure with them selves and seeing you as someone with great knowledge, understanding and knowing that your at the top of yahoo answers mental health section on the US version kind of makes them jealous of what you have. Its beyond me why because its clear you have worked very hard to get to that point and that is very commendable in you. If they want what you have all they have to do is help people as you have done and hopefully this will not put you off helping others, keep on going your doing a great job.

Sarah M
Lisa, as you can see you have enormous respect fom this community. Many of us admire the quality and quantity of your answers and yes, we all agree "Lisa cares!"

I cannot explain why a stranger would want to hurt and insult you, but usually this is either a mental health problem or just plain meaness. Both tend to stem from low self-esteem and a need to feel better by pulling down other people.

Some folks see the world's family as some kind of ladder and obsess about who is "higher" or "lower" and how to "climb". This mindset makes all relationships about hierarchy instead of connection.

It is very sad, but I have been delighted to see all the support you have received from the great "non-ladder" readers of these pages.

You go Lisa!

There are people everywhere that thrive on gossip and it does not matter to them if they hurt people when they are passing it on and adding their flare to it. You are a good person and just let it go.

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your time you spend on here helping others. It's truly shows that "lisacares." I think it's great that you are bi polar and you obviously struggle with this on top of having four kids, yet you take time to help others feel better, and give your knowledge to help them understand things better.

You deserve a Yahoo award!!! ;0) Thanks again! You will be receiving another best answer in a few minutes from me on one of my questions! :)

forget about it, welsh is totally right these kind of people are just not worth it at all. you top of the pops and have always been there for others. You ever need to talk you know I am there for you. thanks for all you have done and all the help you give to others.

That's bad. Well lets hope that person doesn't want help from someone who has the answer and they turn out to be like AB - some people.

The same thing happened to me today. I answered a question and I then started receiving nasty emails from the asker. He claimed to be suicidal and so I tried to help and asked he got help. He turned out to have not be suicidal as he gloatingly put this in one email. He just keep on with emails. Nasty stuff that really upset me. Yahoo then deleted the question. They should delete him.

It feels like what's the point sometimes? We are genuinely mostly a concerned bunch on mental health, and are using our own understanding and experiences to try to help others. We then get sickos posting to get sick pleasure from knowing people tried to kill them selves or want to help others. Mine was a right,I need attention one.

Don't let that person put you off. You are one of our best. I have learned many a useful thing from your posts and answers. I for one are extremely grateful for your contribution on mental health matters and to my own person situation. Just keep up the work for us and tell troll AB to go back under the bridge!

Ditto the, keep up the good work comments. You have undoubtedly saved peoples lives with some of the stuff you post. You should have seen what F posted today in the way of trolling in mental health! He's renamed himself Vera now by the way!

I've been mistaken many time for a troll when I have posted answers in mental health, in fact that's so far from the truth that I can't tell you. That does hurt when all I want to do is stop someone getting hurt as a result of mental health problem or pass on what I know or have experienced, so keep up on the research and pass it on to us, it's invaluable. If these posts have surprised you need a good dose of self esteem lady!

I could never spend the amount of time you do on here helping. your doing a good thing for people keep on going don't let anyone stop you from helping others the way you do. We all have your back and support you all the way. you go girl.

sophie e
the reason is only known to that person, I for one see not a good reason to go around doing that kind of thing but then it takes all of people in this world. Its OK to let things get to you, just leave it at the door when you finish on here and remember its what the the person that asked thought about your answer not someone that can only put others down thinks of it.

andyperson t
What is the world coming to when we can't even help others without being put down. Don't give up your doing a brill job.

Everyone is just dong their best. You need to just take a deep breath and move on, but not respond to it. Don't dwell on it. Hang in there.

don't stress your the best lol. let go right over you like it normally does.

listen you are just having a bad day, you know full well that kind of person is not worth your time of day or worth worrying about. Really forget about what they said, I mean you spend so long on here just trying to help others like you helped me that you can't be expected to be Mrs perfect all the time now can you.

andy p
don't let it get you down, that's what that kind of person whats. everyone can make mistakes its only human nature. keep up the good work

Cindy M
Because those kind of peeps r not happy with themselves.

lisa b
are you really going to let someone who clearly is just out to get at people upset you? now come on your better then that don't let as others told you let it go and keep on doing all the good work your doing. take care

Brian G
Usually people that do these sort of things are very unhappy with their life and hurting others or saying negative things make them feel good about thierselves. Hopefully you dont have friends like this and if you do you might want to reevaluate that friendship. Just my 2 cents. Ive met some people like this and dont hang around them, its never a good idea to hang around negative people because they will bring you down. If you feel good about yourself then thats all that matters.

Boredom? Immaturity? Having a bad day? It's hard to understand why there are people out there with complete disregard for others. But the internet is full of these cowards that hide behind their monitor and take jabs at other people. Please don't let it get to you.

I have always believed that people who intentionally hurt others are so insecure with their self that they think they are doing this person a favor of some sort by saying stupid things. A friend of mine at work just told me yesterday that another co-worker told her that another co-worker really hated her over something that happened last year. I was shocked that she would say this to her and why? There was absolutely no reason she needed to repeat that info to my friend. The ordeal of the past is in the past. It really pissed me off. I was going to say something to the other gal but opening a hornets nest I decided not too and just told my friend forget em both. Like I said insecurity, malice maybe just to see how people react. I never say anything intentionally to hurt someone even if I don't like them

clare w
Hey hun We all know you do your best and thats all we can ask for just ignore it. We all know you care and thats what matters the most. ;-) smile your a good person

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