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 No hope left.. What do I do now?
At 13 yrs old, these problems are probably nothing compared to what's out in the "real world", but the stress and pain keep piling up and I don't think I can handle this much ...

 Right now i want to die?
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 What would happen if two bipolar people had children?
What are the odds?
Additional Details
My son is bipolar with manic tendencies. While he was institutionalized, he met a really nice ...

 Please help me 10 points, whats wrong with me!?
okay, i am so self concious i think it's scary.
im in a store and i buy something really really nice, i take it home and always find something thats horrible about my self and never wear it....

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 Is it wrong to hit mentally challenged children?

 Suicidal thoughts...?
the past few days I have been insanely depressed. I usually cry before I go to sleep and usually for no reason. I just keep focusing on the bad parts of everything. This has happened a lot when I was ...

 I don't known what to do...?
My friend is in the hospital for cutting himself and it's all my fault. He has a history of doing things like this. I stopped him from doing it before but I couldn't stop him this time and ...

 Will every one who belives pray for me?
depressed and running ...

 When i pee its always really dark in coulour and has a strong odour .help?

 How many Americans are born dumb?

 Aside from the armpit,what other body parts do we use the thermometer in finding the temperature of our body p

 How do I know that this is real? I could ask a question and its just a super computer answering me?
Prove to me that you are real before I go into a paranoid haze of destruction around the local ...

 What makes you mad?

 What do you do to shake off unpleasant thoughts?
I've been thinking about a situation that I cannot change and the thoughts are just going round and round my head making me feel sad.

As it's not anything that I can change, or ...

why are people so rude and bothered by people with body piercings..i have them i just want opions on why people are against them and bothered??..if you were a parent would you let your kids do this?.....

 I cut myself. Again!?
Here's my previous question:
Yesterday i was ok. But then i spoke with ...

Why do people try to help complete strangers they meet on the Internet?
And why do some people worry so much about complete strangers? What do you care if some random person you've never met gets hurt or dies? I know that people do care, and I care about people I've never met too, I'm just wondering I guess why people work that way.

Because we're nice people doing our good deeds for the day. It's a shame some people don't appreciate ot at times, but it still gives you a nice feeling that you've mage a difference to someone's life in some way - however small.
Take Care Ellie

i dont

The voice of thinking
Emotion, humanity and compassion.

For me my biggest motivation is that people don't feel how i once felt, i made a vow to myself i would help all the people that seemed to need my help, this could be via the net or people i met every day but i do it because i know it is the right thing to do.

Um, ur 13? why the hell you gotta pic posted of yourself like that? ur 13 for God's sake... not 31. Get a life get back to barbies and get over yourself kid.

I would think that you, more than ANYONE would know the answer to that question! From what you have said, your world seems to consist of a place where it is easiest to deal with others if you cannot see them face-to-face. You know from your own experience here that there are SO MANY others who feel the same way that you do. So it stands to reason that you can feel better about yourself by trying to help someone else in the only way that you seem to know how--and that is the empathy that you feel when you know you have actually helped someone who has the same problems as you! When all is said and done, YOU KNOW that there are people who care about you, and subconsciously I think you know that your family and friends care also, especially your family HERE, the one that wants you to see yourself for who you truly are! One of these days, you're going to have to give in to the love, and that means trust. It really isn't that difficult to take the chance now, is it?! All the best to you!!

BECAUSE it makes me feel better when i do.. and it makes me feel better when someone kindly helps me... we all only have one life, and should all be pulling together and helping each other, its human nature... remember.. you are a long time dead...!!

Obviously we do care for each other :) We are all people, no matter where we live - we're not so different at all.
Helping people also feels good because you know you might need help some day. Then there will be a complete stranger on the other side of the world who would offer support. This creates a unique circle of good will, which in itself is very reassuring.
PS. Also - aren't we all complete strangers until we get to know each other:)?

Part Time Cynic
We can only dissociate so much. We, humans, are social creatures. Comes under anthropology, i think. Don't quote me on the -ology though :-)
Take care

Blah Blah Blah
Little girl, you should not be advertising yourself like you do. I saw your 360 page pictures and if you were my child I'd be very upset. It is a dangerous world we live in today.

To answer your question..people help other people because it makes them feel good and happy. It's part of human nature to help each other.

some people have hearts,believe it or not & you sound like you really need a friend. I'm here,just ask cali.

Simple, dude. We are all our brothers keepers.

I don't know why....
Maybe it hits home or they have been thur the same things before in their lives... Probably what it is.
It's just human to worry about others. If we are worried about someone we don't think about our problems...
Then women that are mothers want to mother everyone... It's just the way we are.
We human are strange aren't we....lol


Kid A
Because, The truth is we're all in this together!

I think it is maybe because it takes our mind off our own problems. Also, I think we worry about them because it is the minds way of diverting pressure away from ourselves. I think you and I worry about them because we are caring people. Maybe it is a good thing worrying about them because it puts our own lives into perspective.

Helping other people gives meaning to my life... I've spent a lifetime finding answers to my problems; if I can help someone else it is fun, exciting, and interesting. Also, I learn from the other answers other people give....It's part of human nature to want to help others..... We're not all bad! see cnvc.org

We should all care for each other. That is what is wrong with the world, not enough people do care. I care because all those people with problems are human beings like you and me and it could be my mum or dad or man or my kids that need help and i would like to think that they are not alone trying to cope. Just show people some care and understanding and compassion and it makes their burden a bit easier to cope with.

Empathy for how others feel.

I care because I'm that kind of person...i ahve seen two other of you questions.......It seems like you're lonely, afraid, suffering from low self confidence, and need someone to talk to about ANYTHING.

I think I agree with the answer that it is more easy to give advice to somebody you don't know. Besides their answer, there is one more reason, I think - you don't know much of the background. So you don't know the complications. So you can give ideas uninhibited by consequences that the person who asked knows.

Also, it is sometimes easier to ask advice of a stranger, to share your problem with a stranger who would likely not recognize you if you met, than with a freind whose good opinion you value - or an acquaintance with whom you are none too sure if s/he will keep your secret.

So it is easier to ask your questions to strangers... and, in order to have reason to hope for an answer, you answer other people's questions when they ask them.

because they have probably been there and know that problems exist for any and every body but some people just need a little positive push in the right direction and their problem is on the way to being solved

if you feel that something you say can help someone...no matter how stupid the question or answer you give...it does make you feel better....and a happy person...means a happy home!!

I questioned this myself when I contacted you. I am no samaritan working for the betterment of humankind. Even I do not know the genuine reason. I guess somehow I feel the pain, the suffering of the person or it also reminds me of the hardships I've faced and I dont want anyone and I really mean anyone(even my enemies)
to relive that trauma.

You care about people, because you know how it feels to be hurting and depressed. And for the same reason, other people care about you. We've been through it. We understand. We want to help.

its all part of who we are i guess?? some people really do care for strangers maybe they have had past experiences and by sharing how they coped could help some one and make them feel good about themselves and hopefully help the stranger out

ooooh look @ me, lol
Bless you babe, I have just read the details you have put about yourself and it sent shivers down my spine, you are only 13 and you are self harming yourself. I have a 14 year old girl who I am very close to and would be devastated if she self harmed herself. It makes me sad and cross to think of you so young and so alone that you would do this to yourself. Do your parent know? are you close to your parents? Is there anyone you could turn to and get some help and advice on this to get you out of this habit?

Thats just how the human race is. we care about eachother!

Tam C
In my case it's to get 2 points (or 10 if you mark me as the best answer). Grovel!!!!

Ray H
Because On the Other Side of the Screen is A Real Feeling Person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terry S
I think is has to do with empathy. All of us have felt the pain of a wound, be it physical, psychological or emotional. Most of us don't want to see others in that pain if we can help them. Sometimes we help, sometimes not. We know the best we can do is try.


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